Krogernear expiration simply organic bread

S Aug 06, 2018

Ralphs located at 18010 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA (Spoke with both Store Managers: Eric Scantland, and Dennis)

I shopped at Ralphs today, August 6, 2018. I was going to buy a loaf of Simply Organic Bread, but the expiration date on it was August 8, 2018. I asked the store manager if I could get a discount because the bread was near expiration. He told me to come back tomorrow, said he could not mark it down today. I told him that I walks to the store and that I could not come back tomorrow, besides we are having triple digits heat wave right now. He would not bulge. Now I have shopped at Ralphs and Food 4 less for over 40 years and have never experienced this before. I can not help but wonder about this?

The store is located about 1 and 1/2 miles from my home and I am 72 years old, I think this was poor customer's service and perhaps some type of racial issue.

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