Kraft Foodsvelveeta mozzarella


I purchased a 2lb. Bag of the velveeta mozzarella from my local wal-mart (Brunswick, me) on 10-28-2017. We were having guests for dinner, so I planned on making a large lasagna. I thought that this cheese might be better than the wal-mart brand so I took I shot. I was so wrong. My guests and my family were commenting after just the first bite. What a disappointment! We are a family on a budget and this cheese ruined my $30-$40 lasagna. No one wants to eat the leftovers and I can't say that I blame them. It tasted like I filled my lasagna with american cheese. The cheese on the inside melted, but the cheese on the top turned to this strange crunchy funk, I don't even know how to describe it really. I just checked the wal-mart website for this product and out of 59 reviews, 58 are 1 star and 1 is a 2 star rating. Boy I wish I had looked at this before making my purchase. I buy plenty of kraft products, but this one is certainly not something I will be buying again. You may want to save others the trouble and discontinue this product. I would appreciate it if kraft refunded me the money I am out for the lasagna. This time I will buy regular kraft mozzarella.

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