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Stove Top Stuffing Mix

I have purchased both the chicken and the turkey Stove Top stuffing mix. Not having used it for awhile, I again prepared a box of the turkey stuffing. We really like it, with one exception:
One ingredient NEVER is tender - it may be dried celery, but I am unsure.
We have to pick it out of the prepared stuffing, as it is inedible! It could be misidentified as a piece of tough green grass!
Can you PLEASE discontinue using it - we would be happy with the mix without having to discard this every time we have the stuffing!!

The Kraft Heinz CompanyKraft macaroni & cheese dinner

I Cooked a box for my kids dinner went to stir in the cheese and there was a hair in one of the noodles not just like wrapped around it but actually made into it that was gross threw it out I know it's like a 1 and 1 million chance but I got that 1 and was not happy at all my kids love that stuff but in all honesty I will not be buying that again .

Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner
Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner
Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner
Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner

The Kraft Heinz CompanyKraft Mac and Cheese

When I opened the pasta box, everything looked normal. I got done eating about half of the pasta, when I found a little WORM on my spoon. What looked to be a small grain of rice. Upon further inspection, I realized what it was. The pasta was bought recently and I have been a customer ever since I was a kid. Now, I will probably never eat your brand pasta again.

Kraft Mac and Cheese

The Kraft Heinz CompanyForeign plastic shards in-Kraft Creamy Italian

I purchased the dressing at our local supermarket. This is my favorite dressing plus the Blue Cheese. Made myself a salad and poured the Creamy Italian on top. After several minutes of eating I felt something poking my throat and I started to coughing for awhile, and after I stopped I was looking in the salad, thinking if it was the veggies. I remade another salad and had the dressing on the side. After eating the salad I didn't find anything! So I spread dressing on a plate and ran my finger thru it, and found shards of plastic. Don't worry I will continue buying Kraft products because I love them.
All I'm asking is maybe a coupon for another one or a refund. Here's whats on the bottle Kraft Creamy Italian dressing, 23jun2020, 17:20 CP15. The bar code number is- [protected]. Hopes this helps to find whatever info you need.
Randy Salazar, 1706 Inwood Rd. South Bend, IN. 46614
[protected] Purchased at Martins Supermarket, on Feb 14, 2020


The balance of beef and chicken are now smaller than the weight of the tortilla. If you keep this posture up pretty soon there will be no center just corn tortilla. Yes, competition keeps you from altering your existing formula but, a suggestion would be to use a small corn tortilla or add substancially more filling offering a real mouth full rather than skimping. Raise the price if you have to but, keep in mind at the end after eating a Delimex Taquito one wants to be satisified and not cheated with lesser ingredients! Satisifation is realized in the palate and here is where you are failing. Add 3/4" meat or chicken ti inside thickness, and cut one inch off of either of your existing tortilla which, I might say is not fully filled at the ends as your exterior picture would have you believe. I've been in the food industry for fifth years and seen everything based on deceptions though, in this case you offer good flavor but, not volumn to one's palate ending in satisifaction...So, step forward and make a rational move and quit following othesr to change be a leader Heinz/Delimex. Constructive criticism should not be taken lightly...
B. Pearson

Maxwell House K-Cup Podsbroken seals that protect the coffee in the k-cups

We continue to find broken seals on K-Cups: Reference Photographs. Boxes are do not show any sign of damage or tampering. The K-Cups on the otherhand appear to have sustained a poke though condition of the seal. A big enough hole that was possibly made by a finger or a part of a packaging equipment. This box only contained 1 damaged K-Cup however this is not a new problem. We have experienced K-Cups in this condition in other boxes that we have purchased (Walmart, Piqua Ohio) previously.

I would appreciate you help in looking into this since I do not want to move to another brand of coffee.

Thank you for your help.

Ted Jones
9608 Augusta Lane
Piqua, Ohio 45356

broken seals that protect the coffee in the k-cups
broken seals that protect the coffee in the k-cups
broken seals that protect the coffee in the k-cups
broken seals that protect the coffee in the k-cups

The Kraft Heinz Companykraft maxwell house blend k cup pods

This is the third time that I have purchased Maxwell House house K cup pods from Sam's Club in Tinley Pk IL 100 count. The coffee doesn't even smell like coffee it smells like dirty dishwater and the taste is horrible. Maxwell House alway has the best tasting coffee and smell the aroma was delightful. This mess they are selling needs to be removed. I have had it and I want my money back. Who do I talk too about this issue?

kraft maxwell house blend k cup pods

The Kraft Heinz Companyvelveeta cheese

This cheese was good for most of my life. It is now gritty and taste bad. Does not melt and now ruins the taste of whatever you put it in. Im told it is no longer cheese but whey. Disgusting. I bought about 5 times in the last 3 years thinking i got a bad batch. Its all bad. Fix it or pull it off the market. Im not the only one that noticed krafts dirty trick.

The Kraft Heinz Companyvelveeta shells and cheese

Last week I bought 2 boxes of Velveeta shells and cheese at Wal-Mart in Tracy, Ca.. I have never had a problem with this product before. The package of cheese is a brownish color, not yellow, in both boxes. I tried a small piece and it did not taste right. Unfortunetly, I had to throw it all out. I have the 2 empty boxes and 1 package of the cheese. I would appreciate hearing back from you in regards to this matter. Thank you.

The Kraft Heinz Companyvelveeta shells and cheese microwaveable bowl

I usually get these for my son for a quick lunch because he loves them. I never had a problem until now. He was really excited for mac and cheese and when I went to pour the cheese pouch on to the noodles, the cheese was brown and had a very weird texture. I had to throw it away as I did not trust it. My son was very upset that he could not have his mac and cheese and this has been extremely inconvenient. The expiration date was mar 26 2020. I have pictures. I would really appreciate if you could contact me about this. My phone number is [protected] and email address is [protected]

Thank you
Jason Murawski

velveeta shells and cheese microwaveable bowl
velveeta shells and cheese microwaveable bowl
velveeta shells and cheese microwaveable bowl

The Kraft Heinz Companycheez whiz cheese dip

I used to love putting Cheez Whiz on my celery years ago. When trying it again a few years ago I noticed the recipe has changed. The texture is different and the taste has changed a bit, as well. I'm very disappointed that this great product has had such changes. If there is any way to return to the original recipe I think more people would, once again, enjoy this particular product. This may be the last time I purchase this particular product unless the old recipe is brought back.

Most Sincerely,
Sandy Spence

The Kraft Heinz Companykraft mac & cheese original

I know you've heard this 100 times before, and here we go again, THERE ARE BUGS IN MY MAC AND CHEESE!!! And I'm not even mad at you because it's probably the Walmart I went to that can take responsibility for the bugs!!! I just want to make a suggestion to change the design of the box, the way you seal it perhaps? It seems they find loose spots at the bottom corner of the boxes. A couple of my boxes had that "loose spot" at the bottom corner, not all had bugs though. I love love love your Mac and Cheese and your fricken cheese slices, please change it so I don't have to second guess at buying my favorite snack!! ):

The Kraft Heinz Companydream whip

I bought one of your boxes of Dream Whip thinking it would be handy to have in my cupboard in case some time I wanted to try it! This is the first time I ever bought it! Well to my surprise I opened the brand new box and it was empty! Not a thing in it!! The experation date i May 29, 2021 21:01 DB0A. The numbers on the other end is [protected] code numbers are [protected] 5 anyway I guess this is the first and last time I try Dream Whip!

Priscilla Gammon
Waterford, Maine

The Kraft Heinz Companykraft macaroni & cheese

On Tuesday December 10, 2019 we opened a box of your mac and cheese thick'ncreamy andd found a large number of bugs in the pasta when I poured it into the hot water. The number on the box for proof of purchase is [protected]. The box was sealed tight when we opened it so I would not know how the bugs would get into the sealed box after purchase. This is the second time that this has happened. I ignored it the first time. We wanted you to know as we do like the product. Now it has made me a little afraid to buy the product.

Please let me know what might have happened. Thank you.

Bill Von Hatten

The Kraft Heinz Companykd original kraft dinner

I have been married for over 52yrs & eating Kraft Dinner that long. This week my wife made some Kd asa side dish.I have never had KD tatse like this.It just wasn't right.My wife said she had purchased a12pack at Costco. The expire date on the pack was 19 Nov 20. Like I said I have never tasted any KDS like this before.It must be a rare happening. Now I really don't want to try the remainder.I think the 12 Pack should be replaced. I did check to ensure the Pack was stored properly & dry, It was. We are not new at this LOL It might of been a different cheese butI just don't know. It won't stop me from buying Kd. Thank You Harry Philpitt

The Kraft Heinz Companysalad dressing

Upon making my salad, I used your salad dressing. I used about a tablespoon. I shook the bottle vigorously. See red speck didn't alarm me cause I thought it was part of the spices for flavor. I bit into a piece of red plastic. Hurt my molar... There was nothing else in the salad that would require red colors. The salad was prepared at home so the only outside element was the salad dressing

salad dressing

The Kraft Heinz Companybreak stones 4% milkfat small curd cottage cheese

I open the container of Breakstones 4% milk fat small cute cottage cheese that was best by November 2019 and there was a red mold on top. The recall is for ones that are best by December 2019 and they supposedly have red plastic or metal inside. I don't know if the two events are connected but it was definitely more of a mold look to me versus anything hard inside the cottage cheese.

break stones 4% milkfat small curd cottage cheese
break stones 4% milkfat small curd cottage cheese
break stones 4% milkfat small curd cottage cheese

The Kraft Heinz Companyp3 portable protein pack

I think there is a seal problem with P3 containing the Ham Jerky. I bought a six pack off of Amazon and have had 2 issues with moldy ham jerky that has a best by date of Jan 2020. I am attaching a picture of the second one i opened (I threw the first away assuming the problem was just one pack). I am attaching pictues of the packaging and the best by date. I can be reached at [protected]

p3 portable protein pack
p3 portable protein pack
p3 portable protein pack
p3 portable protein pack

The Kraft Heinz Companyphiladelphia cream cheese

I submitted a complaint through the Philadelphia Cream Cheese website site and have not heard back from anyone and it is a UK automated response so I can't event ask for an update. The cream cheese has mold in it and was a two pack. This could have been affecting other products too and I am surprised the company wouldn't want to take action quicker to address this food safety concern for their consumers.

philadelphia cream cheese

The Kraft Heinz Companybig soup product

I purchased a tin of big soup for lunch, opened can, poured into bowl and heated up, half way through eating, fealt a solid object and nearly swallowed it but got stuck in throat, luckly managed to free it, checked rest of bowl and found another part which all looks like solid bone. This could have been a major chocking hazard, lucky this time. Purchased at tesco newton le willows
pictures attached of tin and product

big soup product
big soup product
big soup product
big soup product

The Kraft Heinz Companytgi fridays chicken wings buffalo style

Good day, I purchased a box of TGI Fridays Chicken Wings, Buffalo Style and baked according to the directions and they were certainly not done. So after baking them more than double the time, there was little meat on the bone. As I was checking them while they continued to baked there was a spongy stuff in the breading.

I picked them up at our local Dollar General store on Friday, October 25, 2019, to serve with a small pizza my Husband and I were having for dinner. Needless to say, we were very disappointed with the quality of the wings.

The product identification panel - [protected] indicates:
KL9H19 19:56 A

I would like to receive a refund of $4.00 for this purchase. For my mailing information, please email me at richardson.[protected]

Thank you.

The Kraft Heinz Companyvelveeta cheese log

PLEASE lower the price. I used to love making dips with the cheese but now it cost too much. Also, the grilled cheese sandwiches were the bomb diggity but not anymore. It's right at $8 now and just makes me sick that I cannot enjoy your product now because of the cost of living. At $4 it was fine but it took a very drastic jump and is followed by sticker shock.

  • Updated by ScottyBelovevelvettacheese · Oct 21, 2019

    It doesn't matter where I go Kroger, Walmart, Target, Publix, Tom Thumb ...wherever I go it's still around 8 bucks

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Scotty, your local retailers set the price that they sell high quality Kraft Heinz products for. I hope this clears things up!

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The Kraft Heinz Companycrystal light with caffeine, peach mango

I used 2 packets a day. Yesterday I opened up one for breakfast, nothing in the packet. Next one opened - nothing in the packet! This happened a few weeks ago-so now I'm questioning if I want to keep buying your product. I'm losing money on buying your product. I enjoy buying and using your product - but seriously questioning changing products.
Thanks for your time .

crystal light with caffeine, peach mango

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Patti, after you cut open the packet and pour the contents out, of course the packet is empty!

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The Kraft Heinz Companyname of "just crack an egg"

Perhaps this was a purely innocent mistake or purposeful, but has not Kraft Heintz realized we have an epidemic of drug use in the United States. Just "CRACK" on the label of "Just CRACK an Egg" is offensive. Please do us a favor and remove the product and come up with something more sensitive to the current drug problems in this country. Frankly, shame on Kraft Heintz!

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 20, 2019

    Hi Donna, I see the confusion here, I realize how you saw the word "Crack" on this label and your mind went straight to cocaine, but it actually refers to the common term for how to open an egg.

    Just to avoid future confusion, "Hash" in Kraft Heinz branded Hash Browns does not refer to marijuana based hashish, but the preparation of the potatoes and "Pot" in Kraft Heinz branded Pot Roast Dinners does not refer to marijuana either, but actually to the cooking tool used to prepare it.

    I hope this clears this up!

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The Kraft Heinz Companycontamination before expiration date

I purchased Philadelphia Key Lime Cheesecake Cups and 2 days before the expiration date, the key lime filling tasted of bitter acid and chemicals, and the cream cheese had grainy, almost chicken- or paper-like white particles that were mostly too small to photograph. I ate a few bites, mixing the ingredients together unsure of how it was supposed to taste because the scent was also very chemical heavy.

I simply ask that you re-examine your formula and maybe label the expiration dates differently (if necessary) and consider making the recipe less artificial-tasting. I also think customers would appreciate a lighter texture with the cream cheese, which might make it easier to identify it the product has passed its prime.

The Kraft Heinz Companytaco bell crunchy soft taco dinner

My wife bought a box of the Taco Dinner bar code # 0 [protected] 9 dated until February 11 2020 xme 09:43 and the seasoning mix was not in the box. If you wish that I take a picture of the bar code or the box I will.
My email is : [protected] I live in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

IMy wife and I purchase many of your products and usually are pleased with the quality of your products but this was not one of those times and we would like to have a replacement or coupons to match the product that was incompletely packaged as there was no signs of the box being tampered with. Thank You
David C. Colbert

taco bell crunchy soft taco dinner

The Kraft Heinz Companymrs. grass’ soup with the golden egg

Since I was a child my grandma would make me Mrs. grasses soup when I was sick it always made me feel better ever since then whenever I have been feeling ill or under the weather Mrs. grasses soup was my go to. It was a completely unique soup that everyone loved. I am devastated to hear that you have removed the most important part of the soup being the golden egg that that gave the flavoring and without any understandable answer other then it cost you too much money to produce it the way it's always been. I truly believe the people would've paid more to have that golden egg and the original Mrs. grasses rather than have you destroy the product completely for profit makes no sense I know there are loads of people out there that are devastated by this and no one has gotten a clear response as to why other than it costs less to produce now. You had a truly special product that needed nothing changed but you did it anyways and ruined it for everyone. I will no longer be buying your products as you clearly do not care about your customers just your bottom line.

The Kraft Heinz Companyplanters lightly salted peanuts

I eat a lot of Planters lightly salted peanuts but last week I hit a bunch of nuts that were harder than nails! So grateful that I didn't break a tooth. Even the car took off as I was trying to get them out of my mouth! I can only imagine what he was thinking!!!

So foolishly I bought a second can right away!! I go thru at least one can a week. Well guess what same thing. Just that even a hammer could not break!

What's up with this! The last can had on the bottom 15aug21 1208 A2 . Just in case someone has a broken tooth keep this code as back-up!
MaryAnn Lovejoy
722 Lehigh Road
Covington, PA 18424

  • SubSquirrel Oct 10, 2019

    Are you sure your car is male and can drive by himself? “Even the car took off as I was trying to get them out of my mouth! I can only imagine what he was thinking!!!”

    Do you often wonder what your car is thinking?

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The Kraft Heinz Companyphiladelphia cream cheese

I am on a diet that requires exact measurements of the food I eat. I have noticed that Philadelphia Cream Cheese packages that say "8 oz" on the package actually contain only 7.6 oz. The weight of the cream cheese block alone, without the silver wrapping, is 7.4 oz. When I purchase an 8-oz. package of cream cheese, I expect there to be 8 oz. of product.

The Kraft Heinz Companykraft deluxe original cheddar

I bought the kraft deluxe mac. When I open the box the Cheese package was already open. I buy this often however was dissapointed this time and threw it out because of the unknown of why it was open. I purchased it at walmart. I payed 4.80$ i believe, i am upset to throw this money away.
I hope you get back to me
thank you

kraft deluxe original cheddar

  • Updated by mandyhardy · Oct 02, 2019

    nothing further more then as i wrote

The Kraft Heinz Companylunchables

I opened a lunchable today, thank goodness I did before my kids got to it. There was a black sludge in the cheese portion. It sort of looked like wet Oreo cookie which was what I was hoping for. However when I smelled it, it smells like poo. Not poo like it's smells bad but actual poop. What's the plan to fix this kraft? What if my kids would have eaten it? I will be saving this so that further proof/testing can be done. This is unacceptable.


The Kraft Heinz Companykraft cheese slices

Hello, My name is Lola Summerhill. I live at 86 West Coolidge Avenue, Battle Creek, Mi. 49037. We bought a 72 slice box of cheese slices and the plastic individual wrapping was not properly sealed on over half of the slices. It left half of each cheese slice unprotected and was hard as a rock. It was also stuck to the outside packaging that was holding the bundle of cheese slices.

kraft cheese slices
kraft cheese slices

Kraftmac and cheese

I found maggots in my Mac and cheese right before serving it to a 5 year old I babysit!!! It was so disgusting! I'm never eating Mac and cheese again. I will definitely not be buying anything from kraft. This was horrible and caused me to be very sick to my stomach. I'm probably filing a complaint to the actual company pretty soon because this was outrageous!

  • Updated by Madi3674 · Sep 24, 2019

    I'm absolutely disgusted by what I found in a box of Mac and cheese. There were bugs in the noodles. What I later found out were maggots by the way! They were so disgusting that I don't think I'll ever be able to eat Mac and cheese again. There was at-least 10-12 of them. Huge things too! They were literally the size of dimes. Just floating around in my Mac and cheese that I was about to serve to a 5 year old!

  • SubSquirrel Sep 24, 2019

    The shipping company may have not delivered the food on time or left it in a hot truck or warehouse. Hot weather brings vermin out and they seek food. It may be the shipping company or the store that stores the packages in a warm environment.

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame the manufacturers.

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The Kraft Heinz Companycrystal light

Why don't you offer your crystal light in ready made drinks rather than having customer mix it with water. just have that as a option Great idea right Jada West to 214 Britney park road Columbia South Carolina 29229. [protected] You have great products specially with the way the world is now people are dieting more and they like things already made it would be nice to get rid of the packets and have the drinks the Ice T the lemonade or fruit punch already made I love your crystal light

The Kraft Heinz Companyknudsen cottage cheese

I've been buying this Knudsen's Cottage Cheese for years and love it but this weekend I bought a pint of your small curd cottage cheese and it looks like soup! There are almost no curds, just a milky liquid! I did eat part of it but it's just too soupy to serve my family. I have attached pictures of both the carton as well as the contents -- cheese soup? New recipe? Mistake? What happened?

knudsen cottage cheese
knudsen cottage cheese

The Kraft Heinz Company — oscar mayer delifresh mesquite smoked turkey breast

616062 I opened my package and are a piece of turkey as I was making sandwich I found on multiple pieces a decent amount of jelly like substance I have pictures. This package is dated...

The Kraft Heinz Companyvelveeta mac and cheese cups

The mac and cheese cups that you put in the microwave. Some of the noodles cook while others clump together and become crunchy. Almost like the powder that covers them makes them this way. The clumps tend to be almost half the cups of mac and cheese. I have not been very impressed lately and am a little disappointed for the price I have to pay to throw half the bowl away

The Kraft Heinz Companykraft macaroni and cheese commercial

Please for the love of God, stop playing that depressing Enya song at The end of the Kraft macaroni and cheese commercial!!! It's like a punch in the gut every time I see it. First off it doesn't make sense teaching kids to eat unhealthy, and the song clearly doesn't fit the mood. You can see the same complaints all over the Internet, I am not the only one. Thank you

  • SubSquirrel Sep 19, 2019

    First time I’ve read of anyone complaining about a song in a commercial. Here’s a clue: pick up the remote, push mute, and wait for the commercials to end.

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The Kraft Heinz Companybaked beans

I have been disabled for some years and sought to look at my diet, noticing that 'sweeteners' appeared to be in so much of what i was consuming.

I then proceeded to remove them completely from my daily intake and my health somewhat improved.
My favourites have been taken over by sweeteners and i would like to know why please?
They are Neurotoxins - in other words -...poisons.

Why do food manufacturers think they these are good for us and why do you spoil everything we like by putting this awful tasting stuff in them. I can tell it a mile off!

The fact that i can no longer eat beans has upset me because i thought they were just basic and no one could tamper with them...then i realised that Kraft taken over...enough said.

You persist in taking over good companies and to my mind, trashing them - filling them with garbage. You need to explain why you do this please?

I do enlighten my friends to the garbage within our food and they thank me for it - they will not thank me when i tell them what you've done to baked beans. You trashed Cadbury's/Heinz...what's next?

Nothing tastes the same any's tasteless and i'm done with your company...I plan to tell all of my findings, why you think poisonous sweeteners are the answer to your prayers and profits i do not know.

Z James


The Kraft Heinz Companysmart ones santa fe rice & beans

I purchased subject frozen product at Kroger in Perry, Ga, August 2019. I am a regular shopper at this store and have never had a complaint about any product sold there until today. I cooked meal today, Aug 25, 2019. It tasted awful, like it was soured/spoiled. Also it had chunks of zucchini in it which I never recall be I, g in this product before. I liked this product and like Lean Cuisine Santa Fe Beans and rice even more. But this meal has turned me against Smart Ones products completely. Product id panel has this info: M620019F31 1143 Best by 08 Jul 2021 and no longer has Weight Watchers on it. Proof of purchase code id [protected] 8. I would like to be compensated for this awful meal. Has Heinz always made this product? I am questioning ever buying another Heinz product, and I use many. After reading other complaints I wonder what has gone wrong. Heinz has always had products I trusted until now.