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Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods Customer Service


Conagra Brands, Inc.

222 Merchandise Mart Plz Ste 1300
United States - 60654-1103

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 877 266 2472(United States)
4 0
0 0
+1 416 679 4200(Canada, Head Office)
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+1 450 433 1322(Boisbriand, Canada)
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Canadian Head Office
5055 Satellite Drive, Mississauga, ON, L4W 5K7
Boisbriand Office
570 Boul. Cure Boivin, Boisbriand, Quebec J7G 2A7

Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho № 138 Pisos 4 y 9, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, C.P. 11000

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods Complaints & Reviews

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / coconut milk reddi whip

Toni Eberhart on Nov 10, 2018

First of all, I LOVE the coconut milk concept. I bought 2 cans at first sight, however, I only got one single use (I use it mainly to top my coffee, so not much) out of each can before the product stopped coming out. I tried shaking the can turning upside down, sideways, nothing but air. I...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / former employee

Shirly Abrego on Oct 23, 2018

I am a former employee at Conagra in Russellville, AR. I worked there for almost 6 months until I received news regarding my health. I had to leave due to health, and I left without notice. This is my first time leaving a job without notice I was in a very bad state. I have tried to...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / chicken pot pie

Tonya Gunter on Oct 16, 2018

I cooked the chicken pot pie in my microwave as instructed on the instructions. It did not tell me to remove from the pan the pot pie was in. Needless to say I'm having to purchase a new microwave, it melted my Tupperware plate and my house filled up with smoke. I will never purchase your...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / banquet turkey meal

Sandy Krisler on Oct 1, 2018

Just wanted to let you know I bought 2 turkey meals on Saturday 9/29/18. Made them today and they are disgusting. The meat was dark btown. I've eaten these before and the meat was always white and moist. This has turned me off from ever buying your product again. Your product use to be...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / food

Do on Sep 24, 2018

I had purchased 2 Marie Callender's Pot Pie and had one with stringy and hard broccoli in it. I called customer service said they would send me coupons to use when I purchase them again. Well I received coupons for meals or soups. I don't buy that! I feel like you are trying to make me buy...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / van camp's pork & beans

Billie Brewer on Jul 21, 2018

I have eaten these beans all of my life--my mom would fry bacon, potatoes and open a can of your pork & beans for a quick meal. Last week I opened a can and poured them into a bowl for our light supper meal. ( In our house we open the can and eat the beans without adding anything or even...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / delmonte french style green beans

Susan Kreutzwieser on Jul 4, 2018

difficulty opening can on more than oneoccasion I like the beans but am considering looking for another brand bec it is so hard to open the can with a can opener I can open other cans with my can opener just fine When I think back to the last time I had the beans I had the same frustrating...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / beef pot pies

Mornalee Hoy on Jun 1, 2018

We bought your Beef Pot pies at the local Giant Eagle yesterday and cooked two of them up for dinner last night UPC 31000101-2. The taste was good but it was all gravy and crust. We were expecting at least some meat. Barely even a carrot or a pea... I'd like to have 5 coupons for...

ConAgra Foods Inc. / snack pack puddings

Cindy Decker Toman on May 28, 2018

I always buy Snack Pack pudding packs to take to work. When opening one pack, there was a very sharp piece of plastic sticking out of one of the pudding cups where I would pull back the plastic cover. I cut my finger on it. Please ensure that these packs are checked before being packaged...

Conagra Brands / Conagra Foods / del monte red grapefruit 8x 190ml cups

Schlosser on Mar 4, 2018

I had bought a box of 8 red grapefruit cups from superstore in simcoe ontario canada. When opened 2 days after buying I had noticed that 1 had leeked out making the bottom of box all soggy and another one the top of it was bowed up like it was going to explode soon. I opened that one to...

ConAgra Foods / slim jim

Jessica Barrow on Nov 6, 2017

Hello. My family and I are big time Slim Jim fans and frequently purchase large mufti-packs. We probably eat 4-5 per day between the 9 of us. However, we are very upset about several Slim Jaime's in a multi-pack previously purchased. There were lots of chewy and hard chunk in them that one...

ConAgra Foods / act ii popcorn

Dave lowman on Jul 14, 2017

We purchased this product numerous times. However, the last box we bought it doesn't thoroughly pop. We took a bag to our daughters house and it didn't pop well there either. One bag had 2164268721 1247 best by Oct. 2017. The other 2164629721 best by Oct. 2017. We have had great luck with...

ConAgra Foods / banquet chicken pot pies

Mike Voorhees on Jun 13, 2017

the last two time I purchased these pot pies at the family dollar store I've discovered that there is very little filling inside, maybe a tablespoon at the most. the pie crust appears to be holding a full pie filling inside but, wait until its cooked and you'll discover it's all crust and...

ConAgra Foods / marie callender's chicken pot pie 16 oz

Keith Fagan on Jun 5, 2017

The pies were horrible! Normally they're great, but these pies were awful, they had hardly any meat in them, way too much celery and the crust was hard and chewy, and they tasted terrible ! We eat these a lot... and this is just wrong! If this is how you are changing your recipe for pot...

ConAgra Foods / banquet spaghetti and meatballs (with chicken pork & beef) and marinara sauce

Janis Redmond on May 8, 2017

To Whom it concerns, I was feeding my 2 year old Grandson Spaghetti and meatball dinner. That his parents dropped off with him. And when I cut into the 4th meatball to feed it to him there was a stringy worm like thing sticking out...Then I saw more. I stopped feeding him the food... and...

ConAgra Foods / unethical behavior

Notafanatall on Feb 19, 2017

I worked for conagra for six years. I worked my way up to a master mechanic in the maintenance department in the Russellville AR plant. The current plant manager, operations manager, human resources manager and maintenance manager are total hypocrites and liars. The current maintenance...

ConAgra Foods Inc. / ranch style beans

Ray Herren on Oct 24, 2016

They have changed their recipe and now the beans are very bland, I thought I had on off batch can, but it's the same after three cans. I bought them from the Costco in Austin, Tx. They are advertised as ranch style with real western flavor. They are now nothing more than just pinto bean...

Con Agra Foods / I got the food with mould

xEBSx on Mar 25, 2015

I bought some food from the company Con Agra Foods. Mainly all production was in cans, so when I arrived home and opened these cans, it turned out that all products were old and with mould. I started to call and send emails to this company, but their customer services were useless. Only...

conagra foods orville redenbacher popcorn / single serve mini bags butter on outside of bag and bag pops open when cooking

royce416 on Jun 3, 2011

bags pop open when cooking, butter was already on outside of bag these are the mini bags dated best used by feb 2012 we have had 2 boxes and most of them were alright but half we had to throw away

ConAgra Foods Inc. / non edible items in can

ConAgra Foods on Apr 19, 2011

Hi Kelly - I'm Tara and I work for ConAgra Foods and we make RoTel. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience. We do have preventive measures in place in our manufacturing facilities to prevent these types of things from happening but I'm going to be sure to send the details of...