Kraft Macaroni And Cheesemaggots

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Just made lunch for my friend and I and after eating half our meal we noticed small maggots attached to the noodles. I looked at the date on the box and it doesn't expire for few more months. I am beyond disgusted with this product. I wanted mac and cheese not maggots and cheese!!!


  • Pc
    pcmacbob Sep 10, 2012

    I just had the same thing happen to me. I normally boil the water open the box take out the cheese packet and put the macaroni into the boiling water, but this time my friend said that the first 3 boxes that he opened had small black bugs in the macaroni. So I opened the box and poured the macaroni onto a sheet of paper and there were these little black spots in the macaroni and they moved. It made me sick and I threw it out. But this was from a ten pack that I purchased from Sams Club and still have 6 boxes left. I have contacted Kraft to see what can be done. I have enjoyed Kraft Mac and Cheese since I was a kid and that was quite a long time ago but since finding this I don't know if I ever will again. I think its there packaging that is causing this or there are bugs in the manufacturing of the product. The date code on the box shows that it does not expire till Jan 30, 2013.

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  • Pr
    Proud Mommy Oct 15, 2012

    Just opened brand new box of Mac and cheese, poured the noodles in the pot to boil and as I poured, 3 maggots floated to the top (disgusting) don't know if I can ever eat Mac and cheese again.

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  • Ma
    Macncheese May 29, 2013

    I bought a 5 pack of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and every time I cook the macaroni it falls apart. Is there a secret to boiling the macaroni that I'm not aware of??? So frustrated. I have used two boxes of the 5 pack and they both turned out like this. I purchased at WalMart.

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  • Sh
    shyloveskai Oct 09, 2013

    I found a larva of some kind in my macaroni. And a dead flea. After eating half of it (during late pregnancy) and this really disgusts me. I also fed it to my husband and my child!!! This happened to me once as a child, my mother cooked it and found lots of larva, luckily before anyone ate any. Kraft, tsk tsk. How can we trust this anymore??

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  • Da
    dawn gregg May 10, 2014

    i just had this happen to me yesterday. 2 brand new boxes purchased 3 weeks ago.. i boiled the water, poured the noodles in and found maggots in it. so i dumped it out, then opened the other box poured the noodles in a bowl and found maggots all in the box so i threw the noodles and cheese away.. wish they wouldnt be in boxes that are good. now i dont know if i will ever buy mac n cheese again.. it got me sick to mys tomach and the bad part is im 25 weeks pregnant. so i or my unborn child could have got real sick if i hadnt had caught this in just the right time...

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  • Dc
    DC_ Oct 04, 2014

    Box after box after box after box of Kraft mac & cheese that we've tried to fix has had black bugs in it and had to be thrown out. They haven't reach their expiration dates yet. We've had two 5-box combo packages that were wrapped in plastic, and out of both packages every box but one had black bugs in them and had to be thrown away. Finally I Googled it to see if it was only us having this problem and results came up here and YouTube and other sites for people having the same problem. We're in WEST VIRGINIA, not California. We can't afford to keep throwing away food like this!

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  • Kr
    Krytical Nov 03, 2014

    Just had a few floating maggots... Disgusted
    Wonder how many didn't float/come out ugh..

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  • An
    annie gray Nov 26, 2014

    we sometimes buy generic mac and cheese. when the kraft is on sale I buy kraft, because I trust the kraft name. TRUST is what you just lost, , , , , this is from Phoenix, Arizona. we had the pot boiling and just poured the noodles in there were live maggots. this was on a box of sell by 6/2115, children eat mac and cheese more than any other food on the planet. we opened 2 boxes of a six pack. that is 6 boxes we wont use. how can I serve this to the children. and we can't just run out and buy a different box."no more money" I can't count how many kraft products we usually buy in a months time...what % is mac n cheese part of your bottom line???? I don't want a coupon or more boxes,

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  • Jo
    Joprovencher Nov 26, 2014

    Just opened the cheese packet and found six bugs, ALIVE! Box was bought last wk! Girls and I are completely turned off from Kraft Mac and cheese-- thinking the exta $ I spend for name brand will now go towards store brand items. I'm done with Kraft! *Disturbing*!!!'

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  • Jj
    jjmst Jan 16, 2015

    I dumped 2 boxes of noodles in boiling water, as I'm stirring them I start seeing something black floating in the water and more keep coming to surface. Bug after bug kept floating to the top. I was so completely disgusted I googled to see if I'm the only one that has this happen. I was shocked to see how many have come across this. When I went to throw it all away my son reminded me that he had cooked a box this summer that had it also. I'm so disappointed and disgusted with Kraft, a product I trust(ed) and bought over store brand whenever I could. Now I can't even stomach the thought of macaroni and cheese anymore. Wish I would have taken pictures to prove it but was so disgusted couldn't wait to throw it all away. Boxes today and from summer weren't to expire for months yet.

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  • Ev
    E.V.M Feb 02, 2015

    Poured a box of kraft into boiling water and dead, dried up maggots floated to the top, along with a peculiar smelling dust...

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  • Br
    brooke532 Feb 12, 2015

    I just poured a box of mac and cheese into the water and 3 dead maggots floated to the top. How are they still selling this to people with bugs in it. My box does not expire for a couple months

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  • Si
    SickOfThisSh1t Dec 21, 2015

    Class Action Law Suit anyone? I just found little specs of something! Technology is to advanced for this crap to be happening this is 2015 no 1815!

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  • Si
    SickOfThisSh1t Dec 21, 2015

    Class Action Law Suit anybody? same thing happened to me. This is 2015 not 1815. Technology is far too advanced for this to happen. Unacceptable!

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  • An
    andharris70 Mar 27, 2016

    All I can say is "you're messing withy childhood memories" Kraft. These noodles all of the sudden have gone to crap! The fact this many people are commenting proves it. Listen to your loyal customers that have been buying your products for years... And get the boardroom discussions going now and fix it, or lose an entire generation of KD lovers!

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  • Ch
    Chelseelynns Jul 19, 2016

    I made a family size box of kraft mac n cheese. Didnt find anything wrong until after i ate a big bowl and found two black bugs INSIDE a noodle. Inside of the dough, i dug them out. I am so disgusted I could puke. Will i get sick from this?

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  • Ca
    Carolyn Reynolds-Stewart Oct 23, 2016

    Same thing happened to me last night. I boiled the water and went to dump the macaroni in and there were maggots in it!! My Grandsons ages 2 & 5 were very disappointed that they couldn't have Kraft mac n' cheese. The sell by date wasn't until the end of the month~!!!

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  • 1v
    1v1meclubpengiun Oct 23, 2016

    Why dont you just make your own mac n cheese you scrub

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  • St
    Steddie Roosa Nov 02, 2016

    I just poured a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese into a pot of boiling water and the box was filled with maggots. Fist time this has happened and I am beyond disgusted. Not one or two. Close to a hundred.

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  • Co
    Costa Rica Flyer Feb 05, 2017

    I live in Costa Rica and they have a Costco wannabe called Price Smart. I just opened a box of the Kraft Mac and Cheese original flavor and had maggots in the box. I threw that out and opened another box and it appeared clear of maggots. Regardless, Kraft just lost my trust too. I don't know if I'm going to risk eating any more of their Mac and Cheese.

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  • Me
    Me grossed out!!! Apr 10, 2017

    Yuck, just happened. Yuck.

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  • No
    notakraftfananymore May 07, 2017

    Just happened to me also. I got mine roughly 3 weeks ago. So, because I keep all my pasta in the same cupboard, I decided to check everything in there. ALL OF MY PASTA HAD THESE WORM LOOKING THINGS IN THEM! I spent several hours cleaning out ALL of my cupboards in my kitchen with bleach water and after awhile, I just decided to throw every boxed item out. Did you know they can eat there way through plastic bags as well?. Several boxes of muffins, they boar their way through the plastic bags to get inside. OMG! I threw away so much food! I got my kraft mac n cheese from walmart. I read that Walmart is known to have bugs in many of their products. I certainly will never purchase any kind of food from there again and believe me... never will purchase or eat any kraft mac n cheese ever again. You would think Kraft would have fixed their packaging a long time ago just to keep their reputation clean. I'm still gagging over this! Shame on you Kraft!!

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  • Er
    eric corthell Aug 31, 2017

    Just moved into a new home. Very clean. Box didn't expire until October of 17. When I stirred the noodles I saw all the bugs (little maggot looking things) rise to the top. Very grossed out and lost my appetite. I cleaned out all the rest of my dry goods and nothing. Only in the Kraft NAC and cheese.

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  • Le
    Leslie Carr Aug 31, 2017

    Everyone that has a story about bugs: You could have pantry moths! I started finding weird larvae in my pastas, right after I moved...then I cleaned my cupboard, and found an infestation, from the previous renter!!! Ewe!

    I am sure that all of these bugs are not from Kraft, but from pantry moth infestation at Sam's club, Wal-Mart, etc. Kraft is required to have quality control...but no one police's these large stores, when it comes to creepy little bugs.

    Check your cupboards, clean them with vinegar, and sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the cupboard cracks. Most of all, check your other packaged food...especially the boxed stuff. These little monsters can get into very tiny spaces. Good luck.

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  • Ew
    eww83 Nov 16, 2017

    this is horrible. ive been in japan for a while now. wanted food from my home country and bought this from a costco that i had to drive 3 hrs to. had 3 boxes left. and saw something black floating on the top when i poured it into the pot. omg did i eat those fuct up maggot larva things the whole time. am i gonna get like a worm thing in my intestines? i srsly wanna puke but cant. screw you kraft. srsly. start putting wrap around those fucing boxes!!! in japan they started putting the extra money into wrapping instant noodles because of a smell problem but this is much worse. get the wrapping on. friends, family, and i aint eatin this shizer no more. PEACE!

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  • Mg
    mg149 Nov 09, 2018

    Bought 12 boxes of Kraft Mac n' Cheese at BJ's on Long Island. Bugs in the noodles. Wrote to Kraft. They sent discount coupons for more Mac n' Cheese. Filed a complaint with the FDA. They did nothing. Said I should report to New York State Health Department. It's no secret that there is a problem with this product. The Federal Government is guilty of malfeasance and dereliction of duty. They are not protecting the public. We are on our own folks as long as the criminals are running the country.

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  • Ou
    Ou812 gross Nov 26, 2018

    Its November 2018 and it still has maggots in it . Its in the sealed cheese packet. My son noticed. we opened muiltable box and cheese packets. Its disgusting Itnt there a lawsuit or something. I spent my money on maggots while Kraft are living fat off of selling customers. And yes it made me sick, i don't usually vomit for no reason. I want my $ back and then some its only right.
    Shelly James
    1516 Larkin ave
    Modesto ca

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  • Ga
    Gary Hutchison Jan 28, 2019

    I have been enjoying the product for many years. But come on how can you make these noodles any smaller. After boiling the needles it just turns into mush? What gives. More money less product.

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  • Ca
    Catbreath Aug 22, 2019

    August 22, 2019
    Today was my turn...when the Mac was boiling I noticed something on the spoon. Sure enough a maggot. Then looking into the water and carefully cutting the box open, I found some dead ones and a live, crawling one. I taped them to the box and brought it back to the store for a refund. I wish I had seen this discussion first, then I would have sent the box back with a scathing note! We went to McDonalds.
    Goode, VA

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  • Ke
    Kevin_T50 Nov 03, 2019

    Today is November 3rd, 2019 and over half of the Kraft macaroni and cheese boxes of a 12 pack bought from a local price club have bugs in them. Alive and dead. The boxes are completely sealed and have no holes bored in them or any way that outside bugs could have gotten in. They are not maggots, but some other kind of small bugs. They did chew into or out of the powdered cheese packet. I am attaching a picture of one of the alive bugs. Something needs to be done, but if people keep buying the product you will only get an apology and coupons.

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  • Se
    Serena Espino Nov 06, 2019

    @Kevin_T50 I bought 3 boxes of Kraft Mac n Cheese a few weeks ago and on Friday November 1st 2019 one of these buggers fell out of the box onto my counter. We then looked into the box and found a live one. Looked into the pot and there were floating larvae... Was so grossed out! I started researching and realized they could be in my pantry and sure enough I found them in other grain like foods. I ended up throwing out almost everything in my pantry. Never buying Mac n Cheese again!

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  • Co
    Cordelia2121 Jan 11, 2020

    Today is my day, January 11th, 2020. This shit is absolutely disgusting. Reading everyone else’s comments makes me even more disgusted to know they haven’t done shit in 4 years!!! Complaints on top of complaints. We are out here buying bugs instead of Mac and Cheese, literally losing our appetite for our favorite food FOREVER. This has been the worst day. I found these maggot like bugs in my Mac and cheese. I opened the box took out the packet and poured the noodles into my boiling water... immediately after stirring my water turned brown.. (puke), and a bunch of dust like crumb gathered at the surface and it smelt bad. At first I thought I bought the wrong kind of Mac and cheese, wondering what that “seasoning” is... I grabbed the box out of the garage and read that it was normal, looked inside the box and saw an infestation of larve and maggots totally covering the whole bottom of the box, and started to crawl up... they were all alive. I screamed and jumped and screamed some more. Absolutely. Disgusting. I bought mine individually.. makes me nervous that it’s the store that might have the infestation.

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