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Resolved hemal kataria a big #


A girl named hemal kataria bullied me and torching me and forcing me to purchase a product. This girl is a real #. She sleeps under her bosses I think so. She is a really a #. She tell me to purchase a product and she will sleep with me.

Dam if you need her please contact her she is in kotak insurance.

Thanking u

unfair treatment of a savings bank account by kotak mahindra bank

I am an account holder with Kotak Mahindra Bank (A/C No [protected]). At the time of taking the account the bank’s sales person had promised a lifetime free savings account (zero balance account). Post checking with the bank it was verified the same was true as it was an offer for employees of specific corporates. However during the same year the account was modified to a normal account with charges being deducted on a regular basis which is not acceptable to me. Currently as per a latest statement my savings bank account shows a negative balance of -5582 (Rs), which I do not agree with at all.

I have raised the matter with the call center and also provided a written compliant to the same. However surprisingly post filing the handwritten letter and also the bank's form for closure of the account I have received the same back with instruction to close a DP account (which is a demat account). I do not hold a demat account with the bank. Currently as per a latest statement my savings bank account shows a negative balance of -5582 (Rs), which I do not agree with at all. I request immediate closure of the account as I think it is unfair, also it seems to be against any acceptable logic to pay to close a "savings bank account". In case the bank felt they could not hold a zero balance account they should have close the instead of charging a fee for an account I have not utilized post the period they began deducting the charges. Also just to add my account was reduced to a negative balance by deducting a sum of money that was present at the time the policy changed.

Again I request immediate closure of the account by the bank.

Jayan Mathews

  • Vg
    Vgrover1974 Aug 06, 2011

    Getting calls from different Branches of Kotak to take Credit Card against FD i have with KG Marg Branch. Calls are coming from all the NCR branches other than Home Branch.
    Requested the Phone Banking
    that I should not be disturbed for such calls hence mark me for DND. Call Center has asked for 45 days to do the needful( In this world of fast Info. Technology).

    Today again I got a call from Ms. Pooja - Preet Vihar Branch. I asked the caller to make me speak to Branch manager which she denied as she is from third party employee and cannot make me speak to Branch Manager.

    Later I spoke to the Dy. Manager Ms. Reema who said she will arrange the call back from Credit Card department but was not ready to understand that I have issue with Banks FD division who has passed my data to outside agents to market the Fd.
    Later the Branch Manager called me and to my surprise he was not aware of who's employee Ms. pooja is? Bank/Credit card division/agent? How disorganized.

    How can bank be irresponsible and handover the data to third party and there employees for the FD, I made with the Bank?
    This is even more dangerous than just getting the call from the Branch.
    Its FRUSTRATING to bank with KOTAK.

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  • Ko
    Kotak_Support Aug 08, 2011

    Dear Sir,

    At the outset we regret the inconvenience caused with regards to the calls made to you.

    We would like to investigate your complaint for which we would need to contact you and understand the issue in detail like the number that you have received a call from.
    We also would like to confirm that as a bank, we do not share any confidential data with a third-party.

    Kotak Support Team

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  • Sa
    salman khan1 Aug 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am Salman. My Kotak Mahindra Bank A/C No: #: 7111318406 (ACE ACCOUNT )which was opened last year in Dec'13. It is a Zero Balance Corporate Account when account was taken. Also, i have not been informed that i had been provided 'Ace' account which is totally non-recommended for a low salaried person like me.Without any intimation, Rs 3866.43 was deducted from my balance within 2 months without any information shared by any means. Below is the list of charges.

    23/08/2014 Chrg: Min Balance Non Maintenance Charges for JUL TBMS 495.63 DR 0 CR
    31/07/2014 Chrg: Min Balance Non Maintenance Charges for JUN TBMS 842.7 DR 1, 495.63 CR
    31/07/2014 Chrg: Min Balance Non Maintenance Charges for MAY TBMS 842.7 DR 2, 338.33 CR
    4/7/2014 Chrg: Min Balance Non Maintenance Charges for APR TBMS 842.7 DR 4, 180.03 CR
    23/05/2014 Chrg: Min Balance Non Maintenance Charges for MAR TBMS 842.7 DR 6, 362.14 CR

    This is highly disappointing to receive no intimation of deductions made into my account. This is totally unfair from the bank authorities. It shattered all my faith in them, i want them to return my hard earned money which they taken for unfair reasons. As bank sends frequent alerts for the transactions happening in the account but how surprising that no information being shared for the deductions happening in my account.When i contacted with bank authorities, they have asked me to maintain Monthly minimum balance in the account but even charging Rs 3900.00 is way too much for salaried person for having low balance & still giving no intimation on the same.I need a clarification on this from the bank. Kindly call me back and also request the reversal of amount.I cannot bear such heavy charges by bank, I will arrange to close the account if the bank authorities can not help me in this cause.

    A/C. #: 7111318406
    CRN : 66997108

    salman khan
    Mobile no. 8447551304
    Email address - [email protected]

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  • Dh
    Dharmender kumar adhana Feb 24, 2015


    Kotak has been unconditionally deducting the amount (Rs 561) in the name of maintenance charges (TBMS). Whenever complained about the same,

    they says it is a valid deduction without even bothering to check for the request. After forcing them to do so, will apologize and promises to

    refund it back to the account and this has been happening for 3 months in a row.They deliberately delay the reversal so that it is again

    deducted the coming month. Above all there is no intimation of deduction nor SMS sent like any other debit or credit is being made on the


    CRN Number: 7744908
    A/C Number: 4911452439
    Phone number: 8802288497

    8 December 2014 Rs 561

    1 January 2015 Rs 561

    25 january2015 RS 561

    25 Feb rs. 28

    Total amount 1711

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  • Sa
    SAROJ MEHRA Jun 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had taken kotak super advantage fund on 3rd April and paid Rs. 80, 000 vide cheque no 77423 which was cleared by my bank on 22nd April. Since I am not satified with the company's working I am asking for refund of my hard earned money but company is not responding.


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  • Sa
    Sameer Mane Nov 16, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi i am sameer mane from pune. kotak had deducted my 59INR from ccount without any intemation. please call me 9823918180.

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They are the frauds... Dont purchase any insurance from them.. They delay the bond & receipt... If you call them, always say that they are in meeting. Its been morethan a month I havent received any receipts. No response from them. Some worst people working for a good company.

  • Me
    Melvin Botz Nov 26, 2010

    I was solicited by someone from Kotak life insurance company, then I googled "instant life insurance quotes" and found, they provided instant rates, the owner of the site was incredibly helpful and although I have nothing scathing to say of Kotak I can say many good things of

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  • No
    Norton Lewis May 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you need to write to follwoing people and you can contact these people if reqd

    [email protected] cell 9930989003, she is chief manager of Kotak Life insurance and is seated at address below
    Kotak Infinity
    Infinity toers
    5th floor Zone 1
    Near Nagari Nirwana, Ahead of Dindoshi Bus Depot
    Gene A K Vaidya Marg
    Goregaon (East)
    Escalation to ### VIce President [email protected]

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Resolved unlimited calls

My name is Kapil Massey from New Delhi, I was left with no option other than escalating my problem to the Complaints Board.I am Getting unlimited calls regarding Savings & Investments from Kotak Mahindra Bank, As i have already told them that i am not interested in investments anymore and i also asked them to do not call me or harrass me, I am truly fed up these guys, i told them to put me on DNC list and they always told me that next time sir you will not get any calls from our Bank, But now this is the limit.I will definately launch an FIR against the Bank for Harrassing me.

wrong promises/misselling

Reg:Policy No.[protected], kotak Super Advantage, UIN 107L058V01, Client Id [protected], Snehlata...

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bank people are asking so many unwanted questions

I have opened a bank account with Kotak Mahindra Bank two years back. I have not operated for my bank account since it is opened. I had withdrawn all the money I deposited into bank. I wanted to close the bank account immediately. But the bank people are asking so many unwanted questions. They are sending a bank statement with debit balance for not keeping the required amount to maintain the account. They are not ready to close the account. Whenever I call the bank to close the account, I have to speak to so many persons ( line will be transferred) explaining in detail to each & every person.

kotak life insurance policy mis-selling

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

A kotak executive (Ashish - [protected]) contacted me for a Policy in month of March.
He told me the Plan Kotak Super Advantage Plan with a year installment of Rs. 20, 000.
He told me that along with this Plan, I will get a Sony DVD player and if i will pay him now, I will get an

additional 12% online Bonus on it.
He also told me that I will get all these after 45 days when I will recieve my Policy.
Listining to plan and all these things, I gave him the go ahead and a cheque of Rs. 20, 000.

After few days I got the Policy ([protected]), but this is not what the executive told me.
This is something "Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan". I contacted the Executive and tole him this.
He told me that I must not worry, he will take care of this.

Again, when noting was done, I contacted him again after 10-15 days. That time he said that I left the Organisation

and now currently working with ICICI Prudential so I must contact:
Mr. Gaurav Srivastav and Indrapreet Kaur
Indian Growth Insurance Services
A-61, Second Floor, Rajori Garden,
Near Bikanerwala, Near Rajori Metro Station,
New Delhi 110045
Ph: 011-[protected], [protected]

I caled yup Mr. Gaurav, he said that SMS me your Policy number he will look into this.
I send him the Policy no. and called him again the next day. Then again he said that he is still looking into this

and will let me know.
After that he stops picking my calls.

Then I go to Kotak Branch, Ganga Plaza, Begum Bridge Road, Meerut and told them all this, they said that they will

not be anle to help me because the policy is taken from Janakpur, New Delhi. I was shocked.

I took the address of Kotak Life Insurance, Janakpuri, New delhi and reached there.
There I met Mr. Ankit ([protected]) he told me that Ms. Ritika ([protected]) can help me in this.

I called her from Kotak Janakpuri office and she assured me that she will give me the solution within 2 days.

I came back to Meerut and called her after 2 days. Then she said that nothing can be done in this and now none of
them is picking the phone also.

Till date i have neither got the Correct Policy, nor the DVD player nothing.

Please look into this matter asap.

Thanks and regards,
Ankit Singhal

  • No
    Norton Lewis May 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you need to write to follwoing people and you can contact these people if reqd
    Customer Service :-

    [email protected] (9867665665) chief manager customer service
    [email protected] cell 9930989003, she is chief manager policy servicing of Kotak Life insurance
    and is seated at address below
    Kotak Infinity
    Infinity toers
    5th floor Zone 1
    Near Nagari Nirwana, Ahead of Dindoshi Bus Depot
    Gene A K Vaidya Marg
    Goregaon (East)
    Escalation to ### VIce President [email protected] address above

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misbehaviour and threst on phone

On 12th may at around 1:30 Pm we recd a call fron Dehre dun Office of Koatk mahindra, try to sell some product. As the family was having lunch i answered the call but the gentleman on the other end was adamant to speak to my father and went on to say who makes the financial decisions and all that. On disconnecting as call was recd again and name and rank of the official was given as A Madan, Assistant Manager and our postal add was recited to threaten us. It should be noted that none of us has any buisness with Kotak and wud now never have one

Resolved personal loan spl 19751

Dear Sir

Personal Load SPL 19751

I have taken loan for Rs.1 lac from Kotak Mahindra in 2006 for 60 months only 17 installments left. They had technical problem in starting regarding ECS which was not hitting my bank and error occuring account does not exist whereas the demand draft made on same account no. and credited on the same account. One more instalment they were showing pending which were cleared by Kotak after providing letter from my ICICI bank stating that cheque has been cleared from their side. But still same amount also showing CIBIL when I applied for personal loan from my employer Tata. And when they extract track record of my PL 16 EMI showing bouncing due to ECS was not hitting and I was regularly paying my EMIs.

Where is my fault kindly arrange Certificate from Kotak Mahindra technical team for ECS bouncing and pending instalment still relecting in CIBIL whereas there was no such pendecny from my side.


Umesh Satti


mis-selling by kotak employee

I had taken Kotak Smart Advantage Plan by seeing Brand Name of Kotak Group by investing monthly 3, 000/= ...

Resolved un-ethical practices of kotak home loan

Have you taken a Home Loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank? Excellent. You have successfully opened the Pandora's box. By saying this I really mean what I said. Let me give you my case. Nothing else. I will leave the conclusion to you.

I've taken a Home loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank in Oct 2006. Before giving the processing fee check I inquired about the Insurance for the loan to the sales guy. He said the insurance amount is Rs 30000 and the insurance covers the total outstanding of the loan in the case of any eventuality. Also he said the Insurance is from Kotak so there will not be any surprises.

Before the loan disbursal when I saw the break up of the disbursal it said Rs 60000 for insurance. When I asked the Kotak people and the Sales guy they said "this is the premium for the loan of Rs. 32.5 lakhs" that they conveyed to me and I probably mistook it. As I was in the excitement of moving into my own home, I just consoled myself that at least the cover is for the full loan amount.

After registration the Insurance certificate and the cover schedule was posted to me. On seeing that I was shocked that the insurance does not cover the whole outstanding amount. It was for a certain percent of the outstanding. Now I thought "ok. at least I got my own house, so let me live with this".

My loan is a hybrid loan, meaning it is fixed for first three years and after that will be revised and that rate will be for the next three years and so on. Also I offered them to pay through ECS but they said they will only accept post dated check payments. So had given 36 checks for the first three years EMI.

On the 34th month (Please note that not on the 35th month), they called up and said they are going to review the interest rate from the next month onwards (that is from the 35th month on wards). I told that the next month is not the 37th month and asked why they are reviewing the rate now. They said they actually review the rate in each quarter, so as my next EMI falls on the review cycle they will be revising the interest rate. I was protesting this heavily and nothing turned around.

They called up the next day and said the new interest rate is 13.5%. During that time the interest rate from other banks was ranging from 8% to 10.5%. Even their new customers were offered 10.5%. I was totally shocked and asked why there is a discrepancy. They said in a cool tone "Sir, you were enjoying the low interest rate all through the first three year. So why are you asking this?". So the customer must keep his mouth shut to whatever these people do. After some bargaining they came down to 12.5%. I was desperately looking out for other banks to take over my loan. But there was a 2.21% of fore-closure charges. So I was reluctantly looking for take over of this loan.

In the mean-time I've given them another 36 months of checks towards EMI at 12.5% interest rate. A few months later I had one my checks bounced because of insufficient funds (That's actually another story when I withdrawn money from other bank's ATM it refused the transaction for the first time and given money in the second attempt also by cool-ly deducting money for both times from my account).

After noticing the check bounce I called up Kotak and said that the check is bounced and asked them to collect a replacement check. I also asked them if there are any charges[1] they said "There is no charges, Sir". I know that every check bounce has its penalty and that was the reason I was asking them explicitly for this. All these conversations happened over phone they assured me that there was no charge. Also they said they will be sending a collection agent to collect the check. So i've given the check to the agent that came to my office.

Now, my instinct to get out of Kotak got intensified so I contacted Canara Bank for the loan take over from Kotak. They agreed and wanted the fore-closure statement and the loan account statement.

So I went to the Kotak Bank and asked for these document for which they said they will only give after 15 days from the date on which I communicated to them in writing that I intend to close the loan. So I sent out a mail to them. After waiting for 15 days and constant bugging from my end they sent these statements. On seeing the account statement I was shocked to see around Rs 1612 towards "Over due interest receivables". I looked into the account statement and found Rs 750 for check bounce and Rs 250 for check collection. How sweet!

Also as I was paying all the EMIs through post-dated checks it took two to three days for the check realization. My EMI due date is 10th of every month. So the check will pass on 12 or 13, even on 15th (depending on whether the 10th, 12th, 13th fall on a holiday). Eventually there will be a delay always for the check realization. For these days there were charges for Rs 20 towards "Over due charges". Very smart, isn't it?

Intolerable to these daylight robbery I went directly to the Kotak Mahindra Bank and asked for details, especially for the "check bounce charges and collection charges".
The customer service personnel told me that this check bounce charges are clearly mentioned in the loan agreement. I told her that was the exact reason for me asking explicitly was there any charges (see [1]), and they said that there was no charges. Also I told her that they did not tell me that there would be a collection charge if their agent comes to collect the check. She said "Sir, you are in 2010 and how come you didn't know that there will be check bounce charges and collection charges?". She is right. In fact I was the stupid. I really liked this "Blame the Customer" attitude. What else can I do? I said to myself let me live with this for a few days until I close this loan off.

In the meantime my take over application at Canara Bank was approved. So I asked them (Kotak) when I have to give them the check from Canara Bank. She said the check should be given 7 days in advance to my EMI date (which is 10th in my case). Actually my take-over proposal was fully processed by Canara Bank and they were ready to give the check when I ask for it.

In the foreclosure date they always give the outstanding amount and the charges for the next EMI date. So if I am closing on the 11th I will have to give the check for the out-standing amount during next EMI plus the next EMI and the fore-closure charges. So I have to pay the interest for the next month also. As a layman anybody would expect the loan be closed on the day we give them the other bank's check of on the day when the check is realized. But these people work on their own schedule. The check is collected from the customer and they say it will be put for collection. After the check clears it will take 5 days for them to close the loan. After that they would give the original documents after 15 working days. This after 15 working days is an open statement. So you may get in 15 says or 20 days if you are lucky enough.

I have given the fore-closure check on 12th Mar 2010. The amount is the principal outstanding as on 10th April 2010 + Apr 2010 EMI + Foreclosure charges on the principal outstanding. Now I'm waiting for the loan closed at their end. It is not even closed still. But the amount has been sucked up by them. I'm sure they will wait until April 10, 2010 so that they need not given any refund to me. By the way I didn't tell you a fact. As I'm paying the EMI for Apr 2010 also, if the loan is closed early say on Mar 17th in my case (as I have given the check on 12th and let's say they realize it on 16th and they close the loan on 17th Mar), they will be refunding Rs 591.43 per day until Apr 2010. This is no way near the interest that I paid in a month advance.

I am not sure if I will be getting my documents within time so that I can give them to Canara Bank. As of today I heard them saying the loan is still not closed at their end. But they will be considering that the loan is closed on 26th of Mar. I don't think they will be closing the loan before Apr 10th.

With this story, I leave the decision to the people who are looking out for a Home Loan (that too) from the Kotak Mahindra Bank. My sincere advice is, for heaven's sake don't go to them.

Resolved wrong commintment & not give loan completion letter

I am Rinkesh Rameshbhai Prajapati. I am from Ahmedabad.kotak mahindra bank cheat with my father.My father give settlememt money as per giving bank employ. Now he told us loan completion letter u get in 2 to 3 days. but they talk with us very poor. They dont maintain manner. and he dont give us loan completion letter. my mobile number is [protected].
sir, after that bank employ told me u give more money. then we give 3500/- Rs. then he told us loan complition letter give in 5 days. but still we are not getting.
sir, we are middleclass person. your bank employ hareessment us if u not give more money v call u police.
At Ahmedabad Main branch shivrajni. my father minimum 100 times gone. my mobile call they are not accept. i am middleclass person.
Mahidra kotak person which my father & me talk i give you them as bolow..
jitendra bhatiya
devu thakor

My name is Rinkesh R Prajapati
my mobile number is [protected]
Plz help me. i am break due to kotak mahindra bank wrong commintmemt.

Resolved atm transection

I wanted to withdraw a cash of rs.7000/- from hdfc atm located at skylark tourist complex panipat and accordingly I had done the entre process for withdrawal. However, the atm machine has not been deliver the cash and showed (Unable to proceess) so I did one more transection of 7000/- and got the money but the mini statement showed the deduction of an amount 7000/-rs. On the day 03 feb 2010 at 17:10 and again 7000/- on same date but by difference of 1 min approximately. I contacted the bank manager immidiately as the atm dont have the helpline he said contct your bank and they will put in the request as I was not the hdfc bank account holder so I confirmed this with my bank kotak mahindra bank limited. They send a request and hdfc spok confirmed about the withdrawal. But the money was not withdrawn as it says unable to process. So I put in a complaint from my banks side and they said they will check the cctv footage and also contact the visa. But that will take 15 days. Request still in process. My rent commitment to lanlord and credit card payment commitment both gone wrong and I was charged for late payment and also about to be thrown out of my rented house. What to do.


My keen request to you is that please take a suitable steps so that the bank can not do this thing in futher for their customers.

Resolved employee treatment

Well i have worked with Kotak Mahindra Bank, it is probably the worst place to work in the whole financial...

Resolved misappropriation of fund

I had deposited an amount of Rs. 15000.00 through cheque no. 790606 drawn on Vijaya Bank, V.N. Marg, Allahabad Branch and the same was debited to my account on 5.8.08. The cheque was drawn in favour of Kotak mahindra life insurance co. Ltd. and was paid to them through their Banker Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Allahabad Branch through clearing. The cheque was drawn and sent to you through your authorised Sales Manager working in Rajajipuram, Bangalore Branch alongwith a completed application form to purchase an Insurance Policy in the name of Mr. Siddharth Tiwari, s/o Mr. B.P. Tiwari, r/o A-38 Gangotri Nagar, P.O. Dandi, Allahabad - 212103.

After lapse of complete one year as on date neither I have received the policy document nor any demand to deposite the next premium. It is therefore, requested kindly to intimate me the current status of the same and send me the policy document so that I may keep it continue.

Sincerely yours,
Mob. no. [protected]
email: badriprasad.[protected]

Resolved security in atm at vakola bridge

My name is Rajesh Aier .Yesterday at 5.00 in evening I was standing in line for access atm in vakola one man standing behind suddenly entered inside the atm room before me and when i asked security to tell him to come out, than on contrary security is telling me that you should have look about your turn and was rude to me and even that man fight with me and abused me still security did not say anything to that man ..the security officer name was MR. Kurmi . You tell me when security is not interfering the matter than whom should we approach that time if he is not ready to help the customers why is he made stand outside atm location if he does not knows his responsibility or I feel personally he is not liable for that job. Being a Respected Company like Citibank should not hire this kind of people who will spoil the name and reputation of Company by not showing their responsibility

  • So
    sorabh mittal Jul 05, 2011

    My name is Saurabh Pandey. I am residing in Delhi, I am a Customer of Kotak Mahindra Bank. I am very disappointed on my account related. My CRN no: - 34144398. In the past were was account opening they were tell very politely and then account will be open they were not any problem to face out and mail to the customer relationship but they were not answering properly. I am sending mail again and again that was not response properly and my relationship manager i also not tell properly my agent who is account opening Mr. Rajenesh they were duty was closed the account opened.

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  • Ko
    KotakSupport Jul 07, 2011

    Dear Mr. Pandey,

    Our bank official is currently looking into this issue, and will shortly contact you on your registered number. For any further concerns, you can always coordinate with us directly on [email protected] / [email protected]

    Regards, Kotak Support Team

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misuse of card due to hacking of card in uk

I am writing you this letter in despair with the sanguine hope that you will look into the matter personally...

not receive courier


I got courier till now i didn't receive any docs..i got sms from kotak bank like card sent on 07-AUG-2008 by ExpressIT Courier AWB [protected], till date(13-AUG-08) am not got that courier pls review that, do need full .

pk ravikumar

  • Mo
    mohamed fayez younes noser Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DEAR Sir
    EngMohamed fayez
    name:Mohamed fayez younes noser
    address:alsalam st from hanafia st-Bitash Agamy
    Account no:43200100005829
    TELNO.:002034369194 MOBILE:0020171090645

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  • Ra
    RAVI DUTT SHARMA Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,
    my name is ravi dutt sharma (a/c no 01810030103241)
    i applyied for a new atm card 2 weeks ago and i only got my new atm card last week but i m still waiting for my new pin no for widraw money from bank. i m not setisfied with your cust care executives. so plz do the needful.

    with regards,
    Ravi dutt sharma.
    mobile: 9868838574
    res no: 01122801606

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kotak mahindra bank - car loan

This is a very bad complaint against Kotak Mahindra Bank (Car Loan), I had taken a car loan from this bank on 2005. However, when it was sanctioned, i was changed more than what had been committed upon by there employee&agent. (Name: Shilpa (Employee) and Naveen Kumar (Agent))

Instead for charging 7% interest, I was charged @ 9.3%, that too in that year other bank wre charging less interest 6% to 7.5%

When i complainted the same to their branch, no one helped.. fighting for nearly 1 and half month, i came to know that employees & agents are involved in such fraud deals, and in turn get lot of commissions

I here by like to warn everyone out their to avoid this bank for any transactions/relation

Update: They are charging hefty for their services.. wre as other banks offer the same services for free/nominal charges.

For instance, obtaining NOC from Kotak Mahindra Bank, they charge Rs 1500/- wre ICICI (Rs. 565/-) and HDFC no charges.

Kotak Mahindra bank has failed to follow the Code of Fair banking Rule and they have imposed huge charges without prior notice and also they have provided wrong information and false commitments.

Very Very bad service!

non receipt of insurance bond

The Kotak Mahindra Bank,

Sub: Non receipt of insurance certificate till date

Dear sir,

I have taken the personal loan (Ref:SPL – 117850 ) from which Rs.15000/- was deducted towards the premium for Kotak Life Insurance. As per the details received from your customer support executive, the amount was deposited in Kotak Life Insurance, Deutsche Bank AC No. [protected] through cheque 43328 dated July 31, 2007. I have been following up for the insurance bond/certificate since three months. I posted the complaint to [protected] I even called your customer care at [protected], [protected] and posted the complaint. There is absolutely no response from any of your customer support executives. Can some concerned person at the senior level look into the matter and arrange to send the insurance certificate at the earliest.

Your immediate action will be highly appreciated.

  • Bo
    BOLE BOLE Jul 15, 2009

    I have got an SB a/c linked with D'mat & trading a/c. K.M.Bank's sales executive assured me min. balance is Rs.1000/-;but last month they sent a letter that min bal should be 5000/- and they deducted Rs.827/- from my SB a/c.I sent an e-mail protesting.This is the they nimble customer's money from their a/cs and show profit.All pvt. banks are great thieves and goondas by default. God save them. See icici thats gone icy now.

    I have now decided to leave the Bank immediately.

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