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Well i have worked with Kotak Mahindra Bank, it is probably the worst place to work in the whole financial industry.Not me but you can ask any of the current employees and the news is now widespread among the whole industry now. thats the reason that no one is interested in joining this bank even at good amount of hikes. Well my experience had been a horrible one too. In our MBA colleges we learn about professionalism and working with people with whom you can learn, but at this place there is no word like professionalism and learning from your bosses or any of the seniors well they hardly know about their work so how can you expect to learn from them. They very proudly say that we are among the top 10 best financial companies to work with(rated by Hewitt Associates), well Hewitt i am sure will from this year will not include them in the top 100 also. Infact a mail will be sent to Hewitt also for the same.
Well HR is the most amazing department which this bank has, they have been given the mobile phones which they infact never answer.If by mistake they pick up the phone well then they realize somehow that ohh we are working for Kotak Bank.i have been waiting for my final settlement cheque from kotak for the past 2 months, well i did try to contact HR but they dont pick up the phone and by mistake once in a blue moon if they do that, then the simple answer they give is It is in process.
Mr.Uday Kotak please if you can do something about the bank do pay some head towards how to manage the employees. The employees in all the branches are treated like dogs, abused on all the things.Well this bank is new into the financial sector, so this is the time you can actually make it a better place to work. Trust me it is in real mess right now. Please if you can send my final settlement cheque also, i will be greatful.
Well god bless all the employees of this organization.


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    Mishra 86 Apr 03, 2015
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    I was an ex employee of this ### bank last year. I was working under navdeep Anand(bm & avp) nepeansea road branch. He was treating like he is the MD of this bank. He simply keeps on abusing staff like anything. There was seperate briefing cabin but he scolds n abuse staff in front of everyone (even infront of customers). Just coz of him i left that f**king job. He is least bothered about employees family problems. I want strict action to be taken against him so that in future nobody face any consequences while working with kotak. Above all, hr person were also supporting that A** hole when I'd approached them.

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    Shweta Sidhu Apr 06, 2017
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    I am also the ex employees of this bank. I have join this bank in September and I did not get any salary till December moreover that my senior' S behavior like I am a servent, also all staff behaviour very unethical.due to their behavior my health contiusly down day by day so lastly I decided to drop the job. And sent them my resign through mail and ask them to clear my dues but they continually forcing me to serve notice period which I didn't able to give due to my health. Please help me how I can get my salary.

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    Abhpriya Jul 07, 2017

    Useless bank to work for, they have their values like down to earth, which they never foolow. i had worked in Noida branch, they harassed me, bein a woman employee i asked for transfer to HR, saying the issues i am facing, they never responded, there is Mr.Kingshuk som(SPLN) in noida sector 125, who is womanizer, many a times ill treated, other woman too have complaint about for asking sexual favours. i did resign because of such harrasement, their AVP and chief manager gives no attention when u complain of HR. Mr. Uday kotak kindly see to it...

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    harshitap May 16, 2018

    Hi my Name is Harshita Priyadarshinian ex employee of bank and my Emp code : 43948, i have left the Company 6 months back and my last working date was 04/11/2017 and am trying to get my Provident Fund from last 6 months . i had send my PF withdrawal form which was uploaded on employee portal but after 2 months i got a revert that thr PF form was old now u have to send a new application again then i send a new application for PF withdrawal on 1st Feb 2018 after that i came to know that PF office is not accepting any application till 31st march now in thr Month of April i got a call from Kotak Bank PF Consultant that we are unable to claim your PF withdrawal you hav to go and apply online after that i applied on 30th April 2018 and from PF Consultant it was intimated that it takes 10 days to get the Provident fund amount after applying online but today is 17th day and am still struggling to get my own funds what is the use of keeping such kind of agencies and after workuing for almost 5 years am getting such treatment from the Company.
    Request you to kindly get my issue resolved as am getting hrassed in getting my own hard earned money after many follow ups am unable to get any response.

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    shivam k Aug 20, 2018
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    Hi everybody I think this is the bank where no one should work here the branch manager of banagalore lavel road Mrs.suchita is the most illitrate branch manager which kotak had recruted.She dont have the manner how to talk to her employees She thinks that she is the CEO of the kotak mahendra bank. I have the will proof that how she reacts to her employees she actually harrees the employes. Kotak should throw Mrs.Suchita branch manager of Bangalore Lavel road out of tha bank. If anyone ask me for the proof than I can give him or her the pr00f of tnhe reality of her behaviour.

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    nashik Oct 21, 2018

    Nelow us the mail sent to Mr Uday Kotak. put on Whistelblower...but as expecred nothing happened...

    Sent Items
    Harrassment & Humiliation @Our Kotak Branches
    "nashik" to you & 2 other(s)
    Tue, 25 Sep 2018 18:07:06

    Respected Uday Sir and Shanti Ma'am,

    We are forwarding this concern to you post forwarding to our HR and on whistleblower, wherrnithing happened so far.
    On the contrary, we got targeted for raising our voice against him.


    Post collecting lots of guts and becoming victims of sever behavior, several times we are
    daring to reveal few unofficial, unprofessional and non tolerable stuffs being implemented
    from our Area Manger who belongs to Nasik Cluster, Mr. Abhijeet Magar.

    Kindly think, analyse the below points which we are hereby raising .
    1. Daily extreme humiliation on the con call irrespective of its RO, RM, BM, BOM
    2. Salaries are discussed with extreme humiliation at large level instead of the
    3. We everyday feel to have been burden on the organization for being discussed about our
    salaries, every now and then.
    4. Con calls on holidays with no timing in advance
    5. Even if you are on leave, then too you are supposed to attend the concall and reply on
    watsapp, no matter wherever you are!
    6. If you are at crematory and your colleague is informing him (Abhijeet) about your absence then
    too you should attend the concall from there.
    7. He clearly tells that “even if all family members die he doesn’t care at all”
    8. Exceptionally arrogant with extreme inhuman being in nature and act
    9. He makes us ashamed of being part of Kotak Group by discussing our salaries in each
    and every con call, I repeat each and every con call
    10. Bias with his favorites, no matter how they perform...(e.g. Sarang Saraf, BM of Kuthwad Nagar, look @ his performance for this FY)
    11. We should gift Foreign Scotch to Asset RM to get our Asset cases thru, else we are bad and
    disgusting persons/supervisor/employee
    12. I you are ill and cant move even from the bed, kind of bed ridden, then too you
    should attend the con call and revert on his wats app msgs.
    13. If you put up your personal posts on your own FB wall, if he sees it then you should remove
    it immediately.
    14. He discusses on colors, patterns, poses etc of our posts, being put on by us on social
    networking sites, in an open con call.
    15. If you send in him friend request, then you are unable to do be his friend, coz you
    don’t deserve to be a friends of an Area Manager.
    16. Previously we tried to give feedback to the HR, who visited the Nasik cluster, but all
    went down the drain, as he came to know about it and started behaving more dangerously with
    respective complainants.
    17. He simply says, nothing can happen to him as he has very good rapport with the HR and
    his bosses and super bosses
    18. He can eat, can belch, can ask us to repeat, can drive... on the con call but if we do either of it...
    then we are vulgar and don’t deserve to be in his team.
    19. We can’t visit your hospitalized near and dear ones until and unless they die, to
    waste the leave.
    20. We should contribute on his birthday else we are not in his good books.
    21. No one from the market gets ready to join on any role due to his extreme fear and
    22. He portrays bad picture of us in front of his bosses in order to piss us off, if we
    cross him on any invalid point.

    Sir, still so many things and points are untold. We expect strictest strict action against
    this moron for being so unproffessional and inhuman towards all the employees except his favorite ones.
    We fear if no stern actions is taken NOW, then someone shall surely commit suicide or so.
    Moreover; this should not be leaked on social media where we have recordings of his all calls
    or so,
    Hope you will act and will keep it with you only.
    The ball is in your court. Whatever we could convey you, we have done so. Rest lies with you!
    Expecting no revert but a stern and urgent action.
    Thanking you,

    Yours Obedient,
    Kotak Bank Employees

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    manoj kumar bhuyan Dec 16, 2018

    The worst place to work in India with Kotak Mahindra Bank. It seems a proprietorship firm without any hr policies and process.Hr Dept are busy for nothing.Staffs are being humiliated, harassed and treated like dogs. Branch Mangers are sitting like this please find the picture. It has been inform to group head HR and ceo Uday Kotak also.Nothing is happened. Here employees are maintaining buttering cultured. People recognize by buttering not for their work.Promotion also given basis on it.


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  • Su
    Sushmita Das Jul 08, 2019
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    The life in Kotak bank is worst, the work culture is very bad. The managers use Abusive language to the girls, and if we go and try complain he say one thing that he will issue memo against us. The manager name is Subhasis majumdar. Kotak bank jakkasandra bank. Bangalore. I dont think any managers are here to talk to girls like this. He says word like this, i wont let you live, i will make you die, you will see me as nightmare . Always uses words like this that you are dog, animal etc etc. I am frustrated but the manager shouldnt be like this.

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