Kmart Storesonline order #[protected]/wrong items shipped/return process now a mess

R Aug 01, 2018

On July 10, 2018, I paid $64.67 for the following items:
* Qty: 1 ITEM # [protected]/ Texas Steer Men's Maximus Steel-Toe Work Boot
Size: 9.5 Unit Price: $29.99 x1

* Qty: 2 ITEM # [protected]/ Wrangler Men's Cargo Shorts, Black
Size: 34 Unit Price: $14.99 x2
On July 13, 2018, I received a package that included an invoice with the correct order as shown above listed on that invoice, but the items listed on the invoice are not the items that were in the package. Please note the following listed items that I received from you in the package, as they were nowhere listed on the invoice, and none of the items listed on the invoice were in the package. The items I received were as follows:
*Qty: 1 ITEM # [protected]/ Men's Giftable Short-Sleeved TShirt & Shorts Set

*Qty: 1 ITEM # [protected]/ Men's Giftable Short-Sleeved TShirt & Shorts Set

***** I did not order the two items, and three times I have spoken to customer service. All three times they have suggested I am returning the 2 cargo shorts and the boots I ordered...I never received them. They have acknowledged receipt of 2 pair of shorts and boots because that is what is listed on all 3 return slips. I explained what was wrong in writing on this invice also and still... done wrong. All I want is the boots and 2 pair of cargo shorts I ordered but they keep forcing a refund for only half of what I paid... $32.34. I assume this is the cost of the two pair of tshirt/short sets, I dont know but...could SOMEONE please help me get this fixed? Thank you. Rhonda M Campana [protected]

  • Updated by Rhonda Campana Guajardo · Aug 01, 2018

    07/10/2018-Paid online for: ONE pair boots, ITEM# [protected] -black, size 9.5($29.99) AND...TWO pair mens Wrangler Cargo Shorts, ITEM# [protected] black, size 34 ($14.99 ea.). TOTAL PAID $64.67. Received 2 pair mens pj short sets instead. I returned them. Only refunded $32.34...cost of pj's. Wanted my items. Order #[protected]. HELP!

  • Updated by Rhonda Campana Guajardo · Aug 06, 2018

    there isnt a local store so I sent back to them the items they sent me. They acknowledged receipt of them returned items but didnt properly refund the money for what i paid for

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