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A Jul 04, 2018 Review updated:

I place an online order for same day pickup. I check my email conformation & it shows it did not take my points off. So i call Kmart & talk to the assistant manager & she would not listen to what I was explaining to her. I specifically said I placed an order online for same day pick up & my points were not added to the total amount do. She said online orders are different & they have nothing to do with the payment issues & online orders are shipped to us. I then said well nothing is being shipped to you since it's same day order !! She put me on hold about 3 times. She tells me she has nothing to do with payment issues or points. I then proceed to tell her that I was paying in store so she would be dealing with the payment. She gave me a number to call & when I asked for her name again she kind of changed her attitude. I always shop at Kmart but DEBBIE definitely changed that for me !!


  • Cj
    Cjay22 Jul 05, 2018

    Did you ever get you issues resolved or did you speak to anyone concerning this situation?

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  • Ro
    Rod TJ Jul 05, 2018

    Her name is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

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  • Yu
    Yupppp Jul 23, 2018

    You purchased it ONLINE and you're mad the store couldn't change any of the payment information? She tried telling you, as you listed twice, that she doesn't have anything to do with that and you still were mad? You should have listened the first time and followed her instructions instead of getting mad at her. It's not like the angrier you get the wider her abilities extend.

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