Kiwi.comryanair flight cancelled

G Aug 01, 2018

Do not book with this Company!!!

One of my flights was cancelled due to strike. I had two flights to take from Palermo to arrive in Brussels. Turns out the flight Rome-Brussels was cancelled and they offered me another flight that was less convenient, so I called them to try to arrange a better option.
First time calling kiwi, they say i need to call Ryanair directly. I call ryanair and they need the information used during booking, which we do not have in hands when booking with this company. call kiwi again, they cannot disclose that information. call ryanair, and the guy tells me this is BS, all other airline online agencies disclose this to their clients. call kiwi again, no chance - i need to solve my problem with ryanair, with information they cannot disclose. After screaming on the phone, I asked for my refund online for the cancelled flight, and hope to get the money back as they say in 30 days. But after seeing your reviews here, my hopes are not high anymore :-)

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