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Complaints & Reviews

Scam and cheating

First, I would just like to say that I feel bad for anyone who has wasted there time and really thought that...

Broken product and no one will resolve the issue

The company is not associated with the BBB, which is one thing I should have researched before buying their piece of garbage vacuum cleaner.
The vacuum is tearing up my carpet, and not picking anything up. I have tried contacting the owner for 3 weeks with no responce.
I have contacted the courts to sue them, because they DO NOT care about the consumer. All they care about is pushing sales on this HORRIBLE piece of equipment that they call a vacuum cleaner.

  • Ja
    jaxswife Feb 29, 2012

    Syatt of jacksonville is one of the best companys i know. they have helped everyone that they have ever sold a kirby too. so you might just need to contact them again. I know that they answer the phone and get products out to thier customers all the time.

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  • Mu
    musicprincess042 May 15, 2012

    lady your dumb

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Awful experience

Icor Engineering, a.K.a 'Kirby' vacuum sweepers recruits under false promises, lies by omission...


The first thing we did wrong was to allow them to come in our house. The head man came in and then acted like...

Scam and cheating

I met the saleswoman in my parking lot and she offered me a promotional free cleaning of any room in my home...

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Rip off

I am so flustered on how retared the Kirby company is being. We came accross an ad for a free carpet cleaning...


I was suckered into the job just like everyone else. Promises of big money to be made, trips to win, and fast...

Not a complaint

I bought a Kirby Vac just over 7 years ago.It is fantastic I am really pleased with the product and so far the service, it's been really very good. I bought mine from a friend who worked at the company in Newtownabbey she doesn't work there anymore (long hours) but say she had a good time saying that when she was there (younger and single) that it was work hard play hard.

She said she was treated good and didn't see any scams. The person who posted the complaint really sounds like someone with a grudge. You cant please everyone all of the time. I think you shouldn't name people unless you can validate what your saying about them THIS IS WRONG.

Any how I've been really happy with the kirby and the service.

  • Jo
    Jon Mather Nov 15, 2008

    Maybe you should look at the hundreds of other people that have been screwed over and really ask yourself if you think they all have a grudge against kirby. So far 1 person says they had fun, 1000+ said it was a sham... some pretty convincing evidence.

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  • Nb
    nb5906 Oct 24, 2009

    I do not have anything against Kirby products, just their tactics. I received a notice on my door when I came home form work one day. The notice said, "For You a Beutiful Basket of Fruit, Sorry We Missed You. For your delivery of your fruit, please call 858-565-6312." I decided not to call and search online for this. Sure enough, my local paper did a story on this just a year ago. Very deceiving if you ask me. If you want to sell someting just ask me straight up. I don't get offended just for asking. But, ask once and if I say no, then I mean no. They should consider lowering their prices on their products and put it in a store front. It works for other vacumm cleaners.

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  • Nb
    [email protected] Jun 28, 2012

    Nick Is Funny!

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  • Nb
    [email protected] Jun 28, 2012


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  • Nb
    [email protected] Jun 28, 2012


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  • Nb
    [email protected] Jun 28, 2012

    SEEKING GAY MEN 619 415 9074

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Scam and abuse!

I was recently bombarded by a couple of Kirby sales people. They asked me if I wanted a room in my home to be...

Kirby sales tactics solution

Okay, I have read many experiences of the Kirby sales tactics and here are my solutions 1. If you want one...

Company charges unbelieveable interest!

I have owned my unit for four years. We are very unhappy with our unit and with the company's customer service policy! Our unit hasn't performed as it was demonstrated to us. We were convinced through the salesman's pitch that it was a deal not to be refused. After four years of payments ranging from $42.00 to $52.00, the principle has remained at or around $1699.00. After four years the principle has not decreased by any noticeable amount! When we further investigated the issue, we were appalled at the 29% interest rate, obviously we did not agree to. All our attempts to remedy the situation have fell short. We are seeking some form of legal action! This isn't the type of obligation any person would responsibly accept. My wife and I can only define this situation as a credit scam! We would gladly return the unit if there was an agent in our area!

  • Pa
    Paralee Sep 05, 2018

    I bought my Kirby about a month ago. I hate it. This is my third Kirby. My old Kirby does a better job. First the electric cord will not stay in the holder, it's harder to push, I know how to use the little buttom D&N. I don't put it to close to the carpet or too far. REMEMBER this my third one. It's alot heavier then the old one. Now when I vacume, it is too hard to manver around the furniture. What have you done to it? I want to cancel my contract. I don't want it.
    sooo now what should I do? So you know, my sales man was very nice and really wonderful with the infro. Do I call him? Thanks

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Deceptive business practices

Everything about Kirby that is said about consumers is true... but not only that it is WORSE. I just got back from over seas and wanted a quick easy job. i saw an ad reading 'customer service reps needed' i thought i would make a good temporary ordeal. Well i got the job the same day. When i went in for the orientation i looked around and it seemed as though someone scrapped the bottom of the society barrel. they told us nothing of the job... just about making money. They actually said that they did not care who we were that anyone who applies for the job, gets the job! Kirby is sending ANYONE to doors to represent that stupid vacuum! Finally the next day they bring out a KIRBY! They informed us that we were going to SET appointments and that people knew we were coming. Was I ever wrong! after 4 days of learning about this stupid vacuum so that we could 'help' people, we were given a script on what to say at these peoples homes and i realized it was a sales pitch. I was naive though because i thought that clients were expecting us. then before we went out, i was informed that if i told a customer about the 3 day refund... i would be fined $50 by the company!

I was on my way to what i thought was my first 'appointment' and i was dropped off in a neighborhood to knock on doors. I was HORRIFIED!! I never wanted to be that person. when they saw i was just walking down the street, one of the Kirby guys dragged me to a house and started PESTERING someone to let me clean their carpet! i did not sign up for that! not only that but he would not leave the people alone after they politly turned down the offer. after that day i had quit. then i was told that if i did not want to do that i could do another job... i was tricked again... needless to say and i quit for the second time.

I had walked in the hot sun and was roaming streets for 12 hours! I did not receive one penny for showing up... nothing. I will be honest (unlike Kirby) i did not sell one vacuum to a poor unexpecting victim. Only 1 person from the 30 people orientation was still employed there when i quit... so that doesn't say much for Kirby employees. I know that i will get bad feedback from the Kirby door to door vampires but you made the decision to stay in a 'profession'. I understand the need to make a living but the tactics that i saw taught by kirby were absolutely disgusting. I have one thing to say... if a kirby salesman ever comes and thinks they can stick their foot in MY door, and refuses to leave MY property... they will have a BIG surprise waiting on the other end.

  • Ki
    Kirby Killer Jul 22, 2009


    [email protected]


    They do not tell you about their return policy and when I called within 2 days, the number provided DID NOT WORK! When I finally got a hold of someone they were extremely rude and unforgiving. If that is not pulling a fast one on someone I don't know what is. I want to make their lives a living hell!

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  • Bi
    bimmerboi99 Nov 15, 2010

    hey ihatekirby, I really need to talk to you seriously. My daughter just got a job with them and I am very concerned. Please email me at [email protected] I got some questions for you.


    Concerned dad

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