King Sooperscustomer service counter 7/25/19 approximately 7:15am.

J Jul 25, 2019 Review updated:

I went to this King Soopers this morning to buy some groceries for a company meeting. After I purchased the groceries, I needed to purchase 31 25.00 gift cards. I went to the customer service counter and the clerk asked me how I was paying for the cards. I told her a credit card and she immediately told me I couldn't buy gift cards anymore with credit cards. Too many scams she said. I thought that was odd because just two short months ago, I purchase 1000.00 in gift cards from the same store using the same company credit card.

I had also ordered a fruit tray from the King Soopers at Youngfield and 32nd avenue in Wheat Ridge. I stopped there to get the fruit tray and ice, and asked their customer service counter about the new rule. They were shocked and told me there was no such rule. I then purchased 775.00 in gift cards using my company credit card. I would like to speak to the manager of the KS on Belleview and Kipling as well as the GM for the region. Do you allow your employees to pass judgment on your customers, in effect, sizing people up to make the determination that I am obviously a thief who could not possibly be able to afford 775.00 in gift cards? I am shocked and disappointed with the clerks behavior. She pretty much called me a thief and I would like to speak to someone about how I was treated.
Janice Beecher [protected]
Thank you


  •   Jul 25, 2019

    That store obviously has had issues with stolen credit cards. You weren’t considered a thief and all customers would be turned down.

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  •   Jul 26, 2019

    Actually there is a scan... After casing you and your house some ahole calls you pretending to be the sheriff in your local police station and says there's a warrant out for your arrest on something... They even call from a phone scrambler or something that gives the police station number over the location ID... The instructions to waylay this arrest is to get five thousand dollars in gift cards at Winn Dixie.

    I kid you not. Did not happen to me but a dinner guest if ours has this happen to his wife while he was at dinner at our house. Crazy story but true.

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  •   Nov 29, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! I’ve gotten a few voicemails and emails with this scam.

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  •   Jul 26, 2019

    You got what you needed so chill.

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  • M
      Nov 29, 2019

    Customers complain too much. A bunch of arrogant self entitled aholes... Sit behind a desk from 9 to 5 while we bust our butts to serve and deal with these [censored]s. Too bad we are not allowed to kick them put when they start whining.

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  •   Nov 30, 2019

    @Madeline1969 This is a very arrogant and ignorant post. You don't like busting your ass at your job, get another one.

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