KIA Motors Corporationkia sportage gt 2017 engine 782414, chassis 179394

To whom it concerns,
Can you believe that from April 23, 2019 till now I cant use my kia sportage gt model 2017 because your agent did not get the spare part - clutch-
More than five months to get a spare part!!
It is the worst service I had from kia, and the worst reputation ever for kia.
I can't move the car because it is not responding normally, who is going to pay for the car I rented for the last 3 months?
I called many times Eng. Mohamed mostafa the maintenance manager in the main agency in Abo Rawash, first he gave me a lot of excuses and promises and apologies and after he is not answering my calls, really it is a big shame.
Now, I don't have other solutions but making a complaint in newspapers and the consumer protection agency in Egypt.
M. Mansy

Oct 11, 2019

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