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J Sep 12, 2018

Last year 2017 in June I had an unknown account linked my Absa rewards and my rewards were being withdrawn by this unknown person. I logged a call with Absa rewards on the 13 July and spoke to Lerato Monyoko who logged a query no 73064 and nothing was done.
I phoned again on the 18 August and spoke to Rene ABRS120 who told me they escalated matter to Zelda Joubert (Head). Nothing was done still. No investigation was conducted to find out how and who linked this account to my rewards account as the perpetrator continued to withdraw my rewards. I was further advised that my tier was incorrect since 20 June 2016, but the bank refused to recalculate and refund me from since June 2016 instead they paid me +|_ R 300 to get rid of my complaint. I further spoke with Penelope under Ref 75660 who updated the query and promised to recalculate since 2016 until July 2017.
They confirmed that the perpetrator has been delinked from my rewards account.

In August 2018 the same account started withdrawing from my rewards again and todate no one can tell me who linked this account to my rewards account because even after I delinked my internet the perpetrator was till withdrawing and tempering with my account and to date Absa Rewards has not been able to give me answers or refund me for this. I suspect that this is internal Fraud because even the fraud department could not assist me. A case is till pending open and no one can tell who keeps linking this account to my rewards account in the bank. It's scary as this means the Bank does not keep audit trails of staff members who are tempering with clients accounts.

The rewards system cannot be trusted and it's worrysome that the query doesn't have a status update as who is investigating this matter and more over the Head of the department couldn't care if it's resolved or not. I have called this department a numerous time with responses that says Mam we have escalated to the head office and their investing but no one follows up unless I call.

Absa security system cannot be trusted this is obvious it's someone internal who keeps linking this account so they can make money

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    On the 13 July 2017, I logged a query no 73064 with Lerato and Monyokolo at Absa rewards complaining that someone is withdrawing my rewards they escalated to Brendan who did nothing about it. I further logged a query on the 18 August concerning the same matter requesting for refunds and I was advised that someone changed my profile on the 20 June by Rene (AbRS120) who escalated mater to the head of department ZeldaJoubert who did nothing about the complaint.
    I requested for a refund and for my tier to be Amended but I was refunded only R300 but Penelope did a manual calculation so that I can be reimbursed at the correct rate but it was never done I followed up with email to Zelda and her team but nothing

    In August 2018 the same thing occurred again and no one todate has investigated the reason for the same perpetrator to be linked to my rewards account. No one can tell me who linked this account. Even after I delinked my internet banking and my cell phone banking the perpetrator was still withdrawing
    I suspect internal fraud as the same account keep being linked to my account. I want to refunded for all the monies I lost in 2016 due to negligence and further for all the 2018 withdrawals.

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