KenmoreKenmore Elite Built-in oven not working right

I purchased a $1400 Kenmore Elite Built-in electric oven about 3 years ago from the Sears store in Tifton which has since closed. Before the warranty was out it started smelling like wires burning every time I turned it on so I called Sears repair. There was a burned wire in the part he took out. Approximately 2 months later it started smelling again but since the warranty was out and I knew the repair would be around $300.00 I just purchased the largest toaster oven I could find and quit using the oven except occasionally when I have a pan too large to fit in my toaster oven. Yesterday, I tried to cook a large chicken pie in it, I set the control on 400, it took exactly 33 minutes for it to preheat and after baking an hour the top still wasn't brown and it was dried out. I think there should be a recall on this oven. I don't have another $1400.00 to replace it.

Oct 09, 2019

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