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H Aug 05, 2018

I'm not sure if there is someone I can reach out to about a poor handling of business with your company in State College PA? I left a review on Facebook that wouldn't hold so I commented under it but basically - I will give a shortened version as I can't see my review. I apologize if this is redundant and the review eventually shows up. Bottom line: I booked an apartment at a great price for a PSU game weekend in January. One month later they canceled it by email. I did not see this and actually, shows that the reservation IS still in fact booked. Everyone who has booked a game weekend place to stay knows very well they need to be booked way in advance. (10 months in advance was even pushing it and this was maybe one of two places available for this weekend; 9 months in advance you may as well forget about finding a place reasonably priced.) James Bradley openly admitted that he canceled my apartment because he wanted to get more money. I received this response this morning from him by email. "Listen Beth, it's a business. That's why I voted for Trump. Psu weekends are how we pay the expenses. I let you know 9 MONTHS BEFORE BOOKING DATES. If you had read message you'd have had plenty of time to book something else. Thanks and good luck" This is terrible customer service that shows they really don't have the best interest for their customers. It's a shame to see this and it's even a bigger shame I have no place to stay with my family. Shame on you guys and that greed has gotten the best of you at a customer's expense.

  • Updated by Hahnebach · Aug 05, 2018

    As stated in my previous post, I am hoping someone higher up in this company can help me with the place to stay. I never agreed and clicked on the cancel request and technically is stating I still have the reservation. I would be slightly more understanding if something had came up with the owners etc butnit wasn't the case. James Bradley flat out told me he was kicking us or to rebook with someone else to get more money. (& not for nothing because truly I am sure no one cares about this but... this was my son's birthday gift — a weekend at Penn State to see the game.

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