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Resolved misleading

I am enrolled at Kaplan University in August of 2010, this was probably one of the biggest mistakes i have ever made! Academically it has met all of my expectations, but When it comes to Finacial Aid, well thats another story. I applied for finacial Aid and to my suprise i qualified but not enough to pay my whole tuition. Well i ended up taking out to loans and I have a remainder left from those loans each term. once i was enrolled i turned in a education expense loan form and was told it would be processed in no more than 72 hours well 2 months went by and i had heard nothting so i called and found out my application had not yet be processed. Well i took it as a oops we missed one and thought nothing of it and teh following day recieved an email stateing the expence check amounts for each term than i recieved a email stating that my check was mailed out on 11-16-10 and that i should expect it in the email normally. patiently i have have waited and still i have yet to receive the check i have been told taht nothing can be done for 30days well guess what my 2nd term check was mailed out on 11-30-10 and you guessed it i have yet to recieve this one as well. As I am writing this complaint i have been on hold for exactly 1 hour and 27min and still have not gotten thourgh to any one. I have left message for the supervisors and sent emails to any one i could think of and still no response from ANYONE!! I am not goign to say dont attend Kaplan Univeristy becuase the educational part its self is AWESOME i just advise you not to trust or depend on the finacial Aid department on anything they have lost documents not turn things in and now i have not recieved my education expense when in reality this is my money i am the one that is goignt o have to pay it back why do they have a say in when i will be able to track it!!!

signed a pissed student!!!

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    eeyore21 Jan 04, 2011

    The edu part is bad to, cause the credit are not right with other school with the same programs, What u would need here for Ba degree, u can get at other school in ### degree and that is not right to charge students for something that the can get in less time and less money. Also some of the teachers are not that great at their jobs.

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    Just want to move on Jan 06, 2011

    Hello All, like so many others Kaplan's Universities FA department experience has been a complete frustrating one to say the least. I finished my last class 10-26-10 and have been in dispute with the FA dept since 11-2-10 in trying to get funds owed to me from there Acclerated Scholarship fund that I earned in my 1003B term. However, whenever I call to follow up I am told a variety of misleading or false information such as "a ticket hasn't been posted in order for the funds to get applied to your account". I have spoken with supervisors of the FA dept who have failed to follow through on their commitments of making sure the issue gets resolved. After consulting with two local attorney's I find out that a lot of Kaplan's practices in their FA and Student accounts departments are very illegal. A school is to notify you BEFORE a completion of a term on how much the student owes out of pocket expense. Several terms I was notified after completing a term that I owed money that was not covered by my loans and was locked out of the next term until I paid the full balance. Well that only allows a student 2 weeks to come up with whatever the amount is prior to the next term (as if an adult student doesn't have enough going on in their lives to add the additional last minute stress). Honestly I could write a book on the discrepancies I have been told by admissions, academics, student accounts, and the FA department at Kaplan University. I am currently unable to apply for a job or my masters because I can not get my transcripts or degree.

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Resolved advisors

I have been going to Kaplan Univerity for a while know and they have added another $864 extra to my college charges. They cant figure out where these charges come from and I had an internal audit done on my account and the next thing I seen was an email kicking me out of school with a 2.9 average. I was placed on academic probation. What a way to screw people over.

  • Ru
    RushLimbaughFan Dec 11, 2010

    Maybe you are one of the few people who ends up learning something useful from college: they are coorporations.

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Resolved money scam

I got screwed over! How come kaplan can charge me for 15 credit hours when in fact I attend less then I would have using a non-accelerated university. A full time student at kaplan attends three classes per week, they are each four hours long and you attend for 10 weeks. When you attend a college at Dmacc you have four class per week, each is three hours long, you attend for a semester so you spend more time in class. Do the math, Kaplan is a BOLESHIT University. Dmacc Charges 12 credit hours to you at about $110 per credit hours. Total estimated cost for a semester at DMACC: $1, 320
Kaplan Charges you for 15 credit hours at 389 per credit hours
Estamated cost for ten week term at Kaplan: $5, 835
WHAT THE HELL HUH? Kaplan is there for money. plain and simple! They are taking advantage of sudents and taking from the Department of Education. A waste of tax money. and a waste of effort for those who must pay back outragous students loans. $20, 000 for an associates degree, yep thats worth what you gonna be making in the end. Not Really! good luck paying it back. Please do not spend that much money on an associates degree it is not worth it!

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    Yeeaah OK Jan 26, 2011
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    Verified customer

    You cannot compare a community college to a private institution. No ### Sherlock there is a price difference.

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Resolved financial aid and business office call center representatives

After overpaying for a session 6 months ago, I assumed my money would be available for me to use for a new session. When more promissory notes that didn't make sense started coming my way and the billing screens online started making less and less sense, I contacted student accounts and spoke with James with no last name. James saw that my account was incorrect but couldn't correct it. He couldn't give me to anyone who could. When I asked for his supervisor, he told me they would have to call me in up to 72 hours. The next day, Cecilia called me. She was no more useful than James but she's the supervisor. There is a man behind the curtain called the "business office" who now holds my money but they can't be called. They just process everything. They don't take calls according to Cecilia. This student accounts group as well as the supposed education counselors are a pure call center with no skills or ability to help and won't let you talk to anyone who can help. I would warn everyone that Kaplan University is nothing but a business, you will be educating yourself online and paying them obnoxious amounts of money to do so. They manage the process of education poorly and their business practices are shady at best.

Resolved not providing job placement assistance

I am VERY disappointed with the career services department at Kaplan College Vista Campus. I started working...

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Resolved lack of good education

This school claims that 90% of their students are in their career field within 6 months of graduation. Truth is 90% or more students are not in their chosen career field after spending thousands of dollars and hours of time at this school. The education stinks-you barely learn anything and most instructors will give you an A for a grade if you do your homework and come to class. If this school contacts you-run the other direction! This school guarantees job placement assistance but if you try to utilize it-you're given a run-a-round dance before someone tries to help you. They also do not give you accurate information about the current job markets for the career fields they offer-I did cybercrime but was not told until 6 months after graduation that the only way to get into that field is to be a police officer or in some form of law enforcement-I'm disabled so how can I pass their physicals and do their training programs? If I was told this-I would have chosen another field. Plus-all the jobs require the candidate to have various certificates which the school withholds. Then I find out that because I went there-most companies are over looking my resume because of the poor standing this school has in the professional world.

  • Sh
    shaw202529 Aug 10, 2011

    they DO discriminate against students with disabilities, and when you try to wage a complaint to forge an amicable resolution thats lawful, they manipulate the law to their advantage. the harrisburg pa campus is a joke. they demean students, and provoke those students with mental health disabilities. a teacher told my daughter she couldnt tend to her acute onset diabetic issue in class. and chastised her for it. when i directed this to the president of kaplan, (the director is sherry rosenberg) she became vile and hostile when i asked to speak to here in private - (unreasonable? all personal and medical are protected under privacy laws) and assaulted me this afternoon (simple assault by definition) by slapping a business card to my body. i have NEVER seen such a pathetic circus du jour in my life.

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Resolved discrination

I am a full-time student at Kaplan University and I have just began to work on my Bacehelors Degree in Criminal Justice. I am a A-B student.I have not worked in 20 years due to being severely Bipolar etc.. I worked really hard to get better, I did what the doctor told me to, took my meds as perscribed, attended counseling for a few years, never missed a session. I took a huge leap and decided to return to school and return to work. I wanted to have a life and take care of myself and my mother. I never denied any of it, in a manner of speaking I felt proud of myself, it has been a very long time since I felt that good.

The school is making every attempt to push me out. They are messing around with my financial aid and denying me money from one of my loans that is rightfully mine. I need that money in order to survive. I have scratched my way through my first two years and that money was a god send and they are denying me the money and have come up with everything in the book not to give me that money. I have been checking everywhere possible looking for that loans and it is like it vanished. The only way I can prove it, the money is on my fasfa and they can not make that go away. I am so discouraged with this they keep lieing to me after they know I verified the information. I feel like I lost everything. Iam 46 years old I took a huge chance and I feel like I had it taken away from me. That extra money would of went for school supplies, paid my gas bill, water bill etc... I am now looking at shut off notices. My last option is to find an attorney and start pusing back. It just really bothers me to work this hard and to loose it all for something I have no control over.

  • Bb
    BB2010 Oct 03, 2010

    this doesn't sound like discrimination of any kind- just a bad situation. im not mentally ill and ive fought about student loans with various student loan companies for years.

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fraud, deception, coercion

The following has been pasted on my Facebook Notes, and myspace blogs.¬es_tab=app_2347471856#!/note.php?note_id=145049068870499
It is also on myspace, and you can find me there by searching Bobby Seay with the same avatar pic, me standing next to Rodin's The Shade sculpture at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta where I am from. This is a true story with snail and email evidence in plenty to back it up and witnesses also. I need a lawyer or to hook up with a class action suit against Kaplan U. for fraud, deception and coercion.

This is the way this entire debacle went down:

Grand Canyon U. was/is a good school, but right wing evangelicals and a class in Old Testament history got on my nerves, so I decided to call Kaplan U. I was still in my Old Testament history class at the time.

I spoke with a Sr. Academic adivisor at Kaplan. I told him that before I withdrew from GCU I had to make sure I had the same loans to pay for school with Pell Grant money left over or I could not do this. I explained my lack of a job, my lack of sales with my leather work and told him where to view my art gallerys on I explained how bad the job situation in Dalton was, and told him about my resume and refs and tie and shirt and still could not get a job. I told him I thought Kaplan had a better program.

I was assured that they did, and that my transfer would be no problem.

Things got delayed as transfering from GCU took time.

I finally start classes at Kaplan. I had received an award for 9500 in Fed loans and a 5, 500 Pell Grant. I figured 6, 000 or more would still be available. I was in my third class, second quarter at GCU. Over one-third of that money should be available, and no one told me different.

After a few days of a Communications class, I talked to a financial aide advisor who sent me a financial aide plan to sign. It showed that I only had enough Fed money so that I ended up owing Kaplan $50 for the quarter. I was assured that there was more aide available. I asked why I was not receiving my max loans and Pell grant money, as this was half what I figured I should have left. I got no reply, really. To make it clear, two classes at Kaplan were costing me about 3300, more than GCU but with books included. I should have had around 1200 or more left over in a stipend check. So I thought.

I still do not understand why when you transfer from one school to another the loans are "overlapping", and what happened to the other half of my FEd money I was eligible for?

Kaplan U. offered me a Promissory Note to sign, faxed it to me. It was a zero per cent loan for 1800 dollars or so payable in monthly payments of 350 plus dollars over six months. Miss one payment you get kicked out of school and they keep all your Fed money. I thought about taking it and trying to start some leather/art business with it. REfused it, though, as too risky, and asked over and over and over why I was not getting max FED LOANS and Pell Grant?

I was told by my financial aide officer via email, and I have over a dozen long threads between me and Kaplan saved, that since I was taking 16 credits this term and 10 credits next term there was no more fed money available and I would have to seek alternative (private)

lenders. This got me very confused as I was only taking ten credits, and there were no alternative lenders for me being jobless. Also this person who sent me the mail saying this said he had talked to my father, that I was not available. DAd died in '97.

I continued to ask about max fed loans and why I was not getting what I was eligible for while Kaplan kept sending me monthly bills for 350 dollars or so for the Prommissory Note loan money I never signed for and NEVER HAVE received.

Finally, three weeks or so into class, I am sent a copy of the Promissory Note again, told to print, sign it, fax it back or be blocked from classes. Amy Dinsmore on my Facebook friend's list printed it, I signed it, and she faxed it.

The next day, having thought about this entire thing, I took the copy of the note to David Blackburn, an attorney here in Dalton. He allowed me to pull up the mail threatening to block me from classes if I did not sign this note on his office computer. It looks like coercion to me is what he said, and suggested I go to Legal Aide. I have by now, and they do not take cases like this they say.

I emailed Kaplan later the day after the Note got faxed to them, and demanded they withdraw me from classes, keep not one penny of my Federal money and leave me owing them nothing or face consequences. I demanded they cancel that Note, send me none of the money, which they never have, and withdraw me from classes immediately.

INstead they are trying to bill me for one-third of one class 1675. I still do not have a clear idea of why I was not eligible for max loans, what overlapping loans means, or any of it. One-third of one class is not 1600. They also kept 200 of my Fed money, but canceled and returned the rest.

Kaplan called Greater Works ministry one day while I was there and Jeff Puckett was still running the day shelter. They called Greater Works phone. The only way they knew I was there is because I commented so on myspace and they are/do read it and this I am sure of.

I need a lawyer and will get one as I can. I am going to sue them for not telling me about overlapping loans, that once you are enrolled in a school you are so for a year or three quarters, and all the rest including coercion. YOu cannot threaten someone with blocking them from class if they do not sign and agree to a loan they have no way of repaying. I suppose they thought the homeless bum would take the 1800 and run, leaving them with all my Fed money. NO, not this homeless crazy street character, and I have character, indeed, which is one reason I am so well disliked by so many


Briefly put.

When Sachs-Goldman testified before Congress about all the people they had ruined and scammed they had no apologies, but simply said empathy had no place in business. Neither does honesty and ethics, not with Kaplan, .not with most American corporations. A vote for the radical right this November will mean that such blatant fraud and deception as was done to me and has been done to so many in America by out of control coporates will simply continue.

Regulatory agencys to protect consumers, even under Obama and the dems, are weak and almost powerless, and the right wing has made them so for years now. Kaplan knows well there is almost nothing I can do about any of this. Every email between me and them was forwarded, long threads, to the FSA, FAFSA, and FED Direct loans and some were to the Justice Dept. No one has said one thing back to me about any of it.

The question may be asked, what was their point to any of this? They will never collect a penny from me, for if and when I get a job and could be paying them, I will be hiring a lawyer and suing the hell out of them instead. What is the point of harassing a homeless crazy street character and scamming him so? Am I to pay them in food stamps as I asked them?

The answer is there is no point. NO point to any of it other than insane greed and lack of honesty and ethics to a point that it is absolutely destroying AMerica, the world, and the wicked doing so in the name of "caveat emptor" or any other excuse are absolutely committing suicide for themselves as well. Not just their children but themselves unless they are very much older, say in their late 60s or more. When the crops fail and the fresh water gets critically short, by the end of this decade as things begin to get grim, indeed, what good is 900, 000 dollars of worthless paper you cannot eat or drink going to do anyone. That, as Huffington Post reports today, is what some of the whining Wall Streeters make an hour as they accuse Obama of being a Nazi for trying to put regulations back in place on them to protect consumers, the country, and the world from thier insane greed.

The Huffington Post article I posted is great. The statistics and facts not arguable, as are many statistics and facts by now not arguable, that never were anyway. From global warming to pot laws, to gay rights and many other issues we have been, as a society, stupid beyond belief to the point of blind insanity for a long, long time. We will pay, are paying, and this is just the beginning of the dire consequences, this first, hottest year in history of the decade of disaster.

  • Lo
    lovelyma Jun 10, 2009

    I just enrolled with Kaplan University, the day before i was suppose to be starting my classes for a degree as an assoicate for midical assisstant, my account was disabled in i got a e-mail saying that my file is incomplete, that i could contact them right away, well i tried calling and e-mailing them but i never heard nothing back, and i have already recived my text book, taken out two loans that equal about 10 thousand plus my intrest rate i have to pay back, i just advise anyone who is thinking about this college to check into it a little bit more, because thanks to them im going to be in debit .

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I'm writing this email as a disappointed and dissatisfied student of Kaplan University. They are holding...

poor service, lies and questionable financial aid practices

I have attended Kaplan for almost two years. The first term went great, I guess because I was a new student. After the first term however, things began to go down hill. To this date I have never been able to actually speak with 'my' Financial Aid advisor, instead I have to wait on hold for close to an hour (52 minutes 13 seconds the last time I called) just to speak with a drone who can't answer any questions, has to send an email to someone else, and who will never follow up with you as they promise they will. It took two and a half months to get an answer about a $1000 charge that I supposedly owe the school. Ironically one of the things taught in most of my classes is inter-departmental communication, but when I asked for a conference call between Financial Aid and Student Accounts I was informed that the two departments 'are not allowed' to talk to each other.

All this school is interested in is collecting money and increasing enrollment. They have no real concerns for the student and once you have enrolled the positive, helpful staff you are promised simply disappears.

Resolved finacial aid dept

I have had many problems dealing with their finacial aid dept. Every time I turn around they say I am missing docments and get blocked out of my classes after sending documents. I am in my 2010 school year and recently was e-mailed that I was missing 2008 tax documents that I had sent . I had been attending and they should have had that already. They replied to me that" they did not know why it did not show in their files and that these things happen". No, it is just bad business and really unprofessional. I recently was locked out during finals for a paper they said they need that they previously never sent or told me I needed. I would not recommend this school or online courses due solely on their incompetant finacial aid department and services. I am really tired of dealing with their department.

  • Sn
    SnellvilleStudent Sep 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree 100%, I have spent 6 weeks doing the very same thing and I am so over it all! I still do NOT know what it is they want and I don't know what to do at this point in time! I'll take advice!

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  • La
    LaJudy Oct 15, 2010
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    Verified customer

    There's a Kaplan support group on Yahoo where people are filling out affidavits against the Kaplan for stuff just like what happened to you. You should check it out.

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  • No
    notsurewhatto think Oct 19, 2010

    my complaint is the first living expense check took only a few weeks and the last two are taking forever. i want to know why this is happening. im going on my third term with kaplan and i really need my living expense check. they keep telling me that its because of the loan company, but im not quit sure what is going on. i am so fustrated with this.

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  • Sn
    SnellvilleStudent Oct 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can go online and check the status of your finances, when and where they were dispersed...

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  • Ma
    mandermom2 Jan 02, 2011

    There is a group on yahoo for former/current students or faculty that have stories or experiences to share. It is: [email protected]
    I am a former student myself as I just withdrew last week because of the tantrics of Kaplan. Please come join us.

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  • Up
    upset student at Kaplan May 03, 2011

    I too have had issues with their financial department missing docs. First let me start by saying that I enrolled because they so much advertised about their portfolio development class and the students being able to use lifetime experience as credits... huge rip off there.
    Now, the real complaint I have is in regards to financial aid not processing my documents, (TWICE), and after I decided to withdraw for Kaplan, I had a huge balance due, since my paper work sat on somebody's desk without being processed.
    Kaplan University needs to have some type of discipline done, or even a class action law suit. It is not ok for them to keep on misleading people this way. My credit is now showing a unpaid loan from Kaplan, and the finacial aid will not do anything about it.

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Resolved financial aid department

I WAS a student at Kaplan University Online for 2 years. EVERY single term was the same thing when it came to getting my stipend and balance paid on my accounts. The collections dept. would call me trying to collect when it was their own mix ups. When I did not get a stipend the entire term when the finally got it figured out (for the moment) they said I did not have moneys coming to me since the term was over. I called EVERYDAY hours on hold and hang-ups (get used to that!) just to be told it will be sent out "soon". (yeah right). This is the rudest and most incompetent group of people I have ever had the misfortune to come in contact with! Thanks for the stomach ulcer Kaplan! IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS SCHOOL DON'T IF YOU DON'T LIKE STRESS OR BEING LIED TO! i CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!
I would be glad to answer your questions. [protected]

ripped off

I too know how it feels to be ripped off by on-line courses. I attended Kaplan university for 3yrs on my way to graduation, however on march 6th 2009 kaplan shut me out from their on-line course. Frantic I tryed calling everyone involved trying to get back in, well finacial aide (where the problem existed) WOULD NOT return my phone calls, emails NOTHING either they were ignoring me or just didnt care i dont know. They continued to collect my finacial aid until I called the bank and had them stop sending money to their collage. With no hope of returning to kaplan I then figured I could attend AIU yet another mistake on my behalf, they too are under investigation for this scam that swindled money from many people tring to get a better education. What ever you do DONT JOIN AN ON-LINE COURSE you are better off going to a campus. At least there you get what you pay for.

  • Cu
    Current student 101 Aug 22, 2010

    While I have very fiew complaints about the education I am receiving from Kaplan University or my academic advisor, I have ONLY complaints about the financial aid department. First, I was assigned an advisor upon enrollment, only to have this recently changed. I was told that no student has a "designated" advisor - any person in the entire financial aid office can handle any issue I might have. The way I found this out was when I began really pushing for the assistance in scholarship search I was promised upon enrollment. Which, by the way, Kaplan DOES NOT offer such assistance; they will only point you (the student) in the direction of internet web searches. To top all of this off, my enrollment advisor instructed me to forward a copy of my unsealed transcript for the courses I completed from another school last year; I was assured that because it was unopened, it would be accepted. Guess what? I found out 6 months later that my transcript most likely found its way to a shredder without ever being opened because the school has a policy not to accept transcripts submitted by students...regardless! Now I have to pay the other school for another transcript to be sent to Kaplan. Honestly, if these are the policies of the school, then why doesn't the enrollment advisor give out this advice rather than empty, meaningless promises? --Current student who is hesitant to give name

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  • Te
    Texasbratt777 Sep 25, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a student at Kaplan University for a year now when I signed up for College I was told that the only out of pocket expense, for a single mom of 3 that is not working and taking care of my mother who is on hospice would only be $70. Financial aid messed up and did not fully cover the tuition. Left a balan...ce of 326.14. Might not sound like a whole lot, but for someone who is not working and only recieving $800 a month in child support when he pays. I managed to pay them $100 and since then have been nothing but harrassed for $226.14. I get phone cal;ls constantly! Not just once a day but several times a day! They don't care if your in class, sleeping because I am on a different time zone or what!!! I have never in my life been harrassed this much in my life before! Seriously I am learning Kaplan or any online school is a joke and no one can even find jobs with their degree.

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  • Ro
    Rodrick Oct 23, 2010

    Many of these for profit schools are currently being investigated by the federal government for federal financial aid fraud and illegal recruitment practices. Congress is currently having hearings on the for profit college industry. As a taxpaying citizen and concerned consumer, I cannot understand how accreditation agencies can support fraud and illegal recruitment practices.

    Kaplan University's accreditation agency is

    I would encourage you to call them with your complaints

    1-888-413-3669 Ext. 5553 or Ext. 6964. You trusted the accreditation agency that provides accreditation for Kaplan and Kaplan is obviously ripping off students and taxpayers and the accreditation agency continues to provide accreditation for Kaplan. The accreditors are not working in the best interest of the students.

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Resolved rip off

I went to check out this school in April 2009. I was working at a job that I didn't like & like so many...

Resolved money I owe due to dropping out

I started school in Sept. 09 deans list every term and always in seminars. April 27th my brother killed himself. I called my A.A. the next day because we had finals due in 6 days. I know way could do it. When I spoke to the lady that answered the phone pretty much told me too bad so sad and that was it. I was so upset and couldn't believe how I was treated.
Finally I got in touch with my A.A. and she was able to get my a week extension.
I was blocked out for a week then fianlly I was able to do my finals.
I decided I would try to do my next term. I went for two weeks and now they are sticking me with a bill for 3000.00! I am so pissed and I can't believe this is how they do business. How in the hell do they keep students treating people like this. I have all my emails I wanted to drop.
The last two weeks I have received anywhere from 3-5 calls A DAY from student services... Unv of Phx is where I will finish my education after this and I am not giving up I will not pay them 3000.00!

Amy Sawyer

  • Js
    jsmith629 Dec 15, 2010

    Deans list every term, huh..? Even with your terrible proofreading skills?

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Resolved financial aid student loans

I wanted to let you know about the difficult, and potentially unethical situation that I have had to endure...

total scam

I spent one, 10 week term (and 5 grand) at Kaplan and it was the biggest waste of time and money ever. I entered already having a bachelors degree but wanting to work in health care. What a stupid mistake that was.

The instructors don't care, many of them aren't even adequately educated. Students spend "class time" yapping on their cell phones, having noisy conversations, sleeping, or talking about themselves. Instructors have absolutely zero classroom control, so the one or two people actually trying to learn get overlooked. Instructors act irritated by those who want to make good grades.

Financial aid lies - don't believe me? Read reviews all over the internet about how people get ripped off by financial aid misleading them. This was evident by them magically having funds for me after I told them I couldn't afford the program as it stood. I'm positive that they would have let me finish my time saying I had loans, then suddenly presented me at the end with a bill, holding my degree for ransom. Again, read reviews on the internet of people to which this very thing has happened. I think getting a root canal would be more fun than dealing with the business office nightmare.

Also, I've spoken to doctors around here and they won't hire students who go to Kaplan because the school has a crappy reputation due to its graduating people who are poorly educated and lack communication and workplace skills. It's a joke of an "institution". It's not a university, it's an institution of higher learning. Credits do NOT transfer because no respectable school will take credits from Kaplan. This is a for-profit business. They do not care about you succeeding, they care about overcharging people dumb enough to fall for their scam.

I'm completely embarrassed that I fell for the Kaplan trap, and I hope anyone considering attending Kaplan will RUN in a different direction. PLEASE do more research than I did. I'm now looking at a program at a reputable school and the cost of this program is 1/3 of what Kaplan charged. There are other options, you just have to seek them out. I did not do enough research and now I'm paying for that mistake.

  • Ru
    runawayomaha Jul 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I forgot to add - read the complaints that you find online. You will find that many of them are well-written, it's not just a bunch of angry nitwits who can't string together a coherent sentence. They are reviews you will want to read, and that you will hopefully find helpful.

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  • Ki
    kinez Jan 03, 2011

    I am having the same problem. They refuse to track over $3, 000.00 of my expense money that was supposedly mailed out. No one will even let me talk to the business office and at this point I have no choice but to go to the post master just to prove that checks are not at the post office, but have never been mailed out by Kaplan. I think Kaplan is holding onto my money as well as other students' money. How do we prove they are stealing our money?

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forgery and fraud

I agree with everyone who says that the school is a fraud and that financial aid is a joke. I have been complying a complaint letter of over 200 pages since February 2010 after a lot of reseaarch. The smartest thing I did before I left was that I searched every corner of my kaplan page and obtained every piece of information they had on me and my account before I was shut down. All of the admission papers are forged by Esign and the information is all wrong, there is a ton of papers I never saw that had an e signature and the trailing numbers do not match . None of my loans are legit because I never got to pick a lener or program or shown a list or received my bill of rights as a borrower and the very first award letter that I found (as part of my leaving) was falsified to show I would have enough loan money because it set me up as going to school for my associates not my Bachelors like everything else said. Year 2 my loans were sold without my knowledge and I never signed or received an award letter, I made numerous calls to FA and was ignored, all emails ignored and the topper the MPN is a forged Esign also. I was told that I signed with my Fasfa pin and I found the site that said I never signed any MPN with my PIN and now they have zero information on the website. For 3 months I have been waiting for the supervisor to call me to prove my esign; no call and it is July. Kaplan Ombuds not legit another lie and intimidation to pay money not owed. I am saying all this (and I am sure I am forgetting something) because I am only baffled by what type of attorney I need; Criminal for forgery? Torts for moral duress? Contract for all the contracts not signed? Maybe an attorney that deals with the fact that Kaplan is not even accrediated in the state I live in and that they have taken more money than necessary and in unscrupulous ways for a degree they know I will be able to use as...well you know. If there is anyone with an idea please feel free to let me know at [protected] .

For those who are having a great experience, either you work there, have worked there, or are just special.

I have done 6 months of writing and researching to know there is nothing legal going on at Kaplan and it is like a snake you don't know until you are bitten.

  • As
    A Student Jan 07, 2011

    I have read every complaint on the complaint list about Kaplan University, I am amazed at how every story is mine. It gives me some comfort to know that I am not the only student going through this pain. But I am deeply hardened at the fact that this Kaplan society is getting away with doing so much harm to the public. It seems to be that they are surviving on our heart aches, pains, struggles but most important our dreams. But we must not forget that changes come in numbers. I do realize that a lot of complaints may not go further than this site, for fear of Kaplan going after some or all of their on going students that feel so strongly about the inadequate service we are receiving from a suppose to be professional people. For many of us, this was suppose to be a chance or opportunity to reach our dreams. But sorry to say it has turned out to be a nightmare. I am sure that we all may find a solution to this problem, or at least make it better for new students. Kaplan Inc. Headquarters is located in New York, look it up. Locate the phone number record the address, I f we all contact them and send in written complaints our voices would be heard. It is time that we put Kaplan University were we have not been, in the spot light. Show the world what they are really made off. If one business have this many complaints of the same nature, then it is not us it is the adminstration departments. Remember change comes into reality by numbers.

    A Student.

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  • Sc
    scroteau5 Jan 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These complaints are going beyond this board and if you would like to help us we would like to help you. There is a group on Yahoo named Takenumdown2010 and I am the owner and right now we are filling out affidavits to the Florida Attorney Generals Office and if you would like to be heard by someone in power this is the way to go. There is one catch you need to sign up to be a member by going to [email protected] and please give a brief reason why you have been a victim of camplain and at that point I can accept you.
    I Look Forward to Seeing You!

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  • Dr
    DrRenesc Feb 25, 2011

    I am a current student at Kaplan University-Online and I am very happy there. I do not now nor have I ever worked for Kapln or the Washington Post, so maybe I am just special but I doubt it. I was smart enough to research the school, its financial aid process, its accreditation, and whether or not the degree is accepted by my state before signing anything. I was fully aware that the student loans were my responsibility as was that receiving the proper courses, loan payments and course materials were as well.
    I built and maintained a working relationship with my academic and financial aid avisors, as well as followed up each term with No college or university handles the entire financil aid process for you, you must advocate for yourself. It is best you learn to do this now before you have need of the Social Security Administration, the IRS or any other federal or state government office, as they can only do so much for you, you have to take responsibility for yourself. If you only had five or less terms at Kaplan for your degree, than I have to think that you just did not pay attention to your student account. These are available online at the Kaplan student platform as well as from the financial aid office.
    As for the rest of your complaint, until I see the documents themself I will reserve judgment, but I have a question for you. What part of Kaplan University-Online is a for-profit school did you not understand? As with an business based on the bottom line, you have to be aware of your rights and your responsibilies, blaming the business practices when you did not reach the business first is like saying "I didn't know that my bank charges for overdrafts", and expect a refund of the fee.
    In conclusion, online schools are not for everyone, nor is every online school the same but Kaplan University-Online is an excellent school and one I am proud to call mine.
    Doreen Chamberlain
    Coconut Creek, Florida

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  • Sc
    scroteau5 Feb 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not feel nor am I going to explain my story to you. I am highly educated and I find you to just be a mean hypocritical individual. You know nothing about my experience along with what I did and did not do. I am glad you are having a good experience. For the rest of your post I find it to be baseless and nasty so I am not going to that level.

    I hope you have a great day,

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Resolved victim

There are other places to file your complaint too. And the more complaints on a business there are, the closer we come to getting help. As well and possibly help inform other innocent persons from becoming a victim like us. This is a great website: for complaint. And I really appreciate this website, however I’ve also found a website that can also hear your voice too.

/URL removed/

/link removed/

my e-mail


  • An
    Angela Allen Nov 02, 2010

    I concur with the people that have an issue with Kaplan University. I have taken one class with them for the master's program and I have never experienced anything like I am going through with them in my life. First off, I have never had a school to harass me as much as they do. They call constantly about my 2009 tax documents. I have faxed the documents more than seven times and they keep requesting stating that they can not read it. I have since then gotten a tax transcript from the IRS and have faxed that to them as well. They called me to say that they need an itemized copy of the transcript. I keep telling them that I am confused as to why they are still needing these documents from me considering the student loan people have already paid them. A representative told me that it was an error on there part that I was selected for verification and because someone requested documents from me in error, I must now go through the entire verification process. I have also been asked to send a copy of my w2'S as well. I have never had those requested before by any school! I also havea credit on my account that they will not release to me. I have no desire to ever attend Kaplan again and I hope that they will show me proof that the credit that remains is actually sent back to the student loan people because I will not pay back money that Kaplan keeps! They have gotten on my last nerve!

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Resolved misleading

I am 36 years old and found myself without a job and having a hard time getting one. I have a lot of years experience in an office and was an office manger for 5 years. I went to the school to further my education and get into coding. I went to the school and spoke with a representative about doing medical coding, this something I have been wanting do for a long time. I went over everything with her explained my situation and she told me after I graduated I would be making 45, 000 a year with this certificate. I looked into coding and that was bout right. After starting school, they taught us a lot about running a medical office as a receptionist. I voiced my concerns so many times to the counselors & higher ups. After wasting my money and time it turns out all the stupid certificate is good for is scratch paper...I was offered to apply for so many receptionist positions. NOT ONCE DID THEY OFFER CODING!!! We barely went over coding in the classes. Kaplan preyed on people who were out of a job and desperate to start over. I am a single mother and work very hard to pay the bills and feed my children. I am very disappointed in the way Kaplan handled everything. Not once has any tried to contact me after I specifically tol them I wanted a call back after I filled out my exit papers. Be very careful when you are thinking of going to Kaplan. They tell you one thing but it is a lie.