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Keiser University Complaints & Reviews

Keiser University / financial aid scam

jazabe11e on May 25, 2017
It seems that I'm having much of the same issue as a lot of other people on here. How is nothing being done about this? After 4 completed semesters, I dropped classes in my 5th semester, well within the period I was able to do so. Everything up until that point had been paid in full, I had...

Keiser University / diagnostic medical sonography program fort myers

Sherry1231 on Mar 28, 2017
My daughter is currently a student at Keiser. She is going there for the Sonography program, after finishing all her core classes they told her the program is full and she has to wait a year to finish out her education. When she question this and spoke to the dean they suggested she switch...

Keiser University / charging $50.00 a month

thebeast5 on Aug 11, 2016
Keiser is charging $50.00 a month because I didn't have to take a loan from a bank or the school. Basically i am paying Keiser for no reason because it's not going to paying financial aid back it's just to help Kieser out... When they already are overpriced.

Keiser University / balance owed

jesseben10 on May 17, 2016
I attended Keiser University when I was much younger. I originally went to Keiser to get my Bachelors in Elementary Education and I came out of there with an AA in paralegal studies. They practically swindled me into taking the paralegal courses instead because they did not offer the...

Keiser University / keiser university billing

Stacey JM on Apr 21, 2016
I sat with my daughter in the Financial Aid office and they very clearly explained that she was taking out an unsecured loan of $3, 500. After taking the two classes, they sent her a bill of $6900. We are OUTRAGED. They NEVER stated there was a secured loan attached to this unsecured loan...

Keiser University / financial aid

carynb on Dec 8, 2015
Financial Aid constantly pulls my child out of class. None of he financial aid people including there director are properly trained. They insist on being provided incorrect information. They do not return calls. They insist on my taking time off of work to respond to them after they have...

Keiser University / daytona campus

Lisa MH on Aug 25, 2015
I am a student of keiser university in the Daytona campus. I just completed my last class Friday August 21st. I passed all my classes and was assigned to my clinical site 3 weeks ago so every thing looked awesome and I was ready to go looking to the future. 4 months of clinicals and...

Keiser University / fraud misrepresentation discrimination

Dave Popp on May 13, 2015
This institution will take your monies and if you have any complaints, they will turn around and blame you, retaliate, take no responsibility for their actions ever, and after they have received tens of thousands of dollars, they will dismiss you and give you a difficult time, they run the...

Keiser University / keiser univesity deceptive scam

Hi, i graduated from Keiser University this year 2013 from the Nuclear Medicine Program of which I was awarded an Associates of science. After months of looking for employment I have realized that their are no jobs and the market is saturated, flooded with techs. The job opportunities are...

Keiser University / scam

Jana101456 on Mar 26, 2013
The tuition that Keiser University charges is outrageous. I am strapped with 40, 000 in debt. Keiser University states that is is a non profit private school, but don't be fooled it is for profit. They do not care about finding a job for you once you graduate, but they will beg you to...

Keiser University / overpopulating careers

Carlos linares on Jul 14, 2012
First of all, this school is extremely expensive and it will leave you with a never ending debt even after a 2-year degree. I am talking about $40, 000 in loans debt just for an associate degree. I personally think the classes taken at this school do not prepare you for the real life, and...

Keiser University / financial aid

Itsme7 on May 2, 2012
I see a lot of us are having problems with Keiser due to loans etc. I am going to sue Keiser and if anyone is interested in getting a group of us together for this please message me and we will go from there. Keiser cannot keep getting away with this. The are taking our money and we have to put a stop to this ASAP!

Keiser University-Miami / discrimination

Mrs. Shah on Apr 20, 2012
I applied for the admission counselor position some time back at Keiser University in Miami. I attended what the employer called a "formal meeting, " although I was told that it was going to be an interview before I drove down to Miami from Fort Lauderdale. Actually, that day my husband...

Keiser University / crooks

dem420 on Aug 30, 2011
So I have been going to keiser for about 2 and half years.. I had some issues and changes camousses a few times. And one class I have taken there times and have not passed. Well that happen in the beginning of me starting classes and now two years after that happened and 3 months from me...

Keiser University & Sallie Mae / student loan fraud!

Whitney Pemrick on Aug 25, 2011
My first post didn't have my whole comment, this is the whole situation. I have applied for a student loan back in november of 2007 so that I could attend keiser university in sarasota, fl. I was swindled in my opinion, and was signed up for a semester of classes I was not even interested...

Keiser University / predatory practices

Sally McClinton on Mar 17, 2011
If anyone was wronged and is in debt relating to Keiser University, please email me. I am a former Counselor and I can help you!

Keiser University / stole scholarship

I recieved a scholarship and i had a cosigner and still owed them money, i had to drop out then re sign up a few months later due to personal reasons and low and behold they found a grant that paid for all of the classes through a federal fund. now saying that i owe them 3, 000 dollar...

Keiser University / misleading students!

I have to seriously object to what these institutions are doing to students today, both the schools and the medical facilities and there lying doctors...my wife signed up for the medical assistant classes at Keiser U in orlando...you know medical assistant the position that is sweeping the...

Keiser University / student loan I specifically said I didn't want!!!

I hope that people read this!! I went to keiser for a little over a year and had to stop attending because of personal reasons. The teachers there seemed really nice and probably really knew what they were doing and cared but as far as the rest of the school goes I think they are...

Keiser University / forced to pay for classes that I did not even take

I was pregnate at the time and wanted to futher my education to support my son as a single young mother. I signed up for classes for Medical Assistant I was told that most grants would cover the cost. After I completed 2 classes and I had my son it became too much to manage I requested...

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