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Keiser University reviews & complaints

Keiser University complaints 41

Keiser University - Misinformation / fraud

I was told when I enrolled the nursing program would be fully online UNTIL I went for my clinicals which would only be 1-2 days a week. After signing all my FAFSA and completing a course in a month...

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Keiser University - Enrollment

I called Keiser to enroll after I saw their commercial on TV. I called and explained my situation to them. I am a single mother who is a convicted felon and I realized the mistakes that I have mad...

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Keiser University - Harassing calls

Keiser University continues to call me several times a day after being told they have the wrong number. I always block the number but they call from different numbers. The person always state that they will place me on the Do Not Call list but I continue to receive calls all day asking for a Loretta. I don't have any idea how they got my number but this has to stop. I never requested information.

Keiser University - federal student loans

My name is jason konopka i attended keiser university from 2011 to 2013. I was fed the same line of crap. We are signing u up for pell grants and then i find out i have 32, 500 in loans with the interest its 39, 000 in federal student loans. When i tried asking them what thus would cost me they avoided the question. The next time i asked the financial aid lady said you will pay less now and a little more later. They would never answer the question honestly. Im enrolled in a loan forgiveness program but i feel this is fraud. What can i do?

Keiser University - School

The Financial advisor Leroy Lashley at Keiser University had me fill out my financial aid application and the military scholarship paperwork all through email. I signed everything electronically. He...

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Keiser University - transcripts

18 years ago I went to Keiser College to discuss my future education. At the time I had a 3 year old son and was not sure if going back to school while also working full time was achievable for me...

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Keiser University - unprofessional/ scam

My wife has a foreign Masters Degree that had been evaluated by a Florida State approved institution. They insisted that they needed my wife to get it re-evaluated by a company that they used. After...

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Keiser University - harassment calls

This School calls me at least 5-10 times a day. They beg me to register. I have never requested to receive any information from them. I have politely asked to removed from their call list and the...

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Keiser University - signed me up and forgot about me

I attended and was royally screwed! I completed 4 months of course prep for their nursing program. Feb to may 2016 was the worst experience i ever had! Right from the beginning I didn't feel...

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Keiser University - unethical behavior

Hello my name is Remona Walcott and I currently attend Keiser University Online. When I first joined Keiser everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I had one issue during my course of schooling and...

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Keiser University - financial fraud

When I applied with Keiser University my expected graduation date was supposed to be April 2017 so my funding package was created ahead of time until that date. When November 2016 came around I noticed that I still had 3 classes left, so when I got a call from Keiser stating that I needed to schedule a exit exam because I was about to graduate I asked how that was possible considering I still had 3 classes left. The person I spoke with looked into it and said someone else needed to call me back. I then received a call a few days later from my academic advisor stating there was a mistake and somehow my file ended up in the April graduation pile which mind you, my enrollment forms and financial forms all have April as my graduation date. So she said that would request an extension for my financial aid coverage which she then told me was approved and I would be covered for the last 3 classes. I then received a call from Keiser towards the beginning of December stating that there was a mistake with my financials and my last class would not be covered and it was going to be $2, 000. I explained that I did not have money and was told I would be covered so then Keiser academic advisor then told me to apply for a private loan which I did not think I would be approved for since my credit was already bad. She stated that she knew for a fact I would get approved if I applied for Bank of Loan Mills, which I did apply and I did get approved but of course there was an error on their part again and she told me I only needed to apply for $1, 300 and the difference would be taken care of but I guess Bank of Loan Mills has a minimum loan amount of $2, 000. So I had to reapply again which was 2 credit hard inquires that I took. I then failed my class and asked for a substitution class within that same category and I was told there was no way I would be able to by the Dean via email. I was then told that my only option was to withdrawal which I asked for the forms and emailed them back due to the financial fraud that was conducted. I started receiving statements from Bank of Loan Mills on 05/10/2017 and I made the first payment but by the next statement I realized that Bank of Loan Mills was taken over by the company Everglades, Inc. so I did some research and Everglades is a financial company within Keiser which I was originally told it was a separate financial Loan institution. I have all the fraudulent financial information and current billing statements. I do not believe i should be responsible for this out of pocket expense

Keiser University - unethical behaviour

Let me start off by giving a little background. Im a stay at home mom of 2 young children and I am a military spouse. So to stimulate my mind and advance for my own self worth, I started looking into online schools and applying for grants. Since my husband is above an E5, I did not qualify for MYCAA, but I did qualify for FAFSA. Knowing the amount I was qualified upto, I started looking into schools, starting this past May 2017, within a certain budget. I have many friends, also military spouses, that are basically going to school at zero out of pocket costs or very little out of pocket costs. This in part due to certain programs/discounts a school may have for military affiliated and using FAFSA.

So now that my background is out there, let me tell you about my experience with a Keiser advisor. It was horrible!! He was condescending and very judgmental. I was simply asking for information in regards to tuition costs and military programs. I was upfront with what I was looking for in regards to costs and what my budget was. What a mistake that was! I was talking with him through chat and when the conversation took on an ominous tone on his behalf, I thanked him for his time and closed the chat. Except he wasnt done, I received an email further berating me.

Little tidbits from his email that really made me wonder who in the world is this person? "I’m also frustrated at your stance.
You really can’t expect everything in life to be free. Most legit colleges charge an application fee. Ours is cheap compared to others"

My response to that was, I am not expecting everything in life to be free! I know that what Im searching for is possible and if I can obtain a degree for little cost due to advantages, why wouldn't I want that!?

Next tidbit: " It’s unrealistic to think you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket. Simply unrealistic."

Again, it is NOT unrealistic, I have military friends, as I mentioned above, that are attending colleges across the country and not paying for it.

He goes on to say I need to think about investing in myself, which I wont argue with. But throwing in the condescending tidbits in his email, I was so confused and irate that I didnt care what else he had to say or what else he thought. He told me he doesnt try to sell Keiser to anyone. He doesnt work off commission. "Keiser sells itself to those who invest the time to talk, listen, and research."

I thought maybe I was overreacting to his email but I asked a few people to read it and they had the same thoughts I did. "Who the ___ does he think he is?" Even if he didnt agree or was frustrated with my stance, he had no business in saying so. I replied telling him that he was rude and condescending and to please not contact me again. Of course I got another email saying "good luck to you." After his original email, I highly doubt he said this with sincerity.

Did I mention he couldnt/wouldnt answer any of my questions? Basically telling me that due to different courses, the cost varies. Well most colleges that I had researched up to this point, had set prices for their classes based upon credit hours. They also had information regarding military rates and other benefits. He pretty much told me Id have to apply to get any real answers about costs. But applying costs money. This is the only "accredited" school that I had come across that actually charged an application fee, and if they did, it was waived for military.

He did the exact opposite of selling me on Keiser. His lack of courtesy and undertones of condescension made me not want to look any further into this school. And maybe thats a good thing after doing some research and seeing all the other complaints and lawsuits against this school. So maybe I should thank him instead.

If I was Keiser and I wanted people to be interested in attending, this would be the last guy on earth that id want to have making first contact with an interested person.

And if he happens to see this, please know that I have found exactly what I was looking for. Therefore, it isnt unrealistic. And the school is accredited and legit. So maybe you should keep your personal opinions to yourself.

Keiser University - billing drop/add

Keiser billing drop/add deadline is ridiculous. I am attending their Doctor degree. Their billing cycle is for 4 months, which will include 2 classes, which 8 weeks class back to back. So you can drop the 2nd class in but you will not get any tuition refund back since the drop/add for the billing cycle is only in the first 3 weeks.

How can that be? How do you know if you like the class? or even can handle it.

It is a rip off/scam that they are billing. Billing something in advance and get their money and won't refund it.

Keiser University - financial aid scam

It seems that I'm having much of the same issue as a lot of other people on here. How is nothing being done about this? After 4 completed semesters, I dropped classes in my 5th semester, well within...

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Keiser University - diagnostic medical sonography program fort myers

My daughter is currently a student at Keiser. She is going there for the Sonography program, after finishing all her core classes they told her the program is full and she has to wait a year to...

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Keiser University - charging $50.00 a month

Keiser is charging $50.00 a month because I didn't have to take a loan from a bank or the school. Basically i am paying Keiser for no reason because it's not going to paying financial aid back it's just to help Kieser out... When they already are overpriced.

Keiser University - balance owed

I attended Keiser University when I was much younger. I originally went to Keiser to get my Bachelors in Elementary Education and I came out of there with an AA in paralegal studies. They practically...

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Keiser University - keiser university billing

I sat with my daughter in the Financial Aid office and they very clearly explained that she was taking out an unsecured loan of $3, 500. After taking the two classes, they sent her a bill of $6900. We are OUTRAGED. They NEVER stated there was a secured loan attached to this unsecured loan. I was there... I know what we heard. Now she is committed to this loan and devastated. This is a huge financial setback for her and our family.

Do not trust what you are being told. The billing they send you in your account is so screwed up that its impossible to understand what your bill really is. They showed billing for Transportation and Housing that she never had, and they say that is standard. Then they wonder why you didn't understand why the $6, 900 was accurate. Its is to misleading...!!! To pay $2, 000 for each class (ONLINE !!!) is the so outrageous! Go to a community college... you will not get taken and wind up in deep deep debt.

They seem to be know for this. You must look at other options. Keiser has the worst reputation and so many students are caught in the promise. They are such scammer. My daughter used to work for them, she thought their tactics were disgusting.

Keiser University - financial aid

Financial Aid constantly pulls my child out of class. None of he financial aid people including there director are properly trained. They insist on being provided incorrect information. They do not...

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Keiser University - daytona campus

I am a student of keiser university in the Daytona campus. I just completed my last class Friday August 21st. I passed all my classes and was assigned to my clinical site 3 weeks ago so every thing...

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