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Resolved incompetent consultant

Their consultants does not provide enough info for the students, does not keep up with updates with students and he is not able to help solve any problems the students are having. He does not reply to emails, taking a long time to reply, even in emails he does not answer to questions. Upon application, he does not give the students of when will they be hearing back from him and the university, just asking the students to wait for his email. So because of his misleading info, the students end up had to miss some of the lessons, making it unfair on the students because of him and his incompetent.

Resolved not passing course

I have been at Kaplan University for over three years. What work I do gets mostly high grades. I took Linux as a suggested course, not required, and have failed it five times. Every time there was Technical problems, of accessing the right stuff, getting an OS and then having it fail in the time of the course, having to redo what I did, not getting backup.

When I tried to drop the course, they refused. Said i would have to pass it. The last time I got a 65 %, but on what I completed, I got good grades. The Seminars would skip, break up on vocal, not load on visual, and yet, I got the failing grades.

I feel I should get a passing grade, due to the technical failure of the school.

Resolved fraud, expensive, misleading

This college is a fraud. This college gave me outdated books, and classes. I had to buy my own books. I paid...

Resolved student loan scam

I am reporting this information to you in an attempt to make justice happen with the online university who...

Resolved taken all my financial aid and failed me in last class

After being told I had to have emergency surgery in my final semester at Kaplan for my Masters in Psychology, they failed me when I hurried through an assiment because I could not get ahold of an acedemic advisor to discuss this. There has to be some better solution, I will appeal this with FASFA and let them know how the University is taking money and I know I am not the first person as I was warned by an individual when I first started the program. I would have held off on taking the class when I found out I had to have surgery to get rid of cancerous cells, but when I tried to contact academic advising I was given a run around then. I was also given the run around after I was told in my second semester we no longer have individual academic advisors that I had a team of people who could help me and since have never talked to an individual who cared about me as an individual just me as a pay check. There has to be some solution, not you guys just get my money I call out for help and I get nothing so I muttle through and come out with a 3.74 until the comp class which I know if life was different as it is today I would ace that class no problem. Kaplan really needs to look at the tatics it has taken, this story makes your university look like a money mill not an educational facility. Even durring this process only one individual called me one time, I beleive us as students and paying to attend the university deserve more than this. We deserve a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, not sorry you loose in an email because you became medically ill and couldnt get some help durring it so I tried to do what I could do to get my paper in on time and failed due to plagerism, for one of course the information we all get is from some other source unless we are into research ourselves. Now they will not even allow me to post on their facebook page and I have not even bashed them besides this complaint but that has to say something.

  • Ss
    S. Sawyer Dec 19, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was two classes from my bachelors degree and they said, I maxed out after one term and had to take an additional 14 classes to earn my degree, they sent over $450.00 of my pell grant back and are billing me, They said I had to make 80's in my classes or I would be suspended, I earned my credits, But was kicked out anyways, 2 classes short of my degree, I have never heard of maxing out of a program after one term, I also did not get my financial aid til 8 weeks after the 10 week term started, that is money suppose to get supplies for the term.

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Resolved fraud misappropriation of government funds

Hi my name is Christina N. Mcquiston, Fist let me start by saying I have read and followed most any and...

about kaplan

I feel like this if kaplan is such a bad school then why not sue ? you should of did your research first before wasting your time and energy im not saying this havent happen to anyone is true but instead of pounding your keys about how this school sucks go to the state sue them whatever you have to do to make this right because obviously kaplan still have student enrolled still making there money so i just recently been in kaplan for a month i havent recieved any problem such far but all im saying do your research first about a school becaused you might not approved how their system work get it together people like seriously it a way to resolve a issue.

  • Mi
    MizGerri55 Aug 16, 2012

    I also loved Kaplan when I first enrolled. I bragged about the school to my family and friends. However, as time went on it became apparent they they were out for money and nothing else. They totally messed up my degree plan with bad student advising They had me taking classes that I didn't need but paid for anyway. I ended up running out of financial aid needing only 18 credits to graduate. I was forced to sign their own promissory note saying that I would pay $975 per month on the $5, 000 I still owed them. Even though I couldn't afford to pay that enormous amount per month, I was told that I had to sign or I would have no more access to the classroom. I signed under duress. They hounded me like crazy, trying to get blood out of a turnip so to speak, and still threatened to block me from my classes. It has been a total nightmare. I had done some research and thought the school was credible. Believe me they are all about money! As soon as it runs out they could care less about you. When you try to explain your circumstances to them you can hear the silence. Then they ask, "well how much can you pay today?" I hope your experience turns out better, but I doubt it will. Several people I know personally have had the same horrible experience that I have. To anyone else; if Kaplan calls you on the phone: Hang up!!!

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  • Je
    Jessmore29 Sep 16, 2016

    Yea you seem like a Kaplan student. It's a shame you are in college and just wrote one long run on sentence. It amazes me that most of the people who side with Kaplan seem to be the least educated.

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what a scam

Kaplan University is a very big scam. I just signed on for the first term a couple weeks ago. I am still in the free 5 week program, but I emailed my adviser and said that I wanted out. Haven't heard from her yet.
The classes are very pathetic. I was learning the stuff they are teaching in my Comp 1 class at Kaplan in my Freshman English is high school. It was ridiculous. When I asked the professor, he said that "High school English classes will overlap with your courses here". So basically he just said that I shouldn't have busted my butt in high school to make good grades and pass AP tests? That seems suspicious.
Also, the discussion boards! Ohmigosh, the people on there have such bad grammar and I cannot stand to read the posts. One student put up one day in a seminar, "Prof, we read dis paper now?" I'm like "Dude, where are you from and how did you get into college?" Then I realized that they just let anyone in.
The skills held by the professors who are supposed to be "very qualified in their fields" are not even close to what my high school teachers had. I actually TAUGHT the professors something that my HIGH SCHOOL teachers learned in college, but the professors had no clue what I was talking. I often times ended up teaching the students on the discussion board. Like writing a good essay? I taught 3 students the words that should never be used.
I also got snoopy and looked at the professors' Facebook pages, I found them because their names are not very common. One teacher is not only very "homely" looking, but his profile pic is of sitting in a chair in a very bad looking look shirt and he looks like he's missing a few marbles. Not the kind of person I want teaching me. (Did I also mention that he is the English teacher who got a degree in Mythology?) The other teacher, a Legal Skills study teacher, has a profile picture of herself partying. Are you serious?! I know that it's a personal Facebook, but profile pictures are supposed to be professional if you work in a professional job.
I had a perfect 100% grade until this past week. (Yes, I know it was only the first week before, but still). Then I check my grade in my Comp class to find that I now had an 88%. So I scrolled through only to find that I had been docked points on a discussion and given a 0/10 on a Journal entry. So I emailed the professor and asked what was up with the journal. (I didn't need to ask about the discussion board, since it was explained when I clicked on the grade.) He replied 2 days later, (mind you, I emailed him in the middle of a seminar WHILE HE WAS ON HIS EMAIL), with "Maybe you didn't cover the topic well enough or you went off topic." I did not want a MAYBE, I wanted a real answer as to why I was given a 0 on something that I worked for 30 minutes on. (For those who don't know, the journals are just 1 paragraph about whatever topic they give.) I have decided that I am just not going to go back to class.
The advisers are not good at all. I have called and she has lost my file because it was transferred without her knowing it and she has also put me on the line with several other advisers because she wasn't going to be in. Once, she even called and put me on the line to finish enrollment and then the guy I was talking to said I needed my diploma first and my adviser goes "oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you didn't have your diploma." Later when talking to financial aid, I had to strain so hard to hear the guy that it wasn't even funny. He talked so low that I had to even turn the fan off, it was making too much noise.
The books suck horribly. 1) they are written solely by the college. and 2) they are all online. I cannot stand them all being online, I get a headache staring at the screen. Not only that, they are poorly written. They have more color than my sketch book from high school. (Yes, I am being very serious.) The reason I mention the color thing is because I have read from college level books before and never once have they EVER had pictures except maybe a small drawing on the side to point to something important. It is very unprofessional.
The seminars (lectures) are pointless because half the time the students have a completely different conversation going on to the side while the professor is talking. Not only that, I bring up again "how did you people get into college", one student did not know first person, third person, second person and another did not know the difference between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King.
That brings up another problem. In this past seminar, which was Thursday June 21, 2012, the professor had us stop to look at a paper written as a sample essay. What do I notice first-hand, the sentence structure. It was very poorly put together if you ask me. It was filled with contractions, which I have been taught since Freshman year in high school are not what you put in a college-level essay. AND it switched verb tenses between past and present. He was writing about Martin Luther, and in the third paragraph he said "this IS a courageous action"--really, so it is still going on? No! It should say "this WAS a courageous action". And this was written by the English professor.
Now, could that have been a mistake? Yes, it could have. If he wasn't trying to show us what a college level essay looks like. He also told us in the beginning that if he is in a bad mood, OUR GRADES WILL SUFFER FROM IT! That is not right on so many levels.
Once my adviser calls, I will tell her that I am going to withdraw early from the 5 weeks. If she doesn't call, then I will fail out. But I'm not a complete student yet anyway. It says so on the paper. During the first 5 weeks of classes, the Kaplan Commitment program for those who don't know, you are not responsible to pay anything and you are not considered a complete student. If you choose to stay, then you will be considered a complete student. If she doesn't call by Monday, I will call someone there and tell them I want to withdraw and that is final. I may even call them out on the game they are playing.
If anybody is considering Kaplan, DON'T! It is not accredited by your local state college or a University you will plan to go to. If you want an online college, I suggest going to an actual on-ground college and speaking to them about online-courses. Many offer these now-days.

  • Bt
    btaylor Mar 03, 2014

    My sister is enrolled there and it is a joke. The weekly assignments consist of discussion board posts that are three sentences long and do not require supporting documentation. Instead, it is all opinion based arguments among the class who have yet to figure out that writing in caps lock is an inappropriate response.

    Last semester my sister took a statistics class and received a 100 grade even though she had no idea how to do the math. The professor actually told the class not to focus on the math. Not to focus on the math in a math class? Now, this isn't just forming an opinion based on their for profit status either. I have finance degree and an MBA so I have a lot of experience in an academic setting. I have never heard of a math class that doesn't focus on math EVER. I took stats and two dozen more math courses and cannot explain how concerning it is to hear someone get a 100 in a course when their entire calculation and analysis was wrong. I mean nowhere near the right answer either. I can't even imagine what the two paragraph final assignment looks like. That's right. The cumulative semester assignments consist of half a page full of direct quote citation, which according to me is plagiarism. Don't waste 20K on 7 courses like my sister. It will not make you marketable nor will you learn anything except nonsense in caps from those carrying a 4.00 gpa when in reality it would be a 2.00 gpa anywhere else.

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  • De
    Debi Johnson Mar 03, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, that was not the case with my classes at all. Every discussion post had to be at least 1-2 paragraphs with supporting documentation. Every response had to be academic and theoretically accurate. It had to also be in APA reference formatted. We were strictly graded on our responses to each other as well. We were strictly graded on our writing skills. I am sorry that you had a negative experience in that area. I had wonderful professors, and they were highly engaged and supplied us with other references and academic materials. The assignments were very meaningful and practical. My issues were strictly with the financial office. Weekly webinars gave us an opportunity to interact with classmates. We really learned from each other on a daily basis on the discussion board and weekly during the webinars. The webinars were great in a sense that it added to the daily discussion.

    Debra Johnson

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financial aid scam suspected

I complained about a balance on my student account, which was caused by Kaplan returning financial aid back to the lender without my approval. My complaint went to the ombudsman for the university and she agreed that the money was returned inappropriately. She stated, via email, that my account would be credited and the account brought to zero. I completed the Masters program on April 17, 2012. They responded, on May 4, 2012, the following: "Based on our review, our office has rendered a decision in good faith to credit $3, 055 to your account. Please allow up to 10 business days for the credit to be reflected within the credit agency. Once the adjustments are processed, the balance on your account will be satisfied." As of June 18, 2012, the balance is still $3, 055 and I am now receiving harassing phone calls from student accounts. I have an idea of what my next step will be.

  • Jc
    JC50974 Oct 04, 2012

    I too am currently awaiting a phone call from the Obudsmen. They did the same thing to me and I have 3 weeks left until im, done...what can i do? Im seriously thinking about joining the class action suit against Kaplan.

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Resolved federal loan not returned

I enrolled at Kaplan University in 2005 to finish my Paralegal Degree. Unfortunately, I had to drop due to financial problems, I paid my Federal Loan - but all of the sudden I received a letter from Kaplan telling me I owed them $2, 000.00
I have been trying to clear my debt, and there is no one to help me clarify this problem. I also found out that they were supposed to return money to the government because I dropped the classes and they had all their payments.
Please help.

Resolved do not enroll!!!

The instructors are allowed to grade as they "feel". Each class is run and operated by the instructor, not the university. If you have an issue with an instructor or have a concern like question specific assignment criteria or grading practices Tough luck! I maintained a 3.96 GPA until my last term. I took a lower level elective (200 series)and questioned the grades I was making, as I could not get above and 81. All of my grades had been 96+ in all other classes prior to this. Nothing happened and I was sent a conduct letter threatening to kick me out of the school my very last week of a bachelors degree when I complained to the dean of the department. When I emailed the teacher, repeatedly, she said I insulted her by questioning her and my grades then became worse. I called student advising 5 times and was told to work it out myself since the school has no influence over individual instructors and how they grade or communicate. My 3.96 GPA tanked my very last week because of this class and I even received an academic warning letter from the dean of another department for the "tone" of my emails with the teacher. All of this happened my last week of what was supposed to be a joyous time. The school never asked my side and didn't care that I tried to resolve the issue 5 times with their advisers prior to my "blowing" up in the last email with her. She was equally nasty but used a better writing style to communicate it to me. The bottom line is that I tried to get help starting in week 2 of the 10 week term and was told tough, take the grade and move on with life, despite it's impact on my near perfect GPA. My graduation will always be shadowed by the disgust of this event and the university's unwillingness to help. DO NOT ENROLL HERE!! ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY, YOU ARE STUCK!! I had numerous problems with financial aid as well. Idiots!! I had to get an ombudsman to review my account 3 time in 1.5 years there because the financial aid people screwed my account up. All 3 times, the ombudsman found accounting errors to my benefit. Getting help and anyone to listen to you is IMPOSSIBLE!!! I will never recommend this university to anyone, ever!!! I am not lazy either and had no, I mean zero difficulty with grades prior to this single lower level elective class! Disgusting that they blamed and threatened to suspend me my last week without ever asking my side of the events!. I am an honor student and graduate, Suma Cum Laude.

  • Da
    Darlene Murray Feb 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you, I was going to enroll into this university and changed my mind. The director of admissions told me that a bachelor's degree is 180 credits, and that is there requirements. I did not approve of the 10 week course, and you have to take 2 classes at all. They go by the quarters only, and to me that is not fair, because you will be paying much more money for your education. I rather go to a school that offers a semester and take one class and either 3 or 4 credits. I have 69 credits already, and I will try to go back to Ashford University to finish my degree, because at least they take all your credits in. I immediately changed my mind about enrolling at Kaplan, and I'm glad I did. Good luck to you!

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fa loan money not being sent to me!

I was told my check would be mailed out on the 11th, then the 18, then the 20 and now the 27th! COME ON. I have had to sell my car to buy a new laptop so I could stay in school because someone broke into my room and took my laptop. I am living in a hotel however only for 2 more days because I will have to leave. They keep telling and telling me they are sending the money and nothing! I love the school over all just doubt FA and the way they work. I am condidering another school at this time.

  • Id
    Idocare Apr 19, 2012

    This is terrible. but obviously Kaplan isn't helping. You should condider another school. One that teaches the use of spell check

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Resolved money they say I owe

Just received a phone call saying that after 2 years Kaplan University says I owe them 1850.00. I told the guy I have no idea what your talking about I had student loans so why would i owe you he said this is separate, uh no dont think so!! I think he really thought i was going to pay him right now without checking into this. THis is ridiculous!! Have never heard a word until now?? Really

  • De
    Debi Johnson Jan 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I experienced the same problem with them. After I graduated, I received a call saying I owed over 2000.00. They made a financial aid mistake in my packaging. Then, they wanted to charge me with the balance. I contacted ombudsman who researched the situation. They wrote it off. I received a 4. 0 in 3 degrees I earned. The professors are great. The financial aid office and business offiuce is awful! I agree with you 100%

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Resolved dropping me from a class

I really do not have the last part of information, however, I was enrolled with Kaplan University from Oct 2009 until June 2011 in an Associates Degree program online. In May, it started with saying documents were continuously missing, forms were not correct, etc. so I complied to what they (financial aid dept) asked, when I submitted all the documents and tried to get back into the class, the financial aid dept stated that I dropped the class which makes no sense because I had one class left to graduate. The student support stated I had finanical aid that was not used., however, financial aid again said I dropped the class and owed them $5 thousand dollars. I feel like I was not done right. I am the spouse of a retired veteran, and this is how we are treated? we as wives, we serve too because we are left behind to carry the load of mom and dad. Can you please help me?

  • An
    AngryGAstudent Feb 04, 2012

    I graduated from Kaplan in 2011 and this week (2/1/12) they say I owe $5, 437. My balance was zero in July 2011. I am furious! I think Kaplan needs a class action lawsuit against them for financial mismanagement.

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  • Ti
    timbo97 Feb 16, 2012

    I to was a student at Kaplan University online they also told me that I had enough financial aid and I get a bill for $3500.00 just got off of the phone with their collection dept I quit after 1 year at there college . I am stiil poed about how they are conducting the financial aid for the students someone should start a class action suit against them.

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they are holding my funds

Kaplan is continually screwing up my financial aid monies.
They over awarded me, then sent my monies back to the lender. Then decided I now own them. They won't release my current stipend funds, this excuse or that excuse...
They won't file a grievance on my behalf. I have filed a grievance twice and they don't ever seem to get it.
They offer continual WRONG information. They are a bunch of monkeys!
Whomever offered a law suit, count me in.../ Denise Moon

stay away

I went to check out this school in April 2009. I was working at a job that I didn't like & like so many others they made all these promises and told us that I would have a certification that would let me work in a Physicians office.. They told us upfront how much it was going to cost & my jaw dropped. $15, 000. My husband simply looked at me & said do you want to do this or not? I said yes and so I enrolled in The Medical Office Specialist program. I wanted to learn billing & coding. I had to postpone the date that I would start for personal reasons.
I started the classses in July 2009 at the campus. I had gotten a pell grant for $3, 500 and my husband took out a loan from his retirement for the rest. (I kept the reciept that said paid in full) I found out from other students that they had been roped into taking out up to 3 loans & that their interest rate was as high as 17%! I busted my hump for the 7 months to stay with a 4.0 GPA & I never missed a day.
It did not take long to figure out that TSB was just in it for the money as I saw students who had no business being there getting passed on to the next module even though they should have been flunked out. When I called my instructor on this she advised that she was just following policy. They just needed to get a passing grade & that she had to grade on a curve.
I had other issues with the school as far as how the students were treated and the fact that alot of the information in their books was outdated. My instructor was great she advised us that the school said that we had to learn one thing; but she also told us that in the real world things worked differently. I noticed that when students were sent to their externship sites the students with the worst possible grades, attitude & appearance went to the hiring sites more often than not & the ones who obeyed the rules didn't. They tried telling me that they did not know which sites were hiring or not.
I graduated in March with honors & I took what I thought was a certification test this month. SURPRISE! It is not a certification test it is a competency exam that the Docotrs don't care about anyway! Now I have to spend another $300 to get the real thing from AHIMA! I ahve warned everyone that I can to stay away from that school & others like it. They all say they are accredited and they may be but the certificate that you get you can get cheaper @ the community college & get it done right the 1st time.
STAY AWAY FROM SCHOOLS LIKE THIS! It might take longer to get your education at your local community college; but in the end you will have the degree you NEED & employers will not look at the school you went to & decide based on that that they WILL NOT hire you!

  • No
    NotHappyWithKaplan Feb 04, 2013

    ME: I am looking into other schools and leaving Kaplan. What is the proper procedure of leaving Kaplan?

    THEM: You will need to contact your advisor to have your request escalated and also contact financial aid

    THEM: What has made you decide to leave Kaplan?

    ME: Just dealing with the whole process of FA and how noone seem to care how the funds are being disbursed.

    THEM: Have you tried to have the issue escalated so a manager can follow up with you?

    ME: Several times

    THEM: From experience, I can honestly say that changing schools isn't going to guarantee you won't experience the same issue

    THEM: Are you still receiving funding to cover your classes?

    THEM : If you still receive funding that covers your classes that should be your main financial focus, which shouldn't be an issue to cause you to withdraw

    ME: I will just have to take my chances. I go through this almost every term and I've never experienced this at other schoolsTHEM: But if you receive funding there shouldn't be an issue

    THEM: It sounds like you are referring to issues regarding your stipend, which shouldn't be the main reason you are in school

    THEM: If your classes are covered that should be the main focus

    ME: It isn't. And if you look at my transcript that will show you that I am not

    THEM : You should be focused on the education and not the check

    THEM : So, if it's not for the check and you receive funding what's the issue?

    ME: Why shouldn't it be an issue that you have federal funds that have been sent to the school and not being disbursed properly.

    THEM: Because that's when it sounds like you only care about getting a check versus caring about being covered financially for classes

    THEM: You are worried more about money that you will eventually have to pay back to the government

    THEM : That isn't a good reason to withdraw from a school

    THEM : Especially when your concerns aren't even academic related AND you have funding to cover your education

    Me: Not just that alone...You personal that react and talk just as you are is helping with that decision

    THEM: I'm sorry, but I'm confused at the statement you just made

    THEM: I don't get what you are trying to say

    THEM: I'm not sure if you are saying I'm helping with your decision to withdraw, but now it sounds as though you are looking for excuses to withdraw when I'm trying to get you to understand that withdrawing because of a stipend check shouldn't be the reason to leave

    THEM: You're not getting paid to go to school. Your main objective is to attend school to get the education

    THEM : You can always work with someone directly to help you with the stipend check as you continue to move forward

    THEM: However, it sounds like you only care about the money and not the fact that you are financially covered for classes. So, since you would like to quit for that reason I encourage you to follow up with your primary advisor to complete your request

    THEM : Is there anything else I can assist you with?

    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

    Is this how I am to be talked to when I am paying you thousands of dollars in tuition?

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financial aide department

I am a student at Kaplan University, I have had problenms with the finanial department since I started. I started in Sept. 2010, ever time I call in to find out what is going on with my expense check they have multiple reasons why I have not recieved it . I called yesterday and spoke with someone and he told my that my check has not been processed yet. The reason they told me is, that my income taxes states that he (my husband) paid child support for 2010, and I needed to show proof of this. He told me to hold on and let him see if I can hand write it. He came back on the line and told me that I can hand write a letter stating that he paid this certain amount and have my name somewhere in the letter and my husbands. I have never had to do this before. I was disturbed that I had to do this. He said that I stated it on my FASA. Which it still don't make sice to me. Today I recieve a email and a phone call about a missing document, so I login and it said that I needed to resubmit the same form that I have sent 5 times earlier. When you look at all the list of documents that have been approved or no longer needed it shows that it's no longer needed. I am royally frustrated with this school. I am ready to transfer out.


I owe Direct Loans $13, 000 for spending less than 1 year at this rip-off school. I thought on-line was the way to go, since I only had a semester left at my former school. I knew not all my classes would transfer, but Kaplan accepted 20% of my coursework. Then the loan went to the school, and I had to call for 2 weeks to get the refund, which they wanted to keep. The veterans discount was not applied until my third term, and was not retroactive. The webcam sent for one class was only compatible with Windows XP, so I could not finish the class. When I finally quit, they waited 2 months to send my Student Loan back to the lender and classified it as a payment, not a refund. This meant I was paying interest for money I never saw nor used. Also with the way their school year is set, when I went to my old University I was unable to get loans for my last semester since I reached the year monetary allotment. The school year for Kaplan is 18 months long. The "classes" were a joke. The counselors were terrible; the red tape was unreal, and I learned nothing. Now I get to pay the government close to $20, 000 because of this joke. 5 years at a real University $23, 000. less than 1 year at Kaplan $14k. The school in owned by the Washington Times. Maybe they should be sued.

  • Mr
    Mrknowitall Oct 27, 2011

    Pay your debt

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  • St
    Streetlamps Oct 27, 2011

    Sounds like a crazy scam! Good luck with school.

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  • Th
    th3bt Oct 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry. The Washington Post owns the school

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  • Th
    th3bt Oct 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    What? I am paying my debt, jackanapes. My complaint is that I was snowed into a debt that gave me nothing in return. I have no problem with paying for a service, my problem is paying for nothing, which I am currently doing. Maybe you should actually read the post before you make asinine comments.

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  • Th
    th3bt Oct 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    B' sneeze- you are right, and that is why I left before being there a year. My complaint is that the tactics this institution of higher education uses to lure students is wrong. I was lied to. I was traded to different departments. I did research things like credentials, course of study, etc. I was told before I enrolled that most of my transfer credits would be accepted. It wasn't until after I enrolled that I discovered most of them were not. I appealed, which took 6 months. Did you read my complaint? I was told, as a veteran I would receive a discount for tuition. That did not happen until the 3rd term. They " lost" my paperwork. That is why I left the school. Is the onus on me to ensure that the money I did not use at the school go back to the loan company as a payment? No. I am taking the responsibility and paying off a debt which gave me nothing. Hindsight is 20/20. The reason I wrote this complaint is to warn others. The school is shady. They lied to me.

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  • Mr
    Mrknowitall Oct 28, 2011

    Do you really believe that this shopping mall school is a real school? Come on. These places exist because there are people who don't have the intelligence to get into real universities fall for these scams. The same reason that some people go into the armed services because they can't find a job anywhere else. Anyone doing any bit of research should realize that this place is a scam. Just because you fall for it doesn't excuse you from paying off your debt. Ask your mommy before you have to make any further life decisions. Don't add being a deadbeat to your list of bad decisions. Pay your debt.

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  • Th
    th3bt Oct 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your great advice and acumen into all things proves your moniker is well earned Mr. Knowitall. I bet you are the coolest person living in your parents basement. Your comments make no sense. Troll elsewhere little loser.

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  • Mr
    Mrknowitall Nov 01, 2011

    Someone is to stupid to realize how stupid they are. Its no ones fault but your own that you couldn't see that you were being scammed. Calling people trolls doesn't change the fact that you're the one that was scammed, and, still in debt. People with brains don't fall for that crap. Maybe writing a check every month will jar a few brain cells to work.

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  • Mo
    moore9 Aug 04, 2012

    I agree mrknowitall, but the government allows scams to go on and should protect the people and that's what the dummies are there for. Maybe they are so caught up in the gay marriage garbage they for get about running the country .

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  • Ju
    Judith Hatch Dec 18, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I know that there have been numerous current and former students regarding the fraud and deception that occurred in regards to Kaplan. There is pending litigation that is establishing the fact that there were questionable activities going on in regards to the admissions process. the student loan process and the grades received by students. I am currently assisting an attorney in Florida to try and get as much verification from students as well as current and former faculty members to substantiate the deceptive and fraudulent that were used. Please send me your story and include any Kaplan faculty member that played a role in your story. You can either contact me through Facebook or at [email protected] Please also feel free to include any documentation that you would be willing to share.For me this has been a 9 year struggle but I really do see a real possibility. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. Judith Hatch

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I'm completely embarrassed that I fell for the kaplan trap

I spent one, 10 week term (and 5 grand) at Kaplan and it was the largest waste of time and CASH ever. I entered already having a bachelors degree but wanting to work in health care. What a stupid mistake that was.

The instructors don't care, many of them aren't even adequately educated. Students spend "class time" yapping on their cell phones, having noisy conversations, sleeping, or talking about themselves. Instructors have absolutely zero classroom control, so the one or two people really trying to learn get overlooked. Instructors act irritated by those who want to make excellent grades.

Financial aid lies – don't believe me? Read reviews all over the internet about how people get ripped off by financial aid misleading them. This was evident by them magically having funds for me after I told them I couldn't afford the program as it stood. I'm positive that they would have let me end my time saying I had loans, then suddenly presented me at the end with a bill, holding my degree for ransom. Again, read reviews on the internet of people to which this very thing has happened. I reckon getting a root canal would be more fun than dealing with the business office nightmare.

Also, I've spoken to doctors around here and they won't hire students who go to Kaplan because the school has a crappy reputation due to its graduating people who are poorly educated and lack communication and workplace skills. It's a joke of an "institution". It's not a university, it's an institution of higher learning. Credits do NOT transfer because no respectable school will take credits from Kaplan. This is a for-profit business. They do not care about you succeeding, they care about overcharging people dumb enough to fall for their scam.

I'm completely embarrassed that I fell for the Kaplan trap, and I hope anyone considering attending Kaplan will RUN in a different direction. PLEASE do more research than I did. I'm now looking at a program at a reputable school and the cost of this program is 1/3 of what Kaplan charged. There are other options, you just have to seek them out. I did not do enough research and now I'm paying for that mistake.

  • Dj
    DJB67 Aug 01, 2015

    I agree 100%, and I'm embarrassed I also fell for the trap. "Earn a degree and pursue a career in that field". It has been five years since I graduated, and I can't get into that field.

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Resolved forced loans with out contractual contract

What I'm about to tell you blows my mind and maybe yours too - this is what happen to me with Kaplan today..

Oh Please let me vent for a moment - So, my college sent me a bill for 6, 900 for payment to get me through school till March 2012, with a repayment of $880 a month. So I called them up to inquire. I explained this was never a pre-agreed arrangement. They know this - James at the finical aid office told me he know. So, you think you can send me a bill - when I'm working on getting my own funding - You (meaning the college Kaplan ) with no notice to me and decide "Hay, you now owe us, even though you do not want it - we (Kaplan University) decided you (that would be me) do want it" - So, I sweetly explained that what I was about to stay was not towards him (James), but the college institution of Kaplan University it's self.

I know they law before I started school 3 years ago and now I have more insight - I'm going to slap a law suite on you so big it will make your heads swim - I'm also not the person who makes threats and I typically do not give warnings, however I feel that the sheep need more direction. I'm also the person who gets her orgasms by correct the injustice. You (Kaplan University) can not send me to collections or put anything on my credit just because you feel like it and you can't make or tell me to pay you when it was not greed upon in a legal written contract before hand.

What the school institution is going is a seriously illegal practice and I'm going to make a example out of this school for doing such.
So James put me on hold to see if there was anything in writing. When really he was so freaked out and because he had not been trained to handle my type of phone call. He simple placed me on hold for over 35 minutes. When he returned I explained to him why he had to put me on hold, explained I was not faulting him just the institution (Kaplan University) that he works for. I told him (James) I would have a subpoena for all phone recordings (which they do) and take this to Federal court pro sa (meaning I'm the attorney, which I have a legal right to do) and anyone who has been on the other side of my stick can tell you - I am there worse night mare, I've won before and I will win again. money hunger institution. Where in the hell do they get off!!! They seethe in pool of greed -

James informed me that Kaplan University decided the following - I had 6 credits for the currant class and just enough fund from the government to cover this cost. But Kaplan decided that $6222.00 would be lent to me with a repayment of $800 a month. This would cover me thru March 13 2012 even though with the funds I had already covered this class in Latent Prints they decided to toss in there own money and spread it out of the next three classes and If I fail to pay and even if I make a payment below the $800. Kaplan could block me from my class I'm currently in and then kick me out of school. Remember I already had fund from the government to cover this class.
Plus, if I do not make the payment a $100.00 a month fee will be applied on top of interest..

REMEMBER THIS WAS NOT A contractual agreement: " In law, a contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties which, if it contains the elements of a valid legal agreement, is enforceable by law or by binding arbitration. A legally enforceable contract is an exchange of promises with specific legal remedies for breach"



  • Mo
    Mommy monster Feb 13, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Yes I agree and yet they have gone on to rape many more single mother, unsuspecting teens and people looking for growth we should sue them! It's just not having a army to do so is what stops many like me the fear of losing and making more debt with court cost.

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  • Ja
    Jafujay34 Mar 10, 2012

    I am in this situation now and want to know how did it turn out? I am so angry at the situation that I am placed. I have 24 credits left befor graduation and I am being pressed to get another student choice loan. I already had one and is being asked for a payment of 800 dollars a month until the loan is paid. My response was that I could not pay that amount and will not be signing a promissory agreement. I will be blocked from classes because I will not sign it. I do not know what else to do or where else to go. I am also unsure of the stipulations on this loan. No one has yet answered my questions on repayment options and stipulation. I am so angry and confused…

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  • Ch
    christina0604 Jul 04, 2012

    I am currently a Kaplan student, as I rephrase am to blocked. In December of 2011 I was told I has to sign this MPN or would not be allowed to start my next semester. I'm freaking out I have no one to talk to to get advice from so after I call financial aid and wonder how they came up with the payment amount I was told it was from my tax return. Mind you I am unemployed my soon to be husband is the only one working. So I signed the MPN and skipped my car payments to pay $351 a month. I recently have not been able to pay anything and so nicely have been blocked today, even though I spoke to someone last week because they constantly call me wanting money or more forms faxed I never was told from the woman I spoke to that I would be blocked from my next semester. I am 2 courses away from earning a BS and I do not know what to do. I have always questioned the grading in this school and if my degree would even get me anywhere. Now Kaplan did tell me that in order to receive their Eloan I must be denied by 2 other companys for a student loan and show the school proof. Well I already know I will not get a loan I'm unemployed and why do I want to have those negative marks on my credit? So I decided to look into another student loan, none of my banks do loans with Kaplan. Now what?

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  • Ve
    very mad at kaplan Aug 23, 2012
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    i was scam by kalan university too becasue i had health issue and withdrew in the 8th week in jan `12 but was told that i owe a 1100 bill. They had sent back all my loans that is against the papers we sign. Then in Aug they shut me out of my kU campus for back payment. This college is a rip off and i am trying to find a lawyer. there is misconduct that happen in june too from the universtiy if we have to live by the conduct code so should they contact me by [email protected]

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  • Ne
    Neve a Medical Asst Aug 28, 2013

    I totally agree with anyone complaining about Kaplan. These instructors and personnel are ALL so under qualified that I would not send my "enemy" to them for an education. I took the medical assisting and quite frankly thought it was a (1) on a scale of 1-10 education. I am very smart and learn quickly but these people are clueless. I just heard that the "government loans" that Kaplan used mostely does NOT get paid back. So, Kaplan is riding on $$ from the Federal Government. It's a shame they can stay in business. If yo have any not go to school at this university. There are others that are better, ., ..believe me. NOT good quality.

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