Kaplan University Complaints & Reviews

Kaplan University / kaplan a complete scam!!

Nov 16, 2018

It makes me sick how many bad reviews I have found. I as a mother wanted to better myself and was assured Kaplan was an accredited school. I busted my ass to complete everything on top of taking care of my kids. I became pregnant with our 3rd, who when born early had to be flown out to a...

Kaplan University / kaplan financial aid

Feb 22, 2018

I had to fight to get back into Kaplan. The Dean had to approve my return because i was in an accident that almost took my life. Once this was proven I was told that I would be eligible for all scholarships and financial aid to which i received for 3 terms after returning. The I get thi...

Kaplan University / financial aid practices

Nov 24, 2017

Funds are never released in the date they give you. There's a long turn around time between them getting the funds from the federal government, providing to the third party credit union, and then finally releasing to you. I don't usually get my refund until Week 6. OF A 10 WEEK COURSE WHEN...

Kaplan University / unauthorized credit card charges/ student loans/ada accommodations

Nov 01, 2017

I stated at Kaplan in 2016 and had told the collage that I had recieved ADA accommodations at my previous collages and in high school. I had filled out the paperwork and sent it in. I had not heard from anyone nor would they return my emails. When I tried to contact my advisor by phone I...

Kaplan University / scam

Oct 12, 2017

Back in 2010, I had to withdraw from classes and ended up being told I owed the school almost $6k. I fought for years, called and spoke with an excess of 50 different people. All of whom told me I owed this money and I couldn't have my transcripts or re-enroll unless it was paid. I...

Kaplan University / bad practices

Jul 12, 2017

I attended Kaplan university [protected]. I graduated on dec 2014, but I never got my degree. they got me for more than 74k on student loans, yet they told me I needed 10k so they gave me a loan themselves so I can finish my classes and get my degree on criminal justice. Like I said I never...

Kaplan University / financial aide and advising

Jun 21, 2017

I have contacted both departments numerous times, each semester. Each time I was assured my financing was in order, I would have enough money. Then I look and it says I owe $1700+. I call back in and they say I'm out of money and I was given misleading information last time. Now tack on an...

Kaplan University / fraudulent activity?

Jun 15, 2017

I was a student at Kaplan University a total of three times, between 2003 and 2014. There has been a hold placed on my transcripts and they refused to give me the diploma that I earned. On 6/15/2017 I went into the administrative office to get a better understanding of this. I'd already...

Kaplan University / financial aid

May 02, 2017

I was told by Kim Ferguson that it would cost $14, 000 for 1 year for medical billing and coding. She had me apply for a student loan and pell grant. Told me it would $9, 000 loan and $5, 815 for grant, she said it would be around $7, 000 for first 20 weeks then reapply for next 20 week...

Kaplan University / financial aid, department, college loans financial aid advisor.

Mar 12, 2017

I can honestly be certain that it is way too late to post any form of complaint about this college and the financial burden it had placed on me since the start of my education with them. I believe that the start of my degree plan with them was in November of 2011 or 2012. Within the 1st few...

Kaplan University / my stipend

Jan 08, 2017

I have been told many times that I would get my stipend when my financial posted. It has posted but the number i call the inquire about it says I don't have one scheduled when I was told by financial aid I have one. I am sick of the lies you guys tell me and I would love to drop out. You...

Kaplan University / education services

Feb 18, 2016

My name is Camille Person. I began my nursing program at Kaplan University in Cedar Rapids around a year ago. I have given this program my blood, sweat, and tears and was over halfway done when this semester I was dismissed from the Kaplan’s nursing program. Throughout my schooling at Kaplan I...

Kaplan University rip off American's and Federal Government / kaplan university is scamming the american public and the federal government

Oct 31, 2015

I have attended Kaplan University Online and I made it a point to watch my student account to make sure that I didn't owe the school anything so I would have my diploma upon graduation. I have federal money borrowed that in total are $38, 000.00 for a two year degree. If someone would have...

Kaplan University / I need to study 5 subjects again

Sep 27, 2015

I needed to get two more certificates in order to start the job in hospital. I applied for the course through kaplan university. I’m certified nurse and need only two certificates. But the representative of the university told me to pass chemistry, math and 3 other subjects. I asked him twice...

Kaplan University Online / charges

Oct 14, 2014

I graduated with a Master's in Homeland Security last year. Have still been unable to find a job in that sector even with this degree and over 10 years of law enforcement experience. They told me they would help me find employment and I received emails for about 3 months after...

Kaplan University / stipend

Aug 01, 2014

I gave Kaplan two addresses: primary and shipping. I informed them which address to send my check to. Well, they applied my loan to my tuition, but did not send my check out until two weeks later. They end up sending my check to the wrong address. I called and called seeing if they would...

Kaplan University / stipend checks

Dec 12, 2013

Kaplan never sends out your financial aid checks on time. They hold onto the money for 8 weeks and by the time the course is over you finally receive your check and by this point, you have already flunked out of your class because you have lost everything you owned with promises to pay...

Kaplan University / withdrawal

Oct 15, 2013

I recently just withdrew from Kaplan University Online after completing a term. I passed the class but called in to get the final grade and was told that I had a "W" (withdrawal) from the class. Needless to say that I was shocked because I did not not withdraw from the class until I...

Kaplan University Online / horriable school read this

May 09, 2013

Ok, Where do I start. When I first decided to go to school I looked at my options and found Kaplan. I spoke to a women who helped me through the process, from financial aid and so on. Let me say I have never spoken to any of these people once I was enrolled into school. Few terms went by and...

Kaplan University / incompetent consultant

May 06, 2013

Their consultants does not provide enough info for the students, does not keep up with updates with students and he is not able to help solve any problems the students are having. He does not reply to emails, taking a long time to reply, even in emails he does not answer to questions. Upon...

Kaplan University / not passing course

Mar 14, 2013

I have been at Kaplan University for over three years. What work I do gets mostly high grades. I took Linux as a suggested course, not required, and have failed it five times. Every time there was Technical problems, of accessing the right stuff, getting an OS and then having it fail in...

Kaplan College / fraud, expensive, misleading

Jan 13, 2013

This college is a fraud. This college gave me outdated books, and classes. I had to buy my own books. I paid for the cst (Computer support technician) which cost $16, 099 and I regret it. I regret not going to a community college or state university. Avoid this college at all cost, one of...

Kaplan University / student loan scam


I am reporting this information to you in an attempt to make justice happen with the online university who did this to me. My story starts in 2006 when I signed up for online classes with Kaplan University. I wanted to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. I attended one...

Kaplan University / taken all my financial aid and failed me in last class


After being told I had to have emergency surgery in my final semester at Kaplan for my Masters in Psychology, they failed me when I hurried through an assiment because I could not get ahold of an acedemic advisor to discuss this. There has to be some better solution, I will appeal thi...

Kaplan University Bakersfield, California / fraud misappropriation of government funds


Hi my name is Christina N. Mcquiston, Fist let me start by saying I have read and followed most any and all complaints about Kaplan" formerly"( Maric) collage from all over the united states and from what I have read I believe to be undoubtedly true, I have personally dealt with .Kaplan...

Kaplan University / about kaplan


I feel like this if kaplan is such a bad school then why not sue ? you should of did your research first before wasting your time and energy im not saying this havent happen to anyone is true but instead of pounding your keys about how this school sucks go to the state sue them whatever...

Kaplan University / what a scam


Kaplan University is a very big scam. I just signed on for the first term a couple weeks ago. I am still in the free 5 week program, but I emailed my adviser and said that I wanted out. Haven't heard from her yet. The classes are very pathetic. I was learning the stuff they are...

Kaplan University / financial aid scam suspected


I complained about a balance on my student account, which was caused by Kaplan returning financial aid back to the lender without my approval. My complaint went to the ombudsman for the university and she agreed that the money was returned inappropriately. She stated, via email, that my...

Kaplan University / federal loan not returned


I enrolled at Kaplan University in 2005 to finish my Paralegal Degree. Unfortunately, I had to drop due to financial problems, I paid my Federal Loan - but all of the sudden I received a letter from Kaplan telling me I owed them $2, 000.00 I have been trying to clear my debt, and there is no...

Kaplan University Online / do not enroll!!!


The instructors are allowed to grade as they "feel". Each class is run and operated by the instructor, not the university. If you have an issue with an instructor or have a concern like question specific assignment criteria or grading practices Tough luck! I maintained a 3.96 GPA until my...

Kaplan University / fa loan money not being sent to me!


I was told my check would be mailed out on the 11th, then the 18, then the 20 and now the 27th! COME ON. I have had to sell my car to buy a new laptop so I could stay in school because someone broke into my room and took my laptop. I am living in a hotel however only for 2 more day...

Kaplan University / money they say I owe


Just received a phone call saying that after 2 years Kaplan University says I owe them 1850.00. I told the guy I have no idea what your talking about I had student loans so why would i owe you he said this is separate, uh no dont think so!! I think he really thought i was going to pay him...

Kaplan University Financial Aid Dept / dropping me from a class


I really do not have the last part of information, however, I was enrolled with Kaplan University from Oct 2009 until June 2011 in an Associates Degree program online. In May, it started with saying documents were continuously missing, forms were not correct, etc. so I complied to what...

Kaplan University / they are holding my funds


Kaplan is continually screwing up my financial aid monies. They over awarded me, then sent my monies back to the lender. Then decided I now own them. They won't release my current stipend funds, this excuse or that excuse... They won't file a grievance on my behalf. I have filed a...

Kaplan University / stay away


I went to check out this school in April 2009. I was working at a job that I didn't like & like so many others they made all these promises and told us that I would have a certification that would let me work in a Physicians office.. They told us upfront how much it was going to cost...

Kaplan University Online / financial aide department


I am a student at Kaplan University, I have had problenms with the finanial department since I started. I started in Sept. 2010, ever time I call in to find out what is going on with my expense check they have multiple reasons why I have not recieved it . I called yesterday and spoke with...

Kaplan University / rip-off


I owe Direct Loans $13, 000 for spending less than 1 year at this rip-off school. I thought on-line was the way to go, since I only had a semester left at my former school. I knew not all my classes would transfer, but Kaplan accepted 20% of my coursework. Then the loan went to the school...

Kaplan University / I'm completely embarrassed that I fell for the kaplan trap


I spent one, 10 week term (and 5 grand) at Kaplan and it was the largest waste of time and CASH ever. I entered already having a bachelors degree but wanting to work in health care. What a stupid mistake that was. The instructors don't care, many of them aren't even adequately...

Kaplan University / forced loans with out contractual contract


What I'm about to tell you blows my mind and maybe yours too - this is what happen to me with Kaplan today.. Oh Please let me vent for a moment - So, my college sent me a bill for 6, 900 for payment to get me through school till March 2012, with a repayment of $880 a month. So I called...

Kaplan University / balance due


While I was attending Kaplan I was informed that I no longer had any financial aid available so I was no longer able to attend. After contacting the University I was informed that here was an error with my financial papers and I would be able to attend the next class. I ended up graduating...