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3:49 pm EDT
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Edwise Course consultancy

My complaint is regarding untrained consultant in edwise international chandigarh. Please train your staff mis neha and if possible other staff who consider themselves as someone who are doing social work and behaves abruptly and give senseless replies. Not trained enough to resolve your queries rather ask u to fill the form of the institute first to get your issues resolve. Kindly teach these illiterate that forms are filed when all your concerns regarding the desired course with the institute are resolved. Not even bothered if they are losing a client. I suggest all students to kindly search out themselves approach the prospective college yourself and get all your issues resolved. They get 8 to 12 percent commission from your fees and even then they try to be bossy ask them to shut up especially mis neha. She needs to be admitted to nursery standard.

The institute in which i intend to get admitted resolved all issues in 10 mins.

And mis neha in the argument told me to ask the institute to discount u 10 percent.

I am asking the owner of edwise if such fools are hired all your earnings will be shifted to the education institute and your Staff will lose nothing as they are not bothered about your earnings.


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8:30 am EST

Edwise Against saradiya sengupta

She is the agent from USA and was supposed to help me in my college work but the service was below average and she never responded in time and now, my college deadline is almost near. Because of her callousness, I might lose the college. She never interacted with me properly and never picked up my calls. Please take the necessary actions and assign me with a different agent.

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10:29 am EST
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HELLO THERE, I Hope atleast after this complaint i will get a quick response I have been trying to consult about german engineering studies in edwise for 1 month but there are keep on giving me reasons for postponing the appointment like 1)adviser is unavailable, 2)adviser is in other branch, 3)somebody is on leave, 4)your location is navi mumbai so...

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7:31 pm EST
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Edwise Applications for ms

I went to Edwise since it's a very well known educational consultancy. However as soon as I entered I was greeted by a very rude receptionist who seemed to ignore me despite registration and appointments. The counselor did not give me complete information and we applied to their partner university. I paid application fees of €100 and now university has mailed me asking for GMAT score. Edwise did not say it was compulsory, they said it's not even required. Now when I confronted counselor, they are saying it's not their fault and university provided them with false/incomplete information.

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3:48 am EST

Edwise Services

I am writing this complaint regarding the Edwise vashi branch in navi mumbai. To start of, the entire place in managed by three to four women, and the manager is akshata rao. Unfortunately she is the student admission Councillor to US admissions. I tell you it is very difficult to talk to her. She is very rude and the entire management sucks. the faculty to teach gre quants and verbal there, keeps changing every week. When I was a student, there was no verbal faculty and the one who taught quants gave gre and himself fled to USA in NorthEastern University without teaching the entire course.His name was Swapnil Tejale. For almost a month we were having no faculty. This manager akhata rao, is very rude and unhelpful. When I joined the classroom program I was told that they would be helping me in shortlisting universities, making lors and sops. As a matter of fact, I purposefully made a few grammatical errors to test whether or not they proofread my lors. They returned my lors claiming that they have checked the lors. when I opened the mail to see, I found not a single letter was changed, leave the mistakes aside. My councilor firstly did not shortlisted universities for me, and when I pressurized her, she shortlisted some universities, I never heard of, and some of them were even black listed. Please EDWISE vashi is a very misleading, bad and capricious place. I strongly recommend anyone not to join that institute. They have extremely poor work ethics. One more important thing, when I enrolled I was told that I will be getting 6 Manhattan mock tests, I got them indeed but one day before my exam. It is a horrible place to study.
One of my friends was applying for the course of EM( engineering management), and Akshata rao, shortlisted him universities which did not have the course of EM. he wasted his money by actually sending his application to the universities. Akshata rao is the worst student councellor over there. Please do not enroll in Edwise vashi gre institute.

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12:00 am EDT

Edwise Wrong information!

I was sent by a counselor from india. I was given incorrect information about the university and i am not to happy to be here. Please advice what can i do. I emailed my counselor but got no reply as he has got his commission now.

This is a serious issue as wrong guidance is been given by these councilors in order to get their commission from the units.

Please advise smb and beware!

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, IN
Nov 26, 2019 5:18 am EST

You wont regret visiting

, AE
Jun 04, 2019 11:23 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I had an unpleasent experience in vashi branch long back and they never replied to my emails.
Even in 2019 it is still same .

Email id s like & info@edwiseinternational will never give a reply.

Such irresponsible and unprofessional staffs, i have never seen in my life.

, IN
Mar 03, 2016 5:39 am EST

They are so deceitful in their approach. I went to Edwise trivandrum and the 4 ladies sitting there just care about chit chat over the phone.When I went there for first time, they told me that they provide IELTS coaching and academic placements in few universities I intended to pursue my MS in. However, the only coaching they did was to make me sit in a room and gave me cambridge books to solve without even giving me proper guidance on how to solve it. If I knew that this was their coaching method, I would rather have purchased old cambridge practice texfs from some 2nd hand sellers and solved them myself. I comforted myself by thinking that atleast they have got placement assistance and discontinued my coaching with them half way after giving the full amount required for coaching. Now that I finished IELTS on my own and went to their office for placement, they tell some silly reason and avoid me every time. Another one of my friend who met with same attitude from them changed consultancies and went abroad for studies in better universities they claimed to him as the "best options". Please dont get deceived by trivandrum Edwise and go elsewhere for both IELTS coaching and higher studies consultation.

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