JustFlyincorrect information provided

I Aug 01, 2018

I was booked for a 1:50 pm flight, I called about 2 weeks ago to inquire how to do go about doing a name change and I was told by a representative that my flight was moved to 10:40am flight. I now had additional tickets booked for the 10:40am flight since they wanted to travel with me. Today I was now Inform by the airline that my flight time is 1:50pm and now they a charging me a total of $363us dollars to have myself and the other person on the same flight. Why do I have to pay for justfly's employee mistake? I was in the phone for about an hour and still no one from the team could help. I need to be on the same flight with the other family members and I am kindly requesting that you fix this and have this issue resolved because I will not be paying from my pocket a charge to change when I was informed by just fly that it was change.

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