JustFlyflight booking service

V Nov 14, 2017

I purchased 2 adult flights through Justfly, com, I believe it may have been my error, but I cannot believe I would have been so mistaken as to have selected a flight with a 10 hour layover and arriving a day after we are supposed to check in. However, I was willing to accept the error was mine. I did not attempt to blame when I called customer service within an hour of booking the flight, in fact it was 45 minutes later. The customer service agent stated they could not change the flight, which is what I expected, she went on to say because I purchased the extended cancellation option that was my best course of action. I would be charged only the $39.98 I paid for the extended cancellation option. I explained the flights had been booked less than an hour from my call and had been an honest error, also pointing out they had a 24 hour cancellation policy that provides a full refund subject to cancellation not a full refund really. They charged me $39.98 for cancelling less than an hour after the purchase due to what was accepted as an honest mistake on my part. The customer service agent was rude and initially attempted to prevent me from speaking to a supervisor stating they would tell me the same thing. When I insisted, she said I would have to hold for 3-5 minutes, it was actually 11 minutes. The supervisor picked up identified himself as "Vic" and provided and employee # as 6031 when I asked for an operator #, he began by reiterating what the female customer service agent said without asking me what my concerns were. Vic went on to say once the flight was cancelled I could not book on either flight again as they would be sending the information to the airlines.

When I reread the extended cancellation fee that I purchased I saw that it is for within 24 hours, not over 24 hours, so I made an error there as well or I would have been charged $74.00. The fees are outrageous. It continues to amaze me how flight booking sites and airlines continue to do as they like because as consumers we have no other options.

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