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T Dec 19, 2019

I have already complained about this company taking out £40 from my account after I cancelled my £5 trial fee I would like a refund please as I have already stated that I am an old age pensioner and can't afford it [protected] l'm sorry that I didn't read the emails send by other people who were conned as well also my question to a solicitor was not of any benefit to me Thanks Teresa

  • Updated by Teresa Mcgauley · Dec 26, 2019

    On 6 th November I paid £5 for a free trial ( For advice from a solicitor which was of no assistance to me ) then I cancelled .So to my dismay £40 was taken from my account on 23rd.November .l have sent a few emails but no replies. Then on 24th.December another £40 was taken from my account again.I am an old age pensioner and £40 is 3/4 of my pension, so obviously I can't afford to lose that amount.I suspect that this is a Scam I would appreciate it if you could please get me a refund as I am desperate. I am also disabled and very hard to find someone who can help me with this problem.So when I came across this company. JustAnswer I was delighted as I thought this would give me the answer I was looking for .Thank you.

  • JustAnswer Customer Care's Response · Jan 03, 2020

    Hello Teresa,

    Thank you for reaching out to us about this. We can see that your recent membership charge has since been refunded.

    You can continue to ask questions on the site on a pay-per-question basis if you still need any assistance.

    JustAnswer Customer Care

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