Just Eatsomeone has committed fraud on my card and ordered food without my knowledge or consent request for refund

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I am sleep and live in London. I have received a phone call from a delivery driver telling me I'm at the Marriot Hotel in Norwich! I am in London how on earth has someone ordered food when me and my husband are in London. I am disgusted Just Eat do not have adequate online security to prevent fraud on my card! I do not know the name of takeaway company . However I have been asleep I only woke to visit the toilet and saw a message about a delivery from Norwich Pizza & Kebab order being on its way. I ignored it at first thinking it must be a message sent in error but then i am woken up by a takeaway driver saying he is outside the Marriot Hotel and my food is here. Firstly i said what hotel I am in London in my home asleep. He told me it cost £20.30 you need to refund my card asap!!! The police and fraud investigation will be contacting you! Once refunded I need my card details removed from your website asap. Please can someone contact me in writing on:
Regards Raakhee and Ervin

Sep 19, 2019
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  •   Sep 19, 2019

    “I am sleep and live in London. I ” you type well for a person asleep.

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