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DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK. If you have a Credit Card account, pay it off IMMEDIATELY. This Bank is a RIP-OFF. I was directed to this Bank when I bought an Apple Computer. From day one, I had suspicions because they were vague about when to make my first payment. Secondly, when I made a internet payment, they were very slow to post it to the account. I called and asked to change my payment date, no can do, says a rep. I then checked online to see what others had to say. I was shocked! Paid the thing off to a zero balance, and canceled the Card. You should do the same. Beware, only a fool would do business with this Bank!!


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    Denise Winter Jul 27, 2007

    A year ago I accepted a card with a minimum of $300, the same thing, mailed late to miss the due date, or slow in processing led me to be over the limit and late fee and at that time I was already having financial troubles. I called to cancel the card and it isn't so each month they charged the late fee and overlimit fee having it go up to $1300. They are acting like I never spoke to anyone, and have found my sister in laws number which is not the same last name, my husband's cell phone harassing him and asked if he had a lawyer, I was told they aren't allowed to come up with such numbers to contact me, I work 11-7 full time so I am never on the phone and besides I have already spoken to them the minute everything went wrong and they did not cancel the card. It is hurting the poor working class people, I could pay at the time the small minimum payment but they have a scam going on here. I have been praying... I can only trust in God about these evil doers that trap innocent people.

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  • Pi
    PinkyD Oct 01, 2007

    I had an error in processing my payment. I bit the bullet and paid the late fee. and the other staff were kind enough to work wth me. Low and behold, my account was charged a finance charge of an extra 24+ dollars as even though i added the late fee in the payment, they still charged me interest on the late fee. They have been a bad company, a rip off from the beginning, and they changed my interest rate from about 18 to 34.4% in one month. With no apology and no willingness to change. This is a fraud company and should be penalized by local law enforcemtn agencies and the govt. for the stealing/thievery . their customer service is not equipped to answer a question correctly. and of course there is no number to headquarters they are willing to give only an address...

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    Debra Neff Oct 10, 2007

    I had received a call on my cell phone from this company claiming to be Frontier Airlines Credit Card and that a transaction had occurred on my account and that I needed to call this number 866-390-3441 to confirm the transaction. When I called the number it asked me for the last four of my social and did not recognize then asked me for my entire social security number. I do not have any credit card accounts therefore I entered a bogus number and finally spoke to a customer rep. He claimed he was with Juniper Bank. They are merely fishing for personal information to get you to sign up for an account. Do not call this number if you receive a call and do not have an account. Also, when you call the number it does not clearly state what company they are only when you talk to a rep do you find out what company they are with.

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  • Ja
    James Nov 21, 2007

    Juniper is a company that will damage your credit considerably even if your account has never been late or over it's balance or delinquent in any way. Further more when confronted with the damage they have done you get stone walled by customer service who try to suggest that theres no way to talk to the credit department or to escalate a situation to the next higher authority. Even if you called and spoke with the credit department in the past you will suddenly be told that it doesn't exist.

    One way that juniper damages individuals credit ratings even on perfect accounts is by using a bait and switch opening limit. When you get a line of 2ooo.oo then spend 200.00 and juniper then drops your credit limit to 225.00 you are now maxed out and using 100% of your available credit essentially. This can be very damaging to an individuals fico, bottom line is juniper doesn't care.

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  • Ch
    chris f Jan 05, 2008

    If you are trying to send a payment to Juniper/Barclays and you might run late, it's best to use Western Union Quick Collect, its a $13 fee, but they will have the money posted the next business day. City Code: Barclaycard, State: DE. REMITCO handles all of the PO Box payments for Juniper/Barclays and they are owned by First Data, Juniper has nothing to do with the payments. First Data also owns Western Union, so in essence the payments are going directly to REMITCO and they send Juniper/Barclays the wire to their bank account, which is probably offshore in Europe. The company responsible for the payments is REMITCO a company contracted by Juniper/Barclays so I don't think payments are being held intentionaly to cause late fees.

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  • La
    Larry Flores Jan 09, 2008


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  • Ga
    Gail Truess Jan 10, 2008

    I cancelled my card today. I had perfect credit until doing business with this USAir/Mastercard from Juniper Bank. They very questionable practices of charging late fees and finance charges. Do not do business with them. It will cost you!

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  • To
    tom cloutier Jan 15, 2008

    I ran into a credit card bind, as so many have these days. So I contacted a credit card service who negotiated with my creditors to accept some payment each month, Juniper among them. This went on for 5 months, 5 months of Juniper accepting the partial payments, showing, I thought, a good will effort on my part. Yesterday i was contacted by the credit counseling company to say that Juniper passed my account to a collection agency and they are demanding a much larger payment than Junpier was receiving. Their attitude: Pay or leagal action will follow. I Juniper was going to pull such an unjust deal as this, why did they accept to work with me in the first place?

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  • Na
    Nannette Feb 12, 2008

    I have a Juniper card and I absolutely love it. I can get my transrisk score at any time, I pay early all the time, and never get charged a fee for that. It has a really low interest rate too.
    I have had it for about a year no problems.

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  • Ke
    Kelly Feb 16, 2008

    I agree with Nannette.
    I use my Juniper credit card ALL of the time.
    Never had any problems with them...I pay ontime.
    I like the fact that they email me everytime my transrisk score changes.

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  • Ki
    Kimberlie Feb 27, 2008

    I agree with Nanette and Kelly. I have had this account for 2 yrs and have never had a problem. I was issued an instant approval of $1750.00, always receive mail and email from them, payments are credited promptly, and the few times I have had a question, it was taken care of at the first level of customer service.(Although the Indian accent was a little hard to understand at first.) Just a few days ago, I received an increase without asking to $2700.00! Only 11.99%. That's great for someone with a bankruptcy in '04!

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  • Go
    goran May 17, 2008

    I don, t know where you people come with all this problems with Juniper, they send me application for last 10 months, finaly I said ok, get credit limit of $ 3500, with 7.99 APR, 3 months with them, never got any problem, not single one

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  • Ro
    Robert May 18, 2008

    This company sucks BAD! I was offered up to 15, 000, recieved only 5, 000, so I told them to keep it! Too late, A credit card was already on its way via US mail. I said that I would cut the card in half, if you would contact the Credit Bueaus and remove/cancel
    your inquires on my behalf. They didn't do it..I lost seven points on my credit score!!! The account shows active on my credit report, however it is closed. I am now writting the President of this company- notifying the BBB and filing a complaint- and launching a dispute with all three Credit Bureaus.. Just Say No!

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  • Jo
    johnathan May 19, 2008

    I have had an active account with them for about 4 years. When I applied, via an application at my local RaceTrack gas station, I was issued a 4, 000 credit line. I can honestly say I have never had a single problem with the company at all. I am shocked to see all the complaints, but I have none. I pay my bill online from my checking account so I don't have to mail in a payment and I have never been late.

    I love this company.

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  • Ja
    Jan Maratty May 22, 2008

    This site will not let me finish my complaint. It keeps deleting my comment. Be sure you fill out the consumer affairs complaint form. This bank is a joke, even my BAC talked with them and they do not consider any consumer anything. They are just a big scam as is Vonage. Stay away from them and their associates.

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  • Ed
    eddie Jun 19, 2008

    I received a check from this bank thanking me for my business for $11.44. I don't know anything about them, should I cash the check? Will I be obligated in any way?

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  • Bo
    Bob Jul 10, 2008

    I got a call from Shaniqua or Sha-ne-ne that was very rude. Must have been a bad day in the hood for her because she was acting like she was incharge of the whole company and it was her money. They posted the payment a week after I made the payment. This complany sucks and they are rude.

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  • Re
    rell Jul 12, 2008

    I agree that this company in my opinion does not provide good customer service. I paid twice in one month thinking that the payment I made at the end of the month would cover the next month’s bill. They applied both payments for the month of April and then charged me a late fee for not having my payment in for May. When I called they wouldn't remove the fee, they wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor, they reduced my available credit and jacked my APR up to 29.99. I paid off the account and then canceled, but since I paid it off in full two days after the closing date I have just been hit with an 11.00 dollar finance charge which I did not know about because I paid off the balance. Now a late payment charge has been added. I still owe the motherFers 51.00 dollars after I thought the account was closed. Beware it has been my experience that they care nothing about good customers or good customer service and I believe that my credit has suffered from doing business with this company. If you are going to have this card pray there are no mistakes and no problems because if there are you probably won't get much help.

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  • Vi
    Vince L Sep 04, 2008

    Barclays Bank Us Airways Card

    I agree with all of the negative comments regarding Juniper Bank, but it should be directed towards its parent bank, Barclays Bank. Over the years, I have dealt with many banks reagrding my credit cards. They all have been forgiving if a payment was late, this is the first and only time in 20+ years that a bank has been unwilling to waive its loanshark - usury late fees

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  • Pa
    Patricia Lum Sep 16, 2008

    I keep getting automated calls from Juniper Bank trying to reach Betty Lucas on my phone number. This number has been listed under PJ Lum for 14 years.

    I don't know any Betty Lucas. I keep hitting the prompt for wrong number. I can't get hold of a live person. I get theses calls everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

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  • Be
    beingrippedoffstill Sep 23, 2008

    I only had the card 2 months.I only used it for a 19.95 charge.I sent the payment on time.They claim it was late by 1 day and charged a 39.99 late fee.39.99 on a 19.95 charge.When I contacted them they were rude and said I was late and I had to pay it.I contacted them 2 more times and they got more nasty every time.I canceled the card and sent the "late charge" in full today.I am guessing I will get another bill with some trumped up interest charge next month.Do not get a credit card from this place!I have never paid anything late ever.

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  • Br
    Brigitte Sep 29, 2008

    This bank started with a 0% rate that was adjusted to 15.99% after several months. I called to close the account; it was adjusted to 13.99% - not much better, but I was told freezing the account would not protect me from rate increases on the remaining balance (I was going thru a divorce and had, unfortunately, used this card quite a bit). Not two months later, they adjusted my rate again to 24.99% (even though I pay online, always a few days before it is due and always more than the minimum payment)...the 'new rate' pushed me over the limit, as well as get me dinged with a $39.00 fee. If I only paid the minimum balance, I would not even cover the NEW finance charge, hence more fees...Juniper Bank is CREDIT CARD HELL.

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  • Ma
    mart Oct 08, 2008

    My husband has an account with them. I have twice made a payment by e mail, and they say the check came back, but can not say why. The first time I gave all my banking info to them, and the paiyment still was not applied, the second time the same thing. Also they stopped sending me a paper bill. I will never deal with they again.

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  • St
    stan lesensky Oct 08, 2008

    I only had the card 2 months $ 21.00 charge for what ??? it susk

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  • Ma
    Marcus Nov 02, 2008

    Same thing happened to me - they are dishonest hacks - making PLENTY off of being obscure and "unsure" of key information.

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  • Ev
    Evette E Dec 04, 2008

    I applied for Apple Credit and, god approved and was issued a card by Juniper bank. Accepting the card was the biggest mistake I made. Aspiring credit card users please beware of JUNIPER BANK. When I just got the card I never carried a balance, so I had no problems. The horror started when I started carrying a balance. The first thing that happened was, I made a payment at the beginning of the month and another in the 17th of the month. When I got my statement, I was assessed a late payment fee. When I asked Juniper about it, I was told that I had made the second payment early, a day before the billing cycle end therefore, they posted the payment to the prior billing cycle not the current. I complained that I was being penalized for paying my bill ahead of time and they waive the fee. The same thing happened a second time and again that fee was waived. The next thing they did was changed my due date from the 8th of the month to the 6th without any notice. My payments were schedule to go out to meet the 8th of the month due date, because of the change in due date, I was again access a late fee. I have never been late or made a minimum payment since I have had the card. JUNIPER BANK LOOK FOR AND DEVISE WAYS TO NICKEL AND DIME THEIR CUSTOMERS. After talking with them about the way customers are treated by then, I asked that they closed my account. BIG MISTAKE. They increase my interest rate from 8.99% to 23.99%. Juniper Bank is CREDIT CARD HELL.

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  • Li
    Lisa Dec 15, 2008

    Rip off company. I don't know how they sleep at night!!! I have had them for 9 months. Everything was fine until my account went over .33 cents! They charged me a $39.00 over the limit fee. I called to see if I could get it removed. The obviously said "NO'. So I sucked it up and made my normal payment before the payment was due. Then- I recieved the next months bill and there was another charge of $39.00! WOW! I called again and asked WHY!!! They said I didn't pay the over limit fee in 20 days! WHAT IS THAT I had said. They never said a word about that. I was pissed-so then I said do me a favor and close my account. My rate was 8.99% then when I checked my account the next day they raised it up to 11.99%. I just recieved my bill today and they raised it up to 22.99%. UNBELIVEABLE!! For those who love the company- just wait and see what things they pull! They are very creative!! BEWARE!!!

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  • Ti
    Timothy Jan 15, 2009

    I don't know anything about this bank. They are the only company that has every called me repeatedly and I mean every hour. I don't do business with them nor would I ever.

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  • Pj
    pJacobsen Feb 23, 2009

    DO NOT USE THIS CARD.. Juniper biz card is the worst card I have ever seen. Everything that they can screw up they will, and ON PURPOSE. They will charge you for things you don't even know about. Please.. Please... if you have this card throw it away and pay off the balance. Pay it off before you call in and cancel it because they will block you completely from access from the account so it makes it hard to even pay it off if not.

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  • Cb
    CBbrooklynMOS Apr 14, 2009

    Boosted interest on me even though I specifically stated I would not agree to the terms, and wished to cancel teh account. They increased the rate, never canceled the card, and stated that they never had the conversation with me - in other words the supervisor by the name of Chris told me, "too bad." Stay away from them and anything to do with Barclays Bank.

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  • Je
    jeree May 12, 2009

    I received an offer in the mail a few years ago for a Travelocity Credit Card and was approved for $1600 credit. Within 2 weeks they dropped my limit to 1000. For no real reason. Now I have had to go to a Debt Managment Company - Not for profit organization and out of the 7 credit cards I turned over to them, Juniper (the owner of the Travelocity card), won't accept the terms of the plan. When I call they refuse to work with me. I have tried and tried. My debt management people have sent in two proposals and they refuse to accept it. Last month the debt management people sent them a payment - ON TIME - and they claim it is late and due to all their rejections, etc., have added over $200 in overlimit fees caused by them refusing the offers and late fees (even though the debt management - and it even shows it was paid on time on my bill - for a total of $78 in one month alone. This company is horrible. I have tried over and over again to get to the bottom of this and every phone call I make goes to the Phillipines and no one will help me. Thru my debt management company I was informed that Juniper cannot place me on their internal program without my permission. They have done this twice. But they don't get rid of the fees. They bill me for $25 a month - all the while adding $39 over limit fee each month, so it serves them and it just goes more over each month. I am on SSI now and cannot afford to cough up over $200 for fees that they have added because they won't work with me or my debt management company. All the other card companies accepted the terms of the debt management without hesitation. This is the absolute worst company out there. I sent my complaint to Senator Schumer and i urge everyone out there to send their compaints to the Senators. There is no way this bank should ever receive any bailout money. I hope it goes under!

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  • Ti
    Tired Ofripoffs May 28, 2009

    If you have a Juniper credit card, get rid of it immediatley! Considering opening an account? DON'T!
    Having had a bad experience with this company, I canseled my credit card. I even got a letter from Barclays bank acknowledgeing the cansellation. Three months later guess what? I got a bill charged to my closed credit card. This bank accepted a fraudulent charge to my closed credit card. They opened the account and charged me. Long story short, having fo luck talking to the banks rep, I complained to the Better Business Bureau and am now involved with the Consummer Protection Department in Delaware (This is where Barclay's Bank is located). It's still not resolved, but the bank has been kind enough to charge me an additional $39.00 for each month I refuse to pay on a charge that they decided to accept.

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  • Da Jun 13, 2009

    Fact is that every bank in the nation is dropping credit lines. Doubt many of you would qualify for amex platinum but I'll use it in an extreme example as these cardholders are not unaffected either. Also this is not a travelocity fault they are a travel agency that simply has branded a credit card with a logo. If my son is on my citibank card is it his fault that my line is cut? And to the guy who is filing a complaint against Juniper for not accepting a debt agreement with a third party? YOU SIGNED A FORM STATING YOU WOULD PAY YOUR GOD DAMN BILLS! Thats akin to filing a complaint against the bank for taking your house that you decided you didn't need to ###ing pay for. Jesus the world is a cesspool, full of stupid tools like yourselves.

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  • Ve
    Very Very Annoyed Person Jun 20, 2009

    I got a new phone number, and whoever was stupid enough to have an account with juniper had my phone number before me. They keep calling me and telling me to call them back. There is no way to get ahold of them to tell them to stop calling me. Ive never even done business with this bank and I can tell they are frauds.

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  • Kn
    KNOWS- FROM- EXPERIENCE Jun 30, 2009

    I work for a consumer credit agency, Juniper is the worst creditor to work with if you ever get behind on payments. Their fees continue to grow and no payment is satisfactory to meet the requirements on the account. Their customer service is the worst in the industry and they will not speak with anyone, even if you have a POA on the account. Even as a client you are lucky if you get any information on your own account due to them not speaking over the phone. I suggest paying off your accounts and closing them as soon as you can.

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  • Je
    jeree Jun 30, 2009

    to daddysmonster. I must say that your language proves your point exactly regarding the cesspool we have here. Now to the issue at hand. Until you walk a mile in someone else's shoes maybe you shouldn't be so fast to jump to conclusions. All of us on this complaint board against Juniper can't be all wrong. Especially since the comlaints basically all say the same thing. Now for my shoes. I had credit rating of approx. 750 or higher for 21+ years. My husband was injured not once but also a second time on the job. We have struggled with worker's compensation and being out of work due to this injury for over 3 years. He is now on full SSI disability and that isn't easy to get. We are awaiting settlements with the company and the Workers compensation. During this time our credit has gone to hell in a handbasket. BUT --- instead of taking out bankruptcy which we certainly could have done we opted to pay our bills as hard as it was. I went to work - which I have been a stay at home mom for 25 years and I now work a minimum wage job at age 53 and a herniated disc in my own back to pay our bills. I joined the debt management as an option to bankruptcy so we would still pay our bills - just at a lower interest rate (9-15%) instead of 20-30%. So, I am highly offended by your remarks and I hope and pray that someday you won't have to walk in our shoes. Because with your kind of meanness at heart you are going to suffer greatly - and usually what goes around comes around.

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  • Mi
    Mike Denney Jul 08, 2009

    They are a rip off. They drag their heals about posting your payment so they can charge the late charge and then the over the limit fee. Has anyone reported them to Obama and the credit card charges that they are trying to bring about?

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  • Cb
    CBbrooklynMOS Jul 13, 2009 - You're statements, which MAY apply to some - do not apply to all. So I will take it as you meant to me as well. I am a retired police officer with a very nice pension - my bills are paid roughly three weeks before they are due. I carry an AMEX USAA Black - as well as many other charge and credit cards. Oh did I mention aside from my 06 Harley, my 04 Wellcraft, and my 05 Mustang GT - I am in the midst of purchasing a new Shelby? Those of us who are on here are complaining based in large part that WE ARE THE RESPONSIBLE people concerned about banks ripping us off - if we were the ones who DIDN'T pay our bills - why would we be complaining?

    A little more analytical thought from your brain and less haste in your typing would reveal the aforementioned - where I come from - we would call you a PUTZ!

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  • Gs
    gswedlund Jul 13, 2009

    We were late one time about 4 days. Always paid more and on time. All of a sudden we go from 8% to 27%. Too bad they are not a combat-disabled vet. You can't give them any excuse, it's no-no-no.

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  • St
    StrangeCasualty Jul 19, 2009

    I'm having the same experience! I followed the prompts to speak to a person, and she refused to take my number off their calling list despite the fact that I don't even know the person they're trying to reach! When I asked for a supervisor, she hung up on me.

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