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Delivery address not the one I had indicated as I did my purchase

Why would you call the client in the morning to get to the delivery station bt a different one citing mirage not covered and ask one to avail themselves in 15mins failure to that you were going to leave and reschedule again which is not possible since it was your fault for agreeing to a certain pickup address only for you to refuse to get there. This is so frustrating 😤

RE: Jumia Order 353979162 has been confirmed & shipped. — Fraudulent Business Practice and Swapped Order

RE: Jumia Order [protected] has been confirmed & shipped.

1. Confirmed
2. PrePaid for
3. Emailed to have already been shipped over.
4. Shipped over from ( T360-101A Jinhua DianZiShangWu) shipping order No. [protected]
5. DELIBERATELY Swapped by the trader in Kenya or at the warehouse.

I wish to receive my items and not to be refunded.

P.s Below attached pictures for proof of item ordered and delivered. Also fictitious letter claiming hinderances (lies) for lack of delivery, against receipts showing otherwise.

I am a firm believer in the above board business practices by JUMIA. Hence believe the trader swapped my order in order to resell at a higher margin.

Fraudulent Business Practice and Swapped Order
Fraudulent Business Practice and Swapped Order
Fraudulent Business Practice and Swapped Order
Fraudulent Business Practice and Swapped Order
Fraudulent Business Practice and Swapped Order
Fraudulent Business Practice and Swapped Order


I ordered for a sneaker on Friday and was delivered to me today, but on opening the package I discovered that the goods delivered to me was of different color with what I ordered. I ordered for a pink sneakers and onion color sneakers was delivered. I'm sending this complaint message to know how to go about changing the sneaker to pink color.



overdue refund

I placed an order for a syinix front loading washing machine and paid for it on 18th December, the order number for the item was [protected]. Four days after the order was canceled. I called the customer support and they promised to reorder the item for me after confirming my payment reference number, which they did with a new order number [protected] on 23rd of December. 5 days after the order was again canceled. I called customer support to complain and I was told that the cancelation was due to item being out of stock and that I would be refunded within 48 working hours. Since 28th December 2019 to date I have not received my refunds. Please look into this matter urgently. Thank you

irresponsible & insincere online shopping

Please, take my complaint seriously. I talked to Jumia Egypt so many times but nobody cares, as if every worker does not care for the reputation of the company.
I ordered pair of shoes lately. As usual, the order arrived with two different shoes as attached in the photo. This is not my first time. I had that experience with Jumia Egypt three times before with different items. Every time I have to make a return and waste my time because of the irresponsible work of Jumia Egypt employers.
Why do not you have someone honest to review the order before packing and sending it?!!!
For anybody with eyes, he would know that the order is wrong. But they insist to send without any care for my time and nerves.
Order number [protected]
My name: Hossam Gamal
Phone: +[protected]
Please, take my complain seriously. I am really fed up with Jumia Egypt

irresponsible & insincere online shopping

Jumia Egypt — adidas offer; fake price and products

Dears I'm writing to you as I'm suffering from Jumia Egypt online shopping as in 11 Dec I submitted a request to purchase adidas Shoes with discount 50% and I already paid...

complaint on st-ge2002d 3 gas + 1 electric plate cooker

The cooker was delivered without wheels/ stands therefore affecting the mobility and exposing the cooker to rust.

In this regard kindly ensure you deliver the subject wheels/ stands to ensure the product meets the characteristics specified and fit for the purpose intended.

I look forward to having the same addressed.we can alternatively the same from one of your shop in Nairobi.
For further clarification on this matter, kindly contact Carol on [protected] .

Thank you.

complaint on st-ge2002d 3 gas + 1 electric plate cooker

electricity with Jumia one

Good day please I did a transaction with jumia one app and it is still pending but the money have been deducted from my account. Please this is the reference number 5ES9W6 please refund back the money or cancel transaction. And my customer is waiting for his token please either refund or send the transaction token I await your response. This is the meter no [protected]

delayed delivery - [protected]

I am extremely disappointed in you service. At first you cancelled some of my times few days after I made payment. Secondly you were supposed to deliver my items to me between...

most horrible customer service

I have bought many products with Jumia Kenya and I have never had a problem. This time round I contacted the customer care team to ask about the status of my product for more than 4 hours and nobody would tell me anything. They were very rude especially some female one who calls after you make an order had the odesity to speak to me like she is being bothered. Your customer care team has got no training. All they know how to do is secure payment. But after Jumia receives the money they no longer care about the customer. I will never ever order anything again from jumia Kenya.

nikon camera


I would like officially to fill my complain and I hope that there is a quality control department who respect clients, meanwhile I have decided to send this email as final step before take my legal actions against your company.

On Sep, 8th I have decided to buy Camera for my son on his birthday and he selected Nikon Z 7 which was available on your menu and I have already on the same day noon time proceeded my order and I have received the following information;
Jumia order # : [protected]
Payment Fawry: [protected]
On the same day I have paid Fawry office amount of 40.517 EGP and I have received confirmation # [protected].
Also, I have received Jumia Pay confirmation that my payment was successfully completed and when I have tracked my order with the following massage. My order will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday.
But within the above-mentioned process I have received today massage on my phone # [protected] informing me that my order was cancelled without any other details.
To find more information I have called 19586 at 2:57 and I had the chance to speak with Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim from call center, and I have asked him if the conversation will be recorded or not and he confirmed that all clients call will be recorded.

I have sked him to clarify my order and he put me on hold, and he returned back to me with several different stories which and all of them against each other:
In the beginning he tried to convince me that the shipment already came to Jumia and quality control checked the shipment and they decided that the Comer was not in a good condition and they decided to return back and cancel the order( here I have big Q for your management team: how come your call center informing me with this kind of information referring to Nikon agent in Egypt as they are not professional and they don't know what they are doing and they are shipping bad cameras for their client( This defiantly can put Jumia in deangurios if Nikon dealer know' s about this statement as well as Nikon reputation in Egypt)>
His second story about why the order was canceled was "the order was canceled due to the fact that camera that I have ordered is out of stock" one more time he created another story which can harm Jumia reputation it-self and give me bad impression about how the company deal with clients with client and dealers and how orders management system is working.
By the end I figure out that Mr. Mohamed Ibarahim is not qualified enough to deal with this issue and I have asked him to refer me to someone who I can talk with and after put me on hold he came back and told me that someone will call you to follow-up within 12 hours or maximum tomorrow morning and as I have expected no one called me and I don't think that it will happen because now I have better understanding to the system in your company.

All what I am asking for the time being to know why my order was canceled is it Jumia data base system or Nikon dealer in Egypt before taking any action,

[protected] amani full hd 43 inches

Am not happy with costumer care approach on this product I ordered the Tv and it was delivered on 29th of last month, I did check it because I traveled when I came back I discovered that the Tv is having factory fault of which it's not displaying picture and the settings on remote is not working as well.I called the jumia service center of with I was directed to shop not service center because the Tv is still under warranty 1year.Am tranded because I ordered the Tv for mum

mobile accessories

jumia egypt customer service isn't qualified to deal with customers and i bought product from jumia joyroom AirPods the case was empty i contacted them n have no help from them i...

Dstv installation problem

Good morning Team, I'm so unsatisfied with the activation and the installation of DSTV purchased from your online store. During installation by the the installation, the...

ladies court shoe black quantity and large size men's shoes net red

Please the contact on my shipping address pls use this [protected] or [protected] to change the number on the shipping details the line there is no more going through sorry for the mistake i have two items that is yet to be delivered a sneaker shoe and ladies heel please use it for the two items please these are the item number :[protected], [protected]

ladies court shoe black quantity and large size men's shoes net red
ladies court shoe black quantity and large size men's shoes net red

wd hdd external hard drive

I issued order 5th of August and after a week I got my order delivered status without fiscal deliver so I fixed complain about it and after 2 days customer service was issue return fundamental 2 parts
1- bank fund with +1500 EGP
2- voucher with 151 EGP
And I complained for not receiving my voucher and told me we will try to make it today wait call or email but not happened so I called again and told me we add it for pay wallet try it and we will back later today
Although I haven't wallet provider or any information about using it
However I told your customer services I need this item quickly and urgently and need voucher to reorder yesterday cause I need it before next Saturday but I got none care from your care team
Please I need my voucher to send back to bank account at it was refund from my order I got fake item
And it will be last time I deal with jumia

I was overcharged for an order I tried placing

The Jumia app states that Jumia global orders over ₦2.500 would be shipped economically for free, and here I have my price summary and it's quite confusing. Because I've always orderd on Jumia global before they Introduced the free ecomomy Shipping, the global shipping charge which is ₦600 was always visible for customers to see, but now all I have is the local shipping charge (Doorstep delivery) and hidden charges? It's crazy.

I was overcharged for an order I tried placing


I have been trying to get hold of Jumia Group in Kenya, I need an invoice for Dell computers as I made a purchase on Jumia Kenya site. They need the invoice because according to...

refund of funds

On 25.07.2019 at 16:03 I made a payment for YG200 Mini Multimedia Projector TF card Support 1080P US - Black which cost GHS215 Shipping inclusive total cost of purchase was GHS227 with my mobile money account and my wallet was deducted. Next morning I got a notification in my email that my order has been cancelled due to unsuccessful payment - wow! I decoded to email Jumia Support with my transfer detail and they got back to me saying funds will be transferred to me in 48 hours.

It has been 5 days and I still has not receive my money back or a phone call. They claim they cannot get through to me and this is weird because I use my contact for everything, I mean everything.

Customer service number does not go through - FYI: +[protected] and I do not know what to do. FIX THIS JUMIA because not only this you guys have disappointment me in so many aspect of dealing with you.

cancelation of my orders

Hello. I'm a regular customer of jumia Egypt. However, since July 2019 I had many problems. I receive a text that my order is shipped and after few minutes another text that my order delivery has failed. How? Then the option of cash on delivery was also blocked. I tried to solve this problems with your office in Egypt but till now nothing done. They just give me apology receit. I just want to get my shoppings fully processed.

Jumia Egyptorders cancellation

JUMIA cancelled three items from two different confirmed orders, the cancellation was targeting competitive prices having a good discount...!

Cancelation was not based upon any mistake from my side

Cancelation was without any convenient reason or prior notification

Despite complaining, I didn't receive any response to date...!

Unless receiving a convenient explanation for what happened, I will consider JUMIA is not committed for further orderings

orders cancellation
orders cancellation
orders cancellation

50 inches smart, 4k uhd led tv order no [protected]

On the 23 of April 2019, I received a supply of the above mentioned items as ordered including a TV guide, the items were received in Lagos because they said they don't have collection centre in Ondo state other than akure
I took them along when vissiting village on month end, the TV was used between friday 24 and Sunday 26 evening, I put it disconnected all electrical gadget including the TV and it guide before returned back to lagos .
Next month end, On friday 28 of March, on getting to village again, the TV and the aparatus with Dstv were reconnected to power, all were powered but only TV not shown but it power indicator lighted up therefore another TV was improvided and used thruout the weekend.
When I got to lagos, i called jumia costomer care service and a lady picked the phone after listening to my complain, she directed me to this address no 5, olorunfunmi St off kudirat abiola way ojota Lagos phone no [protected].i quickly sent someone to help go and bring it and take it to the address as advised
When taking it there, they checked it and i asked them what the problem could be .the first answer was over voltage which I querried as an Engineer i.e with surge surpressure and surge surpressure still okay?and when not connected to power another person qui cly answer me that it wasn't surge but a crack on a component was the course of the problem then I asked again whether he notice an sign of falling, crack or abrassion on the body or the screen, he answered 'no ', then what do you suggest could have couse the crack I asked again the answer he gave was i don't know but I advise you to take it down to ibadan centre if you want result.i refused to collect it back from them since I have realised that they just want to push me away with the item. Till now the TV is with them nothing has been done, please what do i do, The money involve is hundred thousands of naira.thanks

refund ([protected])

601653 I ordered two items with order number [protected] and unfortunate one item was cancelled(HBQ- i7 TWS Mini Twins Ture bluetooth wireless Earbud). They sent me a message that I will...

I have many product to complain about.

Am highly disappointed on jumia firstly i ordered for straight middle party human hair ([protected])which lasted for Month for me to receive finally finally long awaited so called human hair was rubber asin fake, the low quality was nothing to compare with wch I can't make use of .secondly I ordered for ash walkabout sneakers and and three pairs of ladies sneakers ([protected])and instead of three pairs of ladies sneakers jumia sent two pairs and inside the carton the invoice was bearing three pairs finally I also order for black walkabout sneakers size 41, 43, 46 and I was sent 43, 45, 46, ([protected]) and I returned 45 because is oversized I can't wear it .pls I need my refund of money on the items mentioned below .My ash walkabout sneakers=2, 500, ladies sneakers three pairs =7, 500, black walkabout sneakers 2, 250 and wig =3, 790 plus my shipping money making it total of =16040+shipping fee

I have many product to complain about.
I have many product to complain about.
I have many product to complain about.


I placed the order above order on 20/7/2019 and was informed that the order is available locally and that I will receive the package by 22/7/2019, however on the said date I made a call at 3:30 P.M. to follow up on my order but wasn't given the exact date since I needed to plan on how to collect the time..

I was later called today 23/7/2019 only to be informed that one package to me i inquire about the other package status but the lady I talked from jumia did care thus was forced to cancel my order.

gas cooker

I bought a gas cooker with you 2 days back, itcame in incomplete.
1burner is missing.
I raised a complaint with you guys but nobody is responding to it.
I don't need any refund I just want someone to atleast deliver the burner.
As from yesterday I have been trying to reach you your phones are going an unanswered at some point I get a message you are currently closed and it's as early as 5.Surely what is this!!!

gas cooker

ht-4123 bluetooth home theatre system - black

I ordered an audio system some weeks ago, and I was given a period between which the product would be received. I patiently waited till the last day of the period thinking I'll...

peruvian hair 18, order [protected]

I ordered peruvian hair during jumia promo but got a single bunch, completely different from the picture posted online. I expect the weave on to come in a full bundle of three...

washing machine - order number [protected]

Good day, i am not impressed with my experience concerning this order. No one ever contacted me for delivery and i have not been contacted for my item since on the 9th of july...

collar t. shirt 4 in 1

I Olowogorioye Dolapo febisara, staying at no 3 osunde close, ojodu berger i ordered 4 in 1 collar t.shirt, over a week ago n paid with through my GTB alc before delivery and it...

hair wig purchase

Made payment for 4 human hair wigs since 23rd of July no did not get value till date, it's showing refund completed check the so called Jumia wallet only to be seeing 4000 naira refund am please I need all my money

Is these a new style to defraud this is the third time of purchase that they keep acting any how. I need my money back to my account

GTB [protected]

Okolie chika praisejah

hair wig purchase
hair wig purchase
hair wig purchase
hair wig purchase
hair wig purchase

  • Be
    Becky Felix Jul 14, 2019

    Hello please I bought this hair from u people I have been calling no one is picking pls I don't have money to buy another for a full hair please come take it back I can't use it

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  • Be
    Becky Felix Jul 14, 2019

    Please I want a return

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huawei y9 mobile phone not delivered as at when due.

I ordered for the product Huawei Y9 and made payment on the 5th July, 2019. Expected delivery yesterday, 8/7/19, the delivery was cancelled and rescheduled for today 9thJuly, 2019...

p35 (2), wireless bluetooth (1)

I ordered for the two Items above on 7/7/19 by 21:03:37 unfortunately I was debited #66, 779 at my bank account (gtb) but jumia sent message to me that my order has been cancelled due to bank issues
I consulted my bank I was told request for a decline message stating that the transaction was cancelled and I didn't receive service for my payment
Kindly please send me the decline message

a mobile phone in a bad shape was delivered to me

An Letv phone with order No. [protected] delivered to me on Thursday 27th of June 2019 was delivered in a bad shape, the phone battery has swollen as such has made the phone opened at both sides .
i will added below some pictures of the phone i took.
I want to return the phone for another one
i have been contacting their customer care representatives but i have not been attended to

a mobile phone in a bad shape was delivered to me
a mobile phone in a bad shape was delivered to me
a mobile phone in a bad shape was delivered to me
a mobile phone in a bad shape was delivered to me

hp stream 14

I bought hp laptop stream 14 3days ago from jumia and ever since then I have been trying to download and install Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on it but unfortunately it's not...

payment received but shipment was not successful

I made payment through my mobile money account 3 days later it was cancelled meanwhile I received notification from my network provider that the payment was received by Jumia
I contacted jumia several times but there was no response The payment was done on 24th, may 2019
Transaction ID number is [protected]
Please check the picture I provided for the Package number

payment received but shipment was not successful

order [protected]

601653 My Order [protected], a set of pills came all melted and destroyed. I took pictures, called Jumia and registered a return. I was asked to send a mail to...

car sales

Hello there

Please be advised that the following advertiser is a scam. I contacted these people and they advised to send the money via eBay. I looked this group up Nat Geo Travellers and the email address they replied with. [protected] The information said it was a scam in the UK which is the WhatsApp number they use and has been done on jumia Mozambique as well as Cote D'Ivoire which is the aire I got the into from. I have added some screen shoots as I deleted the messages on my phone as I dont want anymore contact with these people. I received the same as what's other have reported

If I can be of any further assistance people feel free to reach out to me [protected]

car sales
car sales
car sales

camera system dvr

Kindly I need your support as IV bought bundle contain of two camera one of them outside camera with DVR system while the technician was installing them, he did noticed the outside camera doesn't working properly, I called the customer service many times, but the problem is still pending with no action, the delivery man already and left the attached invoice, the customer service told me the receipt is empty and it's my problem and IV to call the delivery man and fix it although I've no his number, what can I do, my item number is [protected]
I suffered from calling call center I need some one to solve my issue
Thanks in advance

camera system dvr

nexus 9.2kg auto semi auto twin tub

I bought a Nexus 9.2kG semi semi Auto Twin tub around March and the machine stopped working In April all efforts to get in touch with jumia is to no avail. Each time I power the machine it gives sound of washing but the machine doesn't roll nor wash. The order number [protected].I believe it should have a warranty period and I would like to know how to about the process.