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JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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New York
United States - 10017

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+1 877 242 7372(US only) 77 26
+1 713 262 3300(outside the US) 13 2
+1 800 242 7383(TTY/TDD Machines) 5 0
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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase bank credit card

John12345^ on May 29, 2017
On vacation for international travel, I contacted chase bank to inform them about being out of the country. They locked the credit card several times while out of the country. I had to call not once, not twice, but several times because they locked the card for 20$ charges thinking they...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / manager at 13365 w. washington blvd los angeles 90066

Wells Davis on May 25, 2017
This is Wells Davis. I have since left Chase because a manager Hector Gonzales at the 13365 W. Washington Branch, Culver City, CA 90066 suspended my account because I asked him to show me a bank policy in writing. Then his supervisor told me the bank has a policy where they do not show...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / employee: ernesto a. villarreal nmls id: 1445062

Thomas Fruge on May 25, 2017
I have just opened a new account and had trouble with Chase Bill Pay. After feverishly attempting to resolve it online & by phone, I visited the branch bank locally. I was directed to Ernesto A Villarreal and sat down with him to discuss my problem. Well he wasn't much help in...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / discrimination at local bank

David Fermoselle on May 23, 2017
Me and my girlfriend went to open an account at chase, located in coral gables, 37 Ave. and Coral Way, Florida 33145. First and foremost, the banker didn't even greet us or ask if we are being helped. I had to go and ask someone for help. In addition, we had all documents to open the...

JP Morgan Chase / branch/customer service

Kennetha Williams on May 16, 2017
On 05/15/2017, my husband went into the Chase branch location at De Zavala and I 10-5258 De Zavala Rd San Antonio, TX 78249 210-558-3560 at 17:37 to make a deposit. He provided his paycheck to the bank teller, Alex (female), and the check was placed in his account. This morning, my husband...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / mortgage loan final underwriter approval

D P Nichols on May 15, 2017
Early this year, I was given a mortgage loan approval from JP Morgan Chase Bank to purchase a home. A new purchase agreement was made on April 2, with a requested close of May 5, 2017. Chase provided me with the following loan ID # [removed]. The May 5th close date has passed and each day...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / consumer checking account issue with $200 sign up fee

Patty Quinn on May 15, 2017
My disabled sister moved back to my area of the country from the Seattle, WA area and in February 2017 opened up a Chase checking account with automated deposit of her recently received Social Security disability monthly check. She tried working with the local Chase office at 4425 Harrison...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / customer service

Louis Stithem on May 15, 2017
Last month I received a notice that I needed to get the funds off of my card. I was given 3 ways do this, which I choose to have a check sent to me. I called 877-611-0935 and talked to a representative that took all of my information and told me he would see to it that I would receive a...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / atm malfunction during deposit

tanglim51 on May 12, 2017
I visited the chase atm at 530 myrtle avenue in boonton, nj on april 7th to make a cash deposit of $2000 (The money was counted twice before putting it in the machine). After entering the money in the atm, the machine malfunctioned and did not confirm my deposit. A receipt was printed...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / customer service

carlos23 on May 10, 2017
I wanted to provide my experience with one of your "managers". I normally do not provide negative feedback but this experience was very disappointing for a company like yours. I went to 1102 Silber Rd, Houston, TX 77024 on 5/9/17 and arrived to the branch at approximately 5:30pm. The...

Chase Visa / incompetent dispute dept and executive office

79815hhhhhh on May 8, 2017
Dispute Dept. MAJORLY messed up a dispute for a significant amount of money charged. They sent nothing but WRONG info to the vendor. Wrong amount of charge, wrong reasons for dispute, etc. etc. Then they told us the vendor wouldn't refund (based on their erroneous statements they sent to...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / checking account

Richard Walrath on May 7, 2017
JP Morgan Chase was alerted in June 2016 that my account [removed] had fraudulent activity and forged checks after adult protective services alerted me that my daughter and her husband had committed identity theft on my accounts and had been stealing my mail. I am 86 years old and a victim...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / bad everything.

scuba546 on May 6, 2017
Over the many years of doing business with JPMorgan Chase, I have been increasingly troubled by the banking practices and security of JPMorgan Chase. In recent years, it has become the worst I have ever seen. From appalling customer service received from the fraud and disputes department...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / credit card applications

I Hate This on May 5, 2017
Beyond frustrating. I have tried 3 times and each time it says I need to put in my name and review the policies, but it does not show where my name is missing. I emailed and called, all I get is "sorry" and a phone number that wants a credit card number which I of course do not have...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / customer service/ emilia claims escalation

Alankap on May 3, 2017
I disputed a charge with the company truegreen. They killed my lawn which cost me 1, 900 and spray my dog with chemicals. I waited 40 minutes to talk to someone tonight. Last night in an email they asked me for pictures and anything to support my claim. I spent over an hour taking picture...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / mileageplus explorer united chase card

We have two Mileage Plus Explorer United Chase Cards for many years; we open the account to earn miles on United Airlines. Our experience with Chase has been negative and sour, each time we have had to dispute a charge, a very easy process when merchants are not responsive and an expected...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / where did you put the money?

Ellery Bridges on May 2, 2017
I have been going back and forth trying to find out where did you put my money. I wrote a check for services, vendor stated they were never paid. The check was cashed by your bank but was the money out in the correct account? I have been talking to your associates no help, my bank no help...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / new checking account $300 bonus

martini00 on Apr 29, 2017
I'm tired of running back and forth to the chase I opened a new checking account to get a $300 bonus which I never received.... And i'm tired of calling the chase customer service number explaing the story over and over to get nowhere.... I'm closing my account as soon as I get my monthly...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / staff

Brooke Irwin on Apr 28, 2017
Probably crappiest chase bank i've ever been to and it sucks because it's so close to my house so to go to another would just be out of the way. # service, the tellers can't count to save their lives and even management it not helpful and extremely rude. They are always messing something...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / employee

Lknight246 on Apr 27, 2017
On two occasions i was treated in a rude and sexist manner by one of your employees, to the point where I feel threatened and harrassed. The first time I encountered him was towards the end of the work day. I was with my daughters. I had been in earlier abd spoken briefly to the branch...


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