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+1 713 262 3300(outside the US) 12 2
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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase travel center

lily22 on Apr 25, 2017
My family and I have been loyal chase customers for more than 10 years and had been very happy about chase products and services until my recent disappointing and frustrating experience through Chase travel center. Here is my story. Because of my friend's recommendation, I booked ticket...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / retirement brokerage

Disgruntled son on Apr 21, 2017
If you have made your investments with this company, do your children a favor, and relocate the funds immediately!! My father didn't have much money, but he made sure his account was large enough to cover his funeral services. Here I sit, nearly 3 months after his death, and still unable...

Chase Bank / corruption

Jacqueline Amos on Apr 18, 2017
Chase bank covered up corruption in there executive department, I sent them recorded copy off sign in, there was two names mind an another with link back to chase they tried to erase it, Chase sight was hacked an all off there clients information was stolen identity chase never inform any...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / you lost my documents and then lied to about several things and i'm ####ing pissed

Eric Chatelain on Apr 15, 2017
All regarding claim of $510.00 You lied about contact me via email twice I updated my phone number on your website and then you called the wrong cell number You closed my claim twice and did not notify via letter like you said you were. Your employee claimed I signed up via email notification...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / poor customer service, website defects

Greg Rodgers on Apr 13, 2017
Chase bank complaints I was a washington mutual customer when chase took over and been pleased with chase until last 2 years. the below listed reasons are why im leaving in may as soon as my ssa $ is deposited into my provident credit union account. I have complained to several branch manager...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / insuranceclaimcheck.com

Steve F Campbell on Apr 12, 2017
I am absolutely furious and this entire process, it has been extremely painful and full of delays and incompetence with the latest call being the most infuriating. We have been waiting for weeks to get the check released to pay our contractor. By the time anyone told us we had to go...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / unacceptable customer service

Anthony92 on Apr 11, 2017
On 3/30/17 I went to Chase to close my old acct. & open a new one as precaution because I thought my acct information had been compromised due to a device malfunction. The transactions occurred without incident. On 4/8/17 I received a letter dated 4/4/17 stating that my acct. had been...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / cheque fraud

Joohan on Apr 11, 2017
Unprofessional & irresponsible I've recently uploaded my bicycle up for sale on craigslist. Bob who was very interested in purchasing the item have sent me the cheque that was more than the value of the item, and have asked me to send the remainder to Chirstopher who Bob claimed was hi...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / bank attitude

Flats on Apr 1, 2017
Bank 405 N Broadway Ave Urbana IL (217) 351-3271 I have been banking with chase many years same small office. We have lost service there and now we are treated like terrorist when we go there. I mean look I been banking there many years when I come there a ID is all I need to do busine...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / stolen money

Kristinashworth on Mar 30, 2017
I let chase know I was abducted on a side of town I have never used my card or live near my car happened to break down there someone told me they would look further into it I never got a call back I was sexually violated and hospitalized for suicide, and traumatized to say the least. And...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / claims department

Guevara Saray on Mar 24, 2017
I called for a double charge on my account on January 23 for Starbucks I called and they told me they would put a temporary credit to my account until the issue was resolved and the rep that helped me told me it should take up to 30days! Starbucks credited my account on January 25. The...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase fraud on chase.com

David Goodreau on Mar 17, 2017
The pain and dysfunction of dealing with Chase's fraud depart has been so frustrating with several hours and many phone calls! They are very disconnected from the various ways that the fraud was committed. They left loose ends and cause the fraud attack to go on for an extended amount of...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / I have investment issues with chase j p morgan

Kelly1086 on Mar 14, 2017
I have had an investment account that my parents set up for me as a child. Chase JP Morgan has not made a effort to contact me when 3 of my statements had been returned. No phone Call no Registered Letter. My address had not changed but they transferred my funds to the State of Colorado...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / quickpay

Julia Wysocka on Mar 11, 2017
THE WORST customer service I ever experienced. Quickpay is the most flawed and unreliable bank service you could possibly use. My money was basically stolen due to bank's mistake by allowing to register several accounts with the same phone number! I sent money to my fiancee, put HIS NAME -...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / refusal to release money from deceased father's account

Sylvia F on Feb 22, 2017
Dealing with Chase Legal Department has been a fraught with lack of communication, delays, incompetencies, incusable for a major financial institution. My father died on May 28, 2016. I have been trying, without success, to have the balance of $20, 000.00 in his checking/savings account...

Chase Bank / annual fee

Lkn on Feb 22, 2017
We send our statement back to cancel our credit card as the annual fee was more than we wanted to pay since we did not use this card. Had not been used in many many months. They said they did not get the cancellation. When the second statement came, it was still on there so I sent it again and...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase card

Randall Bishop on Feb 10, 2017
My Amazon prime account overdrawn and late monthly pay. The chase Amazon card that was given seven months ago was closed by Chase. Reason: In December a new card was mailed out. I was told by chase that it is my problem for not letting chase know that I had received the new card. I had no...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / unethical behavior

Sweetvincy on Jan 31, 2017
Chase is the worst!!! My account was compromised and all my funds where wiped out. Chase advised me to close the old account and open a new account one. They said they would investigate the fraud and credit back my funds. I filed my claim on Monday, January 23rd. I still have not received...

Chase / atm withdrawal limit

Debav on Jan 26, 2017
My son is in the military serving our country. I called chase today to get a small increase on his debit card withdrawal. I was told by debra and aria that it couldn't be done unless he called btw they were very rude and non accomdating. I am on his account so that issues like this would...

Chase United Visa / credit - customer service

Scrooged by Chase on Dec 24, 2016
Scrooged: chase united mileageplus visa scrooged me on christmas eve. We spend a lot of money with chase united visa every month. It turns out that on december 19, we missed a modest payment due. We received no notice from visa, nor any reminder. But, on christmas eve, chase united visa...

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