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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase / Chase bank has closed my ira without telling me, and it's caused all kinds of problems

Lamess on May 15, 2012
My husband had an account wth Washington Mutual but they merged with Chase. Chase sent a letter to my house claiming that unless they hear from us, they will transfer the money to the State for being inactive. I just found out about this when I received a 1099 claiming a distribution money...

Chase Bank / I will never do business with chase bank again

Ramzelle on May 3, 2012
I was treated terribly at the Fry’s grocery store branch on 22nd and Harrison in Tucson AZ (9401 E 22nd St, 85710). Both the managers were rude and really very incompetent. By the end our interaction had become spiteful and refused to correct branches mistakes. I cannot believe that...

Chase Bank / Frustrated with chase bank loan modification

Sereule on May 3, 2012
I have been on the modification game with Chase since Jan 2010. On several occasions I supplied every document and they claimed it was either least or never received. I got so fed up with them that I recorded a phone conversation on my cell phone with a rep. I begged several agents if I...

Chase Bank / No remodification

David Rico on Apr 30, 2012
In 2009 requested and received a loan modification through EMC mortgage. After a three month trial modification, which we thought was affordable, a permanent modification was given to us that was then and still is unaffordable. We accepted it because we were afraid EMC would foreclose on...

Chase Check Cashing / Charges a fee to cash a chase bank check

Ultrasport on Apr 29, 2012
I received a Chase bank personal check from a friend for the sale of a motor scooter. I went to the local Chase branch in Elizabethtown, Ky to cash it out to insure there were no problems with the check. I was informed that I would need to pay $6 since I did not have an account there even...

Chase Bank / Not receiving my $ after closing account

Stephan Paschalides on Apr 17, 2012
I've closed my business account with Chase after three years of terrible service, but only because I moved to Boston, where there are no Chase banks. I called to ask how to go about closing my account, and they told me I could do it over the phone and they would send my the remainder...

Chase Home Mortgage / Cheating customers

ken weed on Apr 13, 2012
When I went to my local Chase bank and asked about current interest rate on a 15 year fixed mortgage I was first told a lower rate than what they would give me and was baited to begin the process by a $495 processing fee reduction if we belonged to a union. I was excited that the rate...

Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews / Double charge

dan 293 on Apr 4, 2012
I am furious, they double charged me over $200.00! My account is now in the negative, and I was hit with hundreds of dollars in fees for being negative, and making purchases with money I did not have. But I have the money, the I was double charged so that's what put me negative. I am...

Chase Finanical / Mishandling of funds

i mailed my mortgage payment off with a cashier check each month with a signatures card of return from the post office. and i have received all green receipts from chase of receiving my payments for jan. 2012 and feb. 2012 and march2012 .now the research department is calling me and my...

Chase Checking / None caring about people's money

ruben benavidez on Mar 22, 2012
I was out of work for 3 months! Granted my checking account was over drawn .however I had the checking with direct deposit ; Chase closed my account, When, I returned to work after recovering from Congestive Heart Failure. The bank held on to the remaining balance for a full week! So, they...

Chase Enhancement Services / Payment delay

The protection services associated with a lot of these credit card companies are outside 3rd party companies and for the most part, they suck!!! I was stuck on the other end of the US due to a snow storm. Had to get a car rental, hotel, food and wait for a flight out the next day. Used my...

Chase Bank / Compromise of pin number & credit card

I judy a poston have, talk to David Howell about this matter however I do have a payee rep and how he wish to distribute my money is our personal decision I had ask attorney Dujuan L. Bouvean to start direct deposit before thankgiving 2011 and to no avail it took the week of February Chase...

Chase Bank / Legal holds

FizzyCoco on Mar 13, 2012
I have been a loyal costumer of Washington Mutual for years. When they were bought out by J.P. Morgan and switched to Chase, I was less than thrilled and have been feeling the consequences ever since. The smaller occurrences of overdraft fees and the like are less important, but recently I...

Chase / Fraud claim rejection

mpdnyc on Mar 7, 2012
My boyfriend recently filed a fraud claim because someone withdrew all of his money at an ATM, at a time of day when he was at work. It must have been some kind of card-reading scam because he has never given his PIN number out to anyone. Chase recently rejected his fraud claim for some...

Chase Bank / Very bad business

Immensely Concerned on Mar 1, 2012
It would be nice to have someone tell you where to put your money and to have it safe there----on the other hand--put your money with Chase---and kiss it goodby---Chase has to be the worst bank I have ever dealth with---totally incompetant, after many phone calls, personal visits to the...

Chase Bank / Loan modification

Mjh1023 on Feb 28, 2012
Worked for the last 2 years on a mortgage modification. Submitted thousand of pages of documents. Only to lose the house because the chase employee was not doing her job. Had a canned response "I told you there are no guarantees" I was submitting more documents after the sheriff's date...

Chase Home Loan Modification / Eric deland

harrt j tarasuk on Feb 20, 2012
i was treated as if i was a scam artist/ my wife broke down in tears on more than one occasion/ i paid over and over for faxes because he didnt treat us fairly/ way back when /i liked your company/ did my daughters school loans/ my house and my car with you/ have done what i had to do to...

Chase Bank / Overdraft protection scam

Steve B LLC on Feb 17, 2012
I've got Business Checking, Business Savings, and a Business Credit Card with these thieves. I'm gonna use rough figures for what happened... Checking had $800. Savings had $2000. Credit card, on which I have Auto-Pay, was coming due with $920, and the Auto-Pay comes from the...

Chase Bank / Horrible service and bad banking

YvetteM on Feb 9, 2012
My mortgage was sold to Chase and I have had nothing but problems with them since. True I was a couple of months behind, but when I caught up, they had everything so screwed up, I had to get an accountant to go over what they did because their website is unclear with their transaction...

Chase Mortgage / Refund of overpayment

Carol N. on Feb 9, 2012
i am so freakin' ANGRY that I have still haven't received the $1600 back from Chase from refi-ing (the taxes were paid twice, by Chase and the escrow company). I refi'd in November. I visited the tax office and was told Chase's payment was returned Dec 22nd. I filed a...

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