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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Bank / money, cashiers check

humblnshy77 on Jul 14, 2014
Jennifer sorocco owes me money for helping her. Every attempt that She has done has failed because I have to send money before I can get the cashiers check. She has a cashiers check for $75, 000 dollars. Her bank needs $1, 500 in advance before the check can be sent to me. I do not have...

Chase Credit Card / change in card and account

Friendoftag on Jul 13, 2014
I got a letter saying that Chase is changing my MasterCard to a Visa. They never got my permission to do this. When I called, Pam G. told me it was already done and there was nothing I could do about it. When I was transferred to Johnny E., he said that it had not happened. When I spoke to...

Chase / checking / saving

Emma Dae Atkinson on Jul 10, 2014
Received a check as a graduation gift and tried to deposit it on June 1st. I was told that it would be a week until my funds were ready, waited two weeks and saw none of my money so I visited the branch. Apparently they were unable to contact the maker of the check because they had been...

Chase Bank / never received funds

only4starr on May 7, 2014
Chase decided to close my account because they claimed I used my account as a account. However they are refusing to send me the funds that were in my account. I have been dealing with this since March of this year (2014). Now it's May. I have no choice but to get a lawyer in order for them to even begin to help me...

Chase Bank / don't want to review poa

magicguy333 on Mar 6, 2014
On Saturday March 1 of 2014 I went to my Chase local branch to open an account jointed with my mom in which I have power of attorney for. After speaking with Luigi Vergani, the banker that took care of me, he told me he had to fax the power of attorney to their legal department. After he...

Chase Bank / manipulating bank account transactions

Trials27 on Feb 4, 2014
Chase Bank continues to manipulate transactions to warrant overdraft fees. Based on the complaints that I read this has been going on for some time. Please if someone has any legal action that is currently taking place please contact me via message through this board or email trials27@yahoo.com

Chase Auto Finance / auto loan

Karey Harris on Jan 29, 2014
I am reaching out to you on behalf of my sister Lori M. Shelby. Lori was deployed in Korea and suffered a stroke 5/9/12 and as a result of her physical limitations and her impaired speech she was medically discharged 5/10/13. My parents and I have medical Power of Attorney for Lori. While...

Chase Bank / paucity of customer service

CountryGirlfromSpokane on Jan 8, 2014
Long time Chase banking customer (started with WAMU) relocating from Texas to California. We have real estate documents to sign which require notarization. The Chase office within walking distance of our corporate transitional housing is at 3500 Alameda de Las Pulgas, Menlo Park, CA. I...

J P Morgan Chase Bank / home foreclosure

Charleston Man on Nov 7, 2013
I tried to do a loan modification before the sale date of my house...They refused to scan the documents into the system in order to delay my request in time to stop the foreclosure. They lied to me on the phone about the dates and when I questioned them, they got caught in the lies. Also...

Chase Banks / chase took my money and won't return it

Toni Jackson on Oct 5, 2013
Two years ago, I deposited a check for someone in my Chase Checking Account after being told by a representative at the Vermont and Manchester Branch that it would be okay. I also ordered checks through the teleservice center. When I went into a branch on Crenshaw and Vernon. there wa...

Chase Mortgage / illegal foreclosure/improper credit reporting

ks22 on Sep 18, 2013
Chase illegally foreclosed on my home in 2006. A judge overturned this and ordered them to pay my legal expenses and restore everything back to the way it was. They did none of this. I have been fighting them since that time to get everything restored. When I call FHA to inquire about my...

Jp. Morgan Chase / unfair credit card practices and handling of disputes

Lor51 on Sep 10, 2013
My name is lori m and i along with many other of chase victims want restitution for crimes that we feel have been done to us by jp. Morgan chase bank. I have had an ongoing dispute with a merchant in my state (An auto body repair shop) for not doing a good repair job to our car. Chase wa...

Chase Bank / fraud department

BigBrotherisTooBig on Jul 1, 2013
Chase Bank has 10k of my money and will not release it despite my having supplied them with all the documentation they have requested. This has been going on for over 2 months now. I am getting the run around from the executive office still. Do not bank with Chase, if and when you ever...

Chase Bank / mistakes (purposeful?)

N.Bee on Jun 27, 2013
Chase bank put through my rent check to my landlord twice. I caught the mistake almost immediately. Supposedly, chase corrected it, but three months later I am still being harassed by my landlord. I am coming to believe chase did not honor my check!!! Chase is performing all kinds of...

Jpmorgan Chase / refinance failure

So two and a half months ago I started the process of refinancing my house with chase bank with the hopes of freeing up some money while getting a lower interest rate. For one of those months I was told by my the loan officer that the company that held my second mortgage was dragging their...

Chase Bank / unfair business practices

twime on May 11, 2013
My bank promised me a new type of account. They promised me that if I didn't have the funds to cover the purchases I made the purchase would be denied. They promised me I would not incur overdraft fees or have purchase amounts on my account that I didn't have the funds to cover (i never...

Chase / harp offered to me by bank

GLOJA1 on May 3, 2013
For long time chase have been sending me offers to refinance my home and my second home condo. Almost every month sending me ups envelopes with offers, until finally I opened one and I failed for it. On my home I had a balance of 66, 000 dollars and had left 6 years to pay it off, at a...

Jpmorgan Chase / did not return refund

Refi Victim on Apr 28, 2013
Company did not return my refund despite of numerous follow-ups to Tamara Little (tamara.y.little@jpmchase.com) and Angela Moore (angela.l.gentry-moore@chase.com). I was told it will only take few weeks and it has been 5 months and I still have not received my refund.

Chase / fraud

John Fitting on Apr 23, 2013
About 4 years ago we went threw a financial hard time, and it has gotten worst, by far.Chase has denied me help when I was Unemployed.They gave us a modification, we sent in the first 4 payments.Then they shut the doors on the place we sent our payment to.We then went to our closes Chase...

Chase / terminated relationship

mamaxwell2007 on Apr 12, 2013
Two days ago, I left work and my card did not in the machine so I can pay for parking. I thought that the machine was faulty (because it has been in the past). I just bought lunch an hour prior and I did not receive an alert from chase that something was going on with my card. I called the...

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