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horrible customer service

It took 5 customer service agents, being transferred 5 times and an hour and a half of holding to get the answer "you have to come to the bank with 2 ID's before you can access your online account". This is the same every time I call Chase Bank. Their customer service is very unprofessional and unconcerned about their customers. This is why we have withdrawn almost all our money and placed it into PNC bank which we have NEVER had a problem with. The customer service telephone help has the same answer every time you call "you have to come into the bank". They are rude and not at all helpful.

wire transfer


My father sent an amount of $3, 000 from Muslim Commercial Bank in Pakistan on 11/26 to my account in USF Federal Credit Union Bank. The MCB bank in Pakistan charged $10 fee on top of this amount while USF Federal Credit Union Bank here in Tampa charged $10 wire transfer fee. The funds were routed through JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, NY, please see attached the SWIFT acknowledgement. However the amount transferred from the JP Morgan Chase Bank to to my account in USF Federal Credit Union Bank are $2, 962. Please let me know why $38 were short in this transaction.

Ameer Khawaja

wire transfer

closed bank account and can't access money

Making payroll today and chase closed my business and personal accounts. Won't tell me why. Very rude...

customer service during the camp fire in california

We were evacuated November 8th, 2018 during the devastating California Camp Fire. Over 15, 000 homes and...

Magalia Banks

checking account

I have been with Chase Bank for four years and have received so many fees that are unexceptionable. Over the past few months I have gotten over draft fees even though I had money in my accounts so I called to link my accounts and they told me this will fix the fees that have been applied and no more worries. Fast forward one month I received four more overdraft fees so I called and spoke with a manager and she said that if a check pulls from saving it will not draft from my checking's. I said great I am glad you told me this because the representative did not say that at all and I got more fees due to this. So she did reverse some but said that was the max she could fix at one time. She also had to call her manager to transfer funds to my other account because it said I did not have enough in my account when I clearly did as I and the manager saw that I did. So they had the higher manager manually transfer fund and during this it created another check to bounce and more fees. I called once again and spoke with a manager right away and he says that I have reached my max reversal for 12 months for curtsy reversals. I say but this was made due to there mistake. He said sorry nothing I can do about it. I do not recommend this bank at all! Customer service is horrible and they will charge so many unnecessary fees that a credit Union will not. Save your money and the headache and go with another financial institute!

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awful customer service

I applied online for credit card over 4 months ago. A month after applying I received a letter in the mail that more additional information was requested. I called Customer service and spoke to a gentleman that did not speak very good English. He sounded like he was from India. I was told that I needed to provide further information in regards to my Identity and that I could take this information to a local bank. I drove 77 miles 1 way to the bank in Moscow Idaho and gave them my utility bill and birth certificate which they faxed to the Chase credit card company. A month later I received another letter stating that the information was not readable and they needed another copy. Back to Moscow again 77 miles 1 way, where they again faxed my utility bill and birth certificates. They then called the company and made sure that the information that was faxed was legible and they were told it was. I then got another letter stating that they needed additional information. I called customer service again spoke to another person that didn't speak English. I asked him exactly what the problem was with the information that I was providing, he just gave me a standard response that you could tell he was reading off the screen. Now any good financial advisor will discourage you from giving your driver's license because if the system is hacked that is the 1st thing that they are going to use for identity theft. Which Chase Bank will not help me with if that happens. Customer service rep told me I needed to provide my driver's license. I offered my passport which is a government issued photo identification And he told me they preferred a driver's license. Customer service rep got very rude so I told him to have a nice day and that that I was done talking to him since I couldn't understand anything he was saying. This time I drove to Coeur de Alane Idaho which is 75 miles 1 way. Spoke to the branch employee/manager who called customer service and got another non English speaking person. The branch employee could not understand the representative so she passed me the phone. I was told that my application had been rejected and that I didn't meet their criteria. I have a perfect credit score and my current credit card has a $30, 000 limit, these aren't just given out like candy. I asked the representative why I didn't meet their criteria but he said that he couldn't release that information, the bank manager asked why I didn't meet the criteria and they wouldn't tell her either. So basically after many months and providing my proof of identity numerous times I've been rejected for their card but nobody can tell me why or how. The customer service representatives that I spoke to each time were always rude, extremely hard to understand, and talked down to me. I guess if this is the kind of customer service that I should expect it's a good thing that my application was rejected.


I called this morning to get a letter notarized by one of your local agents. I spoke to a personal banker...

unethical behavior / discrimination

On Nov 21, 2018, in the hours of 1:30 - 2:00pm I visited the chase branch on 775 Columbus Ave to withdraw funds. I've recently cancelled my debit card because I misplaced it and was waiting for a new one to come in the mail. For this reason I had to see an teller rather than use ATM. The banker I spoke to name was Carlos "young Spanish guy". I explained to Carlos that I've also lost my Driver License but was able to show him my photo work ID, government issued benefit card, my Social, birth certificate, Address and any other information he may need to Identify myself. Now even though I've just stood there and watched a SPANISH Lady on the line in front of me with only an NYCID card with the same issue as me withdraw funds with Carlos with no problem because "he knew her" of coarse I was denied service because he or any worker in the branch didn't know me (which was his exact words). This is the same branch that I've opened my account with and scanned my driver license and info into there system that he could've easily pulled up to verify my Identity. Why wasn't my photo benefit government issued card along with my work id enough? Is it because I'm an young African America and he feels that we are more prone to commit crimes and scams? Carlos refusing to service me because of my race was unfair and he should face disciplinary action.

refusing to refund life savings

After actively pursuing this for 8 MONTHS, following Chase's mistakenly closing our account, about two months ago, Chase finally committed to returning our $87, 814.77 in 7 business days. They did not! Without any plausible explanation or firm commitment to return our money at any specific point in the future. We've been forced to live in abject poverty due to Chase's continued negligence and cannot wait a minute, hour, or a day longer!
We were receiving repeated promises of 24-48 business-hour delays which eventually ceased receiving absolutely no evidence Chase has taken any action whatsoever.
We only discovered our account was closed when our checks started bouncing that was 8 months ago. We were very understanding and patient. Being assured the problem was being addressed and would be repaired. We couldn't conceive that 8 MONTHS later we still wouldn't have access to our money and Chase was doing nothing to correct the problem.
I would think Chase would have better ways of keeping their clients money in their coffers, like offering responsible and professional service for example, than denying Chase's clients access to their money once it's in their vaults and refusing to return it.
Aside from being illegal, it's not the sort of example that attracts new clients. Public disclosure of this saga, would probably cause a worldwide run on Chase banks by its current clientele. Given Chase's poor handling of our account, and Chase's Indifference to it. I see absolutely no reason a similar saga couldn't happen to any of them.
We've talked to a Chase specialist, over a month ago, then it was escalated to Chase's Executive Department with absolutely no evidence Chase took any action Whatsoever.
We've already been assured by Chase's fraud Department that a check was sent via UPS overnight over a month ago. It was not!
In the latest round of cheap, childish delaying the most abstract language possible...we have been repeatedly told that it "appears" emails have been sent to us,
Any email discussions from Chase with us should have taken place after the wrongful closure of our account. Not 8 MONTHS after we were embarrassed to discover it when our checks started bouncing!
We have sent emails to every email address we've every given to Chase. All accounts are active and working fine. We have received nothing within a week of checking our email accounts.
Considering the abject poverty Chase's negligence has forced us into, how could we possibly afford internet access to receive emails anyway. We cannot even afford telephone service.
This has been dragging on for so long that the cost of even 1 outgoing call would feed my family for a day...if we could even afford that.
For now we have electric to charge our cellphone for incoming communications only. Sometime soon this month, our electric will probably be disconnected again.
is my international cell-phone number.

We are mainly able to send messages to Chase because our cell provider allows without data charges. We've sent hundreds to no avail.
At extreme personal expense we've also sent about 10 emails. We know they have been received because we receive email notification when they are decrypted by Chase's encryption service, "Voltage." Yet Chase still refuses to acknowledge or address the emails or the problem.

After 8 months of illegally holding our money hostage, we're not interested in any more of Chase's childish delaying tactics.
Anything less then the immediate overnight delivery of our money that Chase has been holding hostage for 8 months is unacceptable! Quite possibly illegal

refusing to refund life savings

international financial services (ifs)

On Aug 07th., 2018 Chase sent me a letter notifying the closure of my investment account. I never received the letter in my mailing address. By sheer luck I got word of this and on Oct 9th. I called IFS in order to request by email a copy of the original letter (which basically said that my account was going to be closed by Nov 01st. and that I had to call the IFS number to get further instructions) and obtain the proper closing and transfer instructions of my money. I requested the IFS operator Nancy Corey to send me the same oral instructions she was giving me over the phone by email, which she did.

One step of such written instructions in the operator's email required to have my signature notarized at the local US Embassy which I did, at a cost of $50. I then sent Chase by Secure Mail the transfer order with the notarized signature and the required attachments.

On Oct 18th. I received a call from IFS, operator Najat Rhoni, to let me know that all they needed was my oral instruction (over the phone) to transfer the balance of my investment account to my Chase linked account from which I could then set up the external transfer using my Online banking service. Najat Rhoni notified me that no notarized signature was required and that the previous operator obviously made a mistake.

On Oct 21st. I sent an email to IFS claiming a refund of the $50 I paid for a useless notarization. The email was sent to operator Nancy Corey ( she gave me the wrong information) and to the Executive Director who signed the Aug 07th. letter., Adelina Rodriguez.

On Oct 30th. I received an email from Nancy Corey stating that Chase only refunds fees charged by Chase. The Executive Director did not even acknowledge receipt of my mails. My last mail was sent on Oct 30th. and I'm still waiting for an answer.

This recap is fully verifiable through the email string kept in my files.

It is distressing and frustrating that Chase deny me a $50 refund, if you seriously overviewed the chain of events you will determine you are 100% at fault. You should assume full responsibility.

I will be waiting for your prompt refund of $ 50 to my checking account ending ...2165

Juan Bautista Zotti
Brokerage Account ending ...4952

chase business checking account

I have had a chase business account for more than 6 years and just recently about a month ago received a...

check deposit bank/teller rules

I tried to deposit an LLC check from an Insurance company, and would authorize a hold on my account for the...

$25000 missing wire

$25000 Wire sent September 28 2018 from Spain still not found with several requests to Chase to find the money. The sender bank has sent updates to Chase to try to get the money into my business account. I have filed several written complaints without respectful response or concern I am a living breathing existence who deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. Chase will do whatever Chase pleases no care to anything.

8 accounts shut down and or set to shut down without warning in good standing after many many years with Chase at the same time the $25000 went missing. Still the attitude is so what Chase will do whatever Chase pleases to long term clients or anyone.

My daughter's accounts were targeted included in the 8 accounts shut down and or to be shut down. Her IRA can't earn until she transfers it and she can't transfer until November 17 2018.

I sure hope the attorney I am working with can get to the $25000 and file a lawsuit for negligence and other practices of contract breach etc. on behalf of myself and my daughter. One account isn't to shut down until November 25 2018 yet it is restricted. An $8000 wire had to be retracted to be sent to another one of my accounts at another bank.

These people are evil in my estimation of business disgust of money disappearing with no concern to find it.

This is October 24 2018 and the $25000 is still not in my possession.

My finance manager asked I file a police report so I did.

$1000 to be paid to one of the shut down credit cards was applied to an account closed from 10 years ago. I had to threaten with police then that money was finally put into my credit account. My finance manager paid for my daughters two credit cards were shut down so she would not assume finance charges while paying off. He is also paying my credit cards so I don't have a problem.


way they switch around payments to suit the bank with overage fees

I have many circumstances with this same issue. I'll give example from Monday. I had my credit card payment. Not done via debit card but with routing and account number. My 25 payment showed up over weekend in account and was deducted from balance. Fast forward Monday evening a bill from cable company came in. Was not enough to cover amount. Chase did cover payment so totally understand $34 fee however they shifted the way amounts came in so that now there are 2 charges for $34. The reply I received from customer service was we take everything from wknd and highest gets paid first irregardless if there's enough to cover smaller amount or if smaller one hit first. TD BANk had a class action lawsuit for these same practices. The bank is shifting things for their benefit. Even in event an account that I have finally been able to cancel but is a $10.88 payment. Since chase has option to cover charge or not and charge a fee or not. Why on earth would you charge a $34 fee for $10. And was told even if they sent it back there would still be a $34 fee. However your policy states at discretion of bank if they will charge fee. So in this past 3.5 weeks alone I have had 8 $34 charges. And 4. Of them NEVER should have been applied but they shifted things to benefit the bank. Hence when my direct deposit hits after the negative balance which was needed funds. I get back to payments I cannot change with company as they were already stored under payment arrangements. So ultimately 34x8 is $272 I've paid in fees in less than a month

  • Updated by Kay Knight · Oct 24, 2018

    Also I understand if you do a debit card purchase funds come out but is pending until funds are actually claimed. So sometimes funds go back into account and then will go back out. I left my prior bank as chase was more convenient. However, just as my old bank and I've polled people with other institutions do. Everything is shown and indicated. I.e. Start with 100 balance do a debit card purchase for $30. Account would say $70 balance $30 charge pending. And if it wasn't claimed and came back other banks would show the +$30 balance back to $100 and once the claim it show that it went back out. Chase shows the initial charge and nothing more after they've shifted the order that was in there. I should not have screen shot every time I look at account. Consumer should see it exactly as hits account.

consumer banking

I misplaced my debit card and called for a replacement over two weeks ago and the representative I spoke with informed me that I would receive the replacement card in two weeks. Well it's now two weeks later and I called to inquire about the card and was told that it was not mailed out because someone forgot to "Press The Button" to send ... Also told that my address was changed and that would delay the card for 30 days...
My address has been the same since opening the account some 50 years ago.. I might add that I get correspondence from Chase on a regular basis to my mailing address and did so as recently as today... No one can expedite the card and all you hear from anyone over there including the Executive Office is that they will look into it... I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a retiree of Chase... Almost 40 years and customer service is non existent at the bank... I'm done with them. I have my Chase pension as well as other direct deposits going to my account at Chase and I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and begin to change those deposits and look elsewhere for banking services.

chase auto finance / subaru motors finance

This is a complaint about Chase mistakenly taking a 37th payment at the end of my 36 month lease...

account / customer service

My account was on hold I was told by customer service to call Bach between Monday and Tuesday of last week and see if the problem was resolved and when I did call back I was told that my account was actually closed the same day I calle s the first time and they would not tell me why they closed my account. I will never recommend chase to everyone ever

chase liquid account

i just opened an account with chase i asked banker if it was possible to deposit a check from my sister they said yes and i was to provide prove i did her number is under her name and they keep telling its not when it is they closed my account when i had money coming in direct deposit and a check coming for 5000 i had a check for me for 490 already deposited and for a check of 600 that was my sisters they locked my account i asked them if it to remove it if it was gonna be such a problem they said no y they act like acussing people of things are not even true all bank just like stealing money from people they also promised a deposit for 300 that they never did .

chase liquid account
chase liquid account

late payment reporting to the credit agencies during home loan modification process.

May, June, and July of 2018, my home loan was is modification. I was given precise instruction on how and when to pay loan or my loan could be denied the approval of a lower interest rate and payment. I inquired about all the facts regarding the medication especially whether or not it would have a negative bearing on my credit report. I was told no that it would not affect my credit. Two months after the modification, I have been informed by another lender that Chase reported that my payments were 30 to 60 days late during the three months my loan was in modification. I am trying to get my home refinanced and I was told that I cannot go any further until Chase removes those negative ratings off of my credit report. The lender stated that many people are going through this exact issue because Chase is not telling the customers that they are reporting them an delinquent on their mortgage. Chase appears to be trying to help clients save their home; however, it appears that they are hurting instead. I was told that I would have to wait one year until those negative ratings fall off unless Chase opts to remove them. I have been mislead through this entire process when surely there was a communication error. I have had my loan through chase for over 10 years so why now would I all of a sudden start being 30 to 60 days late. It should be clear that I paid my mortgage according to the schedule given. I faxed a letter to the executive office because the investigation led by the esculation department didn't meet my satisfaction. Again, I just want to be treated fairly and for Chase to remove those ratings as my credit score is very important to me.

Monya Jones [protected]

jp morgan chase allowed the criminals to steal $38,900 from my account a letting them get away with that

From Yuri Sverdlov 2250 NW 114th Ave Unit 1P PTY 63292 Miami, FL 33192 [protected] To whom it may...