JP Morgan Chaseunauthorized debit card charge


Hi there,

I was stunt when saw my checking account history was overdrawn $1135 on 08/21/17, purchased a laptop thru Ebay using paypal link to bank account, I never purchased laptop thru Ebay, and filed disputed to bank, notify Ebay and Paypal. Bank (Chase) gave me temporary credit. Few days later, I got the laptop shipped to me, I was stunt again, how somebody know my address & info. So I called merchant (his info on the box of the laptop) & told him I never order laptop from him thru Ebay, I wanted return & refund, he emailed me shipping label, I took laptop to Fedex office, got the receipt and return it.

2 weeks ago, bank debit back the $1135, I was stunt & called bank again, the supervisor from dispute department (Jason) was rude, he not even gave me chance to talk, he said I have to deal with merchant and paypal, but paypal said I have to deal with bank because I file dispute. Your dispute department said because merchant verified my name & address that the laptop shipped to me, but I told Jason and dispute department that I returned back, again Jason told to deal with paypal & merchant. Is that the way Chase treat customers ? I been banking with Chase for more than 5 years, since it was Washington Mutual bank.

I also went to branch at 700 Market st, SF, Ca, talked with a banker (forgot his name), he also rude/snobby, he said he won't remember my story and he just gonna connect me with 1-800 number to talk with them. I wonder why Chase hire snobby employee as bank consumer service if he not able to help me at all instead connected on phone with 1-800 number ? What is he doing there just sit down & be a pig all day ? So unprofessional. Finally I went to another branch which the banker very helpful and issues a paper to documented everything. Most of all, my account got hacker, bank should responsible for my account security, you should have insurance, why not responsible at all ? And please re-train all your snobby consumer bankers & their supervisor. The supervisor at 700 Market also not good, I asked the banker if I can talk with their supervisor, and if I can get all documented ? Supervisor not even talked to me instead telling banker to tell me that they don't have anything, how come other branch have those papers, 700 Market st not ? Are they just lazy snob employees ? Chase bank getting bad treat customers now.

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