Joshua Doore - Russellsedblo beryl 152cm (queen) bed

V Dec 17, 2019

Worst Service Received from Russells - Idutywa

On the 29th of November 2019 (Friday), I bought an Edblo Beryl 152cm (Queen) bed from Russells in Idutywa, Eastern Cape, and I was helped by Mrs Happy and Mrs Gqwetha. Because they do not have a place to store furniture, they said the bed is at their warehouse, and I paid R120.00 to have it delivered, and I was told it will be delivered on Tuesday 03 December 2019, I will first receive a call but that call never came, so I went to the store to track the delivery. When I get to the store, they ask for my cell number, they do not see the order under my profile, then they asked for receipt, I gave it to them, then they realized, they made an error, and put my order under another client's profile, the client that was helped before me, so the lady did not get out of that client's profile, to create mine, but put the order that client's profile. I was then told, Because I bought the bed on black Friday special, they cannot cancel the order and create a new one because the price has gone up. But they will try and communicate with the guys who make the deliveries. They said because the deliveries are made on Tuesdays, I should expect the delivery on the 10th of December 2019, still my bed was not delivered and then I went to the store for follow up, then they said that my bed has not been delivered because the bed is out of stock, and the warehouse is expecting delivery from supplier on Friday, 13 December 2019, then I will get my bed on Tuesday, 17 December 2019. On the 16th Of December 2019, I called Mrs Happy on **********, and reminded her to follow up on my bed, then today 17th of December 2019, I went to the store, and they absolutely had no clue whet they can do to remedy my situation and it showed that they only deal with my problem when I am in front of them, then they called the lady whom the bed was written under, and she confirmed that she has received her order. Then she received 3 calls last week about a delivery of a bed she did not purchase. I got out of that store with no solution and no confirmation as to when I will receive my fully paid for bed... This has been by far, the worst service I have ever received in my entire existence.

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