John F. Kennedy International Airport / JFK Airportcriminals operating taxi scams within the airport property.

I Nov 28, 2018
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My Wife & I arrived on Flight BA0177 from LHR late afternoon on11/20/18.
We are both retired and exhausted after the journey especially after being in line for nearly 2 hours.
Our Bags were delayed and we were approached by a responsible man with a wad of yellow tickets inside the terminal buildings who stated Yellow Cabs no longer go to Manhatton, but he could offer an immediate ticket for an alternative vehicle for a Fixed Price of $75
He grabbed our cases and marched off and put them in the trunk of a waiting car. We were tired and went with him. On the journey we asked who he worked for & he relied UBER.
We were suspicious as we knew Uber fares are not paid to the driver, especially as on the journey he commented we needed to pay taxes also.
His charge was finally $132, and when we refused he became aggressive so we had no choice to pay him which we did on a M/card credit card.
We also obtained a receipt from him and noted his New York Empire State vEhicle plate was HUH-5095.
Clearly this is a total SCAM, in which the thieves are taking advantages of the Old and the Vulnerable, under your noses. We secured a return fare from a reputable firm for $56.
Working as they do in your premises gives them a degree of respectability and you must be aware of these activities which in our view makes you complicit in their activities.
Your urgent response please.
Ian Keizner


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    Philly2019 Nov 28, 2018
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    He told you Yellow Cabs no longer went to Manhattan and you believed him?

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