[Resolved] John F. Kennedy International Airport / JFK Airport“clear” stuff from terminal 4

U Nov 29, 2019 Review updated:

So my mother came to visit me from japan, I only see her once every two years, she is 60's, she used to work as flight attendants and speak English, two days ago When she is leave I drove her to jfk termina 4, I help her check in and send her to Gate, so I was at gate watching her pass immigration, I took her picture then this lady from "clear" yell at me "no picture!" I told her why not? Then she said "ughhh you can't take picture!" So I looked around but there is NO SIGN of no pictures at all area that i was at, 3 girls was keep talking about no picture things about me "why she can't understand I'm telling that no picture" I'm Japanese and I don't speak perfect English, but I can see there was no picture sign of anything, and they was from "Clear" not a manager not a people from immigration, just young 3girls standing and chatting, so Ignored, then when she passed immigration I took a last pic, one of girl starts raised her voice, I told her my mother is leaving me and I'm leave any second, but they keep talking and laughing so i took pictures of them, then some big girl wasn't with them but from "Clear" came front of my face aggressively and told me I have to delete pictures of them if I don't they're going to sue me, I ignored her and waving hand to my mother, then her co-worker one of that 3 worker came between and stopping her from not put hands one me, " not worth it" " she stupid" then big girl says "I'm gonna do it" you know when you go out to ratchet club and you see end of night at outside trying to ACT fight and friends stopping girl? That was happening at 10am at airport,

big girl push her friend and came to me and snatched and trying to steal my phone from my left hand while I was on the phone with my brother,

I'm 5'2 this big girl is double size of me, I took my phone back from her right away and yell at her "why you touched me!!" Then she push me away from gate, I keep telling her "don't touch me" "you're very unprofessional" my mother saw from all the way other side of gate, she started calling me worried about me seeing getting bully from one of worker at jfk, I started cry because my mother was worried and she is about to be on 20 hours flight, there was no security or police officer at that area I really thought this girl will hit me, some guy came and told me sorry that happened,

I'm 31 years old,
This young girls have no respect how to talk to people as professional way, they don't know how to talk, why they're hiring people like this? And they're NOT security, I understand you wear some uniform makes you feel different but you're not from custom or anything, you just work for product

If you don't want someone to take a picture of you why you work at front? Service job required profession since you're face is front of customers you have chances customers will take a pictures of you for complaining or for safety since very aggressive and rude, if you Cant talk as respect and do a professional service job then go work somewhere that no need to deal with any clients or customers,

When she snatched my phone she broke my nail, she took my phone from MY HAND so hard they don't know how to talk and act, very disrespectful and very disappointed how they harassed me,
This was unexceptionable,

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