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At 8:52, my husband, son and myself hurried into the store past a worker who was lighting up a cigarette. We needed to grab some foam for our son's playroom. No sooner did we get to the foam and begin gathering our needed amount than the same woman who was lighting the cigarette ran up to me and said "can I help you cause we're closed." They were counting the drawers already. They close at 9 p.m. not 8:52. As a result, I will not shop at Joann Fabrics in the future and I will take my 200.00 project elsewhere.


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      Sep 11, 2011

    Where do you work so I can "hurry" on in there minutes before you close? They probably could care less about your $200 project. I know when I used to work retail if someone pulled that stunt ...i'd be so annoyed. Instead of being rude yourself should consider others

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      Nov 02, 2011

    All people care about is themselves. I wish everyone that wishes to complain about retail employees walk a mile in our shoes. I love my job but hate all the stupid people that think all we do is fold and cut fabric. That's not all what our job entails.

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      Oct 08, 2013

    This is my first time posting here so I hope I do it correctly. PLEASE forgive me, stupidpeoplehater, if I make a mistake. I worked for many, many years in retail, in many different settings. I would never be permitted to have the kind of attitude you're displaying online regarding your customers. And to chelsea87, I never got upset with customers who came in 5 minutes before closing, as long as they didn't spend a half hour shopping and even if they did, it was my job to allow them to do that. It's your job to provide a service and if you don't like it, get a different job. As for me, I will never darken the doorstep of a Joann Fabric store again and I know quite a few other people who feel the same way due to rude employees. Good luck in life.

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