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Sunday morning (December 1, 2013) I received a text on my cell phone with a 60% off coupon for Joann Fabrics. I wasn't planning on going to Joann's that day, but 60% made it worth my while. Unfortunately, once I got into the store I saw a sea of sales cards on just about every item in the store. From 10% to 40%. In other words, my coupon was worthless as Joann's policy is that you can only use a coupon on non-sale items. I even asked if I could get the 60% off on the non-sale price of the item I was hoping to purchase. Nope. Not their policy. Nice job Joann Fabrics. You have lost a customer. Michael's just opened up next door ... they get my business. And anything I can't find at Michael's, I'll order from Amazon. I'm fed up with your policy.


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    foxygrandma Dec 03, 2013

    I bet if you ever need fabric, you won't find it at Michael's or on Amazon.

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