JoAnn Fabricover billed


I shopped at Joann in Newington, CT today. I purchased 29 items. Out of which 16 are wrongly billed. I am charged for the full yardage when I have actually bought a lot of remnants on clearance. If the yardage price is correct the 70% discount is not applied.

In the end I used a coupon which was for 25% on the total purchase (regular, sale and clearance) - this coupon is also applied to only a part of my purchase.

This is sheer carelessness and completely unacceptable. I asked the person on the counter again and again if he thought the bill was right. And he kept saying that he is doing it right.

Where ever the price had to entered manually he has done it WRONG.

I was supposed to pay $40 (which I know after careful detailed calculations) but I paid $85. I know I will get my money back but what about the trouble I went through. I spent an hour doing the calculations just because the guy on the counter was so incompetent. Why should a customer suffer like this??

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