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Don't sign up for their emails-- I tried to unsubscribe, but even after unsubscribing, they continue to send me emails (if I push the unsubscribe button on those, it tells me I can't unsubscribe because I am not on the subscribers' list!). I contacted customer service by email about it twice and never received a reply (after 8 days), and called their 1-800 number twice. Both people assured me that I would be taken off the list, but I STILL receive emails. If they can't handle taking my email off a list, I definitely won't trust them with my credit card information ever again!


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    Stephanie t George Nov 11, 2019

    I called and was told that it will take 3-6 WEEKS to remove me from my list. In the meantime, the representative said that I should not open any emails that I receive from them as it will automatically add me back to the list. This means that they are using pixels to track opens. Unfortunately, sometimes I inadvertently open an email in my email application since it auto-opens next when I delete an email (using a Mac and the Mac-native email application auto-opens. )

    This is frustrating, to say the least. And in the year 2019, I find this a terrible corporate email policy and not customer-centric at all. I may want to shop at Joann's now and then, but don't keep me on your list forever if I don't want to be there! Even if I am not on your list, I may still have a good opinion of your company and may still wander into the store, but if you annoy me with bad policies, I'll look elsewhere to begin with. It's all because you are so focused on marketing to me, that you forget that I have preferences. If you, as a company, run over my preferences to satisfy some marketing metrics rather than seeing me as a person, then you can have your metrics and not my money.

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    Bill Freivogel Dec 12, 2013

    I've had similar issues. When I click on "unsubscribe, " I get a customer update page with no clue how to unsubscribe. This is a violation of the federal CAN-SPAM Act. I have contacted Jo-Ann with this information, and they say they are removing my address. But, I got another one today.

    Bill Freivogel

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    GeorgeLeh Dec 11, 2013

    Doug Robinson is registered admin of
    doug.robin[email protected]
    330-463-5888 is his direct line

    Robinson, Doug

    [email protected]
    Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.
    5555 Darrow Road
    Hudson, OH 44236
    330-463-5888 fax: 330-463-6677

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