Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Storeshostile irrational shift manager action towards mall security.


FYI: Joann Fabric store employee misconduct.
66011 N. Davis Hwy. #25
Pensacola, FL. 32504
Report by on duty Allied universal Security Officer. [protected]:15pm.
Basically, at 21:15, I was watching a man on the bicycle riding real slow in the lot, in between cars and looking in them. In order to observe him better, since its closing time for stores, I pulled over to the curb in front of Joann Fabric store and watched him till he left. Shortly, a white female employee' 5'5 135lbs. pink and blond hair (later identified as store / shift manager "stevie") of Joann Fabric approached my car in the parking lot and bluntly told me to leave the front of their store because "it is a fire Ln."
I advised her that since the store is closing and my stop was momentarily, plus I am the security. She stated that "you should know better than that."
21:35, A sheriff's Deputy patrol car pulled in front of the Joann Fabric store, so I approached the officer and asked him if he was responding to a man on the bike. He said no, he is responding to call from Joann Fabric store employee stating that you (meaning me, the security officer) refusing to to leave their store front.
Deputy Bandurski #383 ECSO had a brief conversation with the employees and came outside and told me that employees are nervous and don't want or trust anyone sitting in front of their store at closing time. Deputy mentioned to them that he is your security officer, in full uniform and in a Marked Patrol car. They told the deputy that they did not care. Deputy Bandurski spoke with me and left

Conclusion: For past 3 year of working at this shopping ctr, 7 days a week. I understood that every employee at the shopping ctr. appreciated having security close by after closing and while leaving to go to their cars.
This employee had no valid reason to unlock the store 15 minutes after closing time, and come out in the parking lot to confront me in a very rude manner, then go inside and call the Police. She was unreasonable, out of her area of authorityvand clearly overreacted.
No incident report nor any violation has been documented. I believe that due to store employees turn over rate, that the employee just did not know about the security presence or she had never seen one.
Calling the police on me for no reason while I was on duty, possibly deterring Vehicle Burglaries has caused me severe mental anguish, as well as public embarrassment . I am a Retired police officer and a current security supervisor. Subsequently, I am contacting my attorney for possible future Litigation if this situation is not addressed by your corporate.


Thank you.
Cory K. Shamloo

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