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M Aug 04, 2018

I bought a relative two Cricut classes for a birthday gift. The Beginners class date was 08/04/18 at 1 pm and the Intermediate class date is 08/11818 at 1 pm. She was very excited but had to make arrangements to attend, which she was able to do. I talked to her early this morning and she shared with me how she was getting her Cricut and supplies ready for her class.

At 10:08 she received and email telling her that the class was cancelled because only 2 people signed up for the class and 1 of them cancelled that morning. They sent a refund and said sorry for the inconvenience.

When ordering these classes for her, I recall it stating that you had to cancel 48 hours in advance. Which to me means that the person that cancelled did not get a refund, which also means that 2 still people paid for the class.

When she called and spoke with the instructor by the name of Jennifer, she told her that next week, 08/11/18 she had 4 people signed up and maybe she might want to signed up for that class. Well she is already signed up for that class but it will not help her any since she needed to first take the beginners class which was cancelled.

I think it is very unfair to tell me that I have to cancel a class 48 hours in advance but Joann Fabric can cancel 3 hours before the class. I do understand that things happens to cause this but I feel she should have still been able to take her class since 2 people paid for the class.

So now the birthday gift that she was so happy to receive, means nothing anymore. How dare you allow your staff to just take someone's joy like that! What may sound little to others, means a lot to some. This relative, Vanessa Fields really needed this and Jennifer really put a dapper on her day.
Very disappointed in Joann Fabric.

Sharon Davis - [protected]

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