I called to cancel my father's Jitterbug service on June 30th. They said they would have to speak with him. He is 89 years old, has had a stroke which makes it difficult for him to speak, and is hard of hearing. I got him on the phone to verify the cancel. Jitterbug rep said they would collect the final payment. July 3rd a payment was collected, then again on Aug 3rd. When I called to request a refund, they had no record of our cancellation and said there was no way the "computer" would allow them to credit us for the service. Major kicker: We found a new phone for my father with AT&T and had that new phone mailed to my sister's house in another state. While we were on vacation there, I was receiving repeated phone calls from Jitterbug until they finally left one voicemail stating they were calling with an offer or a "free phone"...previously they had said a new phone would cost $125.00++ The invoice from Jitterbug that arrived on Aug 3rd came to my house with my sister's name on it rather than mine...How did they get her name? Did they have access to the fact that my dad had moved to AT&T? Very strange. My main complaint is that they would not issue the credit. Lesson learned: Do all cancellations in writing.

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