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Address: 9933 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37922

Jewelry Television (JTV) Complaints & Reviews

Jewelry Television / Beware!

Liv on Feb 23, 2017
It's terrible and I don't know what to do. I ordered a ring from this site and it was quite expensive. My order was made over a month ago and according to what they said I was supposed to get my within 14 business days! Jewelry Television doesn't reply and I don't have a tracking number. I...

Jtv.com Jewelry Television / Czech beads

Lambchop1 on Dec 6, 2016
In October I ordered 3# of czech beads. when they arrived I sorted them and put them in little zip bags. After looking at the whole package I realized there were so many tiny beads that I could not use and did not look like the same ones I ordered on jewel school. More than half were so...

Jtv Jewelry Television / Misleading

JulianFF on Oct 7, 2016
I have ordered a necklace from JTV Jewelry Television website as a present for my wife. I ordered long in advance to be sure I'll get it on time. One month passed and there was no sign of my order, so I contacted JTV Jewelry Television to ask if everything was ok and where my order wa...

Jtv Jewelry Television / Bad service

Pampe on Sep 5, 2016
I have returned two items which were never worn. I sent everything back and was charged a restocking fee. Then I received a message from JTV Jewelry Television stating I'll get my money back any time soon. Two weeks passed and they said they were not able to refund my money because they...

Jtv Jewelry Television / Cheaply made products!

Lada on Mar 7, 2016
have ordered many jewelry pieces fromJtv Jewelry Television and have returned them all. They have the cheapest products ever! And their customer service is absolutely unprofessional. Products I've received were so inferior its a shame they are in business. Most of the rings if not all have...

Jtv Jewelry Television / Fake products!

Pamela on Feb 12, 2016
I have ordered a lot of things from this website. I purchased 6 rings, 1 bracelet, necklace and earrings. I received my order in reasonable time and everything looked very cute, I was happy. Unfortunately, I was just scammed. I tried on the necklace and had worn it only for an hour and...

JTV / Chrome diopside

JTV on Aug 18, 2015
Jtv, and those corrupt hosts been peddling chrome diopside, making the costumer believe with lying and swindling, the costumer ran in to a gold mine, never telling the costumer the truth about this green stone, bur ripping the costumer of, that stone is mined in siberia, where it is sooo...

JTV / Stolen money

JTV on Jul 14, 2015
Jtv on the 8=18=2014 and 8=19= 2014 emptied my whole wells fargo checking account out $ 689.47 all in 2 days time at different times of the day . And different amounts .. I dident knew about it . Till i got a letter fom my bank well fargo about an overdraft. .. An overdraft ?> i went to...

JTV.com / Seller wasted my time and lost information about the order

Jody on Jun 26, 2015
Don’t trust the company www.jtv.com. I ordered several items from them; basically it was different types of bracelets. I got information that the order would be sent within 4 days. After 2 weeks I still haven’t got the email that my items were shipped. When I contacted the customer services, I...

Www. Jtv.com / They haven't delivered order and didn't send the form

TheLesbian on Jun 19, 2015
I purchased a ring and earnings from www.jtv.com. I saw ad on TV about these earnings and really fell in love with them. I placed the order 2 weeks ago, but the customer services worked really slowly and they couldn’t provide any precise info about the order. I asked the agent to...

www.jtv.com / Seller is thief, who doesn't provide orders

K_cL0w on May 12, 2015
The company www.jtv.com is horrible and unprofessional. I ordered some jewellery from them, but these scammers only charged me fast. After several weeks I heard nothing from them and no info about my order. It was useless to communicate with them, ‘coz everything what they promised was fake...

JTV / BAIT & Switch

Frances Arnold on Sep 28, 2014
After placing an order for a beautiful Morganite ring and several other Moissanite items was surprised to find all items in individual small plastic zip lock bags in one small box. There were no individual boxed items. The order total was $1, 500.00, and packaged like dollar store...

JTV / Damaged merchadise

Cynthia Watson on Aug 31, 2014
I recently purchased a diamond ring from JTV, the ring's diamond are all cracked, broken, split and just horrible diamond. Basically the throwaway diamonds, the ones that are not approved for jewellery. I also bought a diamond tester which is broken and does not work. I contacted the...

JTV / Bogus shipping on auction

Stan A. Williams on Feb 3, 2014
Three auction items combined into one envelope for shipping, but three shipping charges charged totaling over twenty dollars shipping on a $21.00 purchase, total ripoff. Called customer service (and I use the term lightly) and they simply don't care. I've ordered over 160 order...

JTV.com / Never by white diamonds from that site

Terdole on Jan 25, 2013
Well... They lie. Never by white diamonds from that site, they won't even tell you what color and clarity they are, guess why, cause 98% of diamonds they have are garbage, they literally pay pennies for them and selling them to you for hundreds of dollars assuring you that's a...

Jtv / Rings / Nor exce[tng coupons and free shhippingjerlsery jew

PENNY GIBSON on Aug 16, 2012
I have been ording from jtv for a short period of time but have spent alot of money with this company. I rarely get to use coupons but on my order on aug. 12th was watching live and with watching was stating free shiping that nite, i also had a coupon for order of $299 or more 40dollar...

Jewelry Television / False Advertising

dwells1959 on Jun 11, 2012
Don't buy anything you see them advertise on TV, you WILL NOT receive what you thought you purchased. My first purchase was this way. They were advertising some spectacular opals that were clear with tons of fire inside them. When I got mine, it looked like a freaking TOOTH. Sent it...

JTV.com / I will NEVER, EVER order from them again

Salmandy on Apr 4, 2012
I ordered a ring over night for my wedding. It came a week later. After walking down the aisle with no ring. Once it did arrive, a stone fell out. I sent it back for repairs. They returned it with a cracked diamond, rhodium missing and prong damage. Then on a return I sent, they said they...

Jewelry Television / Charges/statement error

Bernadette H. Coppola on Mar 19, 2012
Returned all items and canceled my account and informed company. They still sent me a "statement for $554.53 dated 03/09/12. I contacted them 3 times today by phone and after waiting a long time on hold, still didn't get any answers either from the phone no. 1-888-223-0991 where statement...

Jewelry Television / Theft, Bait & Switch, Poor Customer Service

Aberg on Mar 14, 2012
I have been dealing with a serious mistake JTV made on an order I placed with them months ago, with no resolution. I haven't been able to speak with a supervisor at JTV, although I've continued to ask for one. I hope no one experiences what I have... Back in November of 2011, I...

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