Jewel-Oscoservice at round lake beach location. store #3432

P Sep 05, 2018

Hi my name is Paul Patel & I own a retail business. I have submitted my state Tax I.D # with a copy from the state of illinois tax ID to Jewel osco at round lake location. So when I buy soda pop I can get tax exam. Jewel osco has given me Tax Exemption Card to me so every time I purchase I can show to cashier to get tax exam. Tonight 09/04/18 at 10.45 pm I was purchasing 12 pk cans of pop one of manager name megal came to cashier told not to sell unless he pays tax for it. He said you are a dealer & you buy from us & resale it. but it is legal by state law as long as I have given legal document for tax exam to jewel osco. I showed him tax exam card still he refuse to sell. I am doing business with you for more than 12 years. I buy from walmart, aldi & I have filled my tax exempt with them also. I am not doing anything illegal. Let me know what is your decision. my # is [protected].

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