Jewel-Oscocheck-out registers & baggers

J Aug 11, 2018

New registers have stressed me out 10 times in past 2 months. I received flyers about sales for week, yet I have been overcharged at least 20 times. The screen does not show sales price, but original price then less discount!!! Customers are supposed to figure out what they are charged in an instant by subtracting as the clerk just whizzes everything with a bar code and ignores pleas to tell me why I cannot see the sales price. I have been overcharged over and over again because I cannot see what I've paid for items until bagged, paid, and get register receipt. THIS IS A DECEIVING REGISTER SYSTEM THAT HAS BEEN PUT INTO JEWEL FOOD STORES TO MASK OVER CHARGING!!! I am so sick of not getting the sales price, when caught at register, then wait for manager to correct it...OR after waiting in line, checking out, etc., I MUST GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WAIT IN LINE AGAIN TO GET THE REFUND FOR OVERCHARGES. If I do not check my receipt while still in store to go thru above, then I find mistakes after hauling everything into car, then from car into a cart to go up to apt. to unload again and put away. Mostly, I end up with melted frozen foods, such as ice, ice cream, etc. DO I FEEL LIKE GOING BACK TO THE JEWEL STORE TO GET REFUND FOR OVER CHARGES??? That new system is the WORST Jewel has had since my shopping there more than 22 years.

IN ADDITION, huge stress is put on customers at check out, because the baggers are 90% horrible workers. I organize items before cashier checks them out, but baggers ignore that. I instruct them to put not more than 2 ice creams in a bag, or anything heavier than that...I have bad arm and must handle these bags several times before home and CANNOT CARRY HEAVY BAGS. Meanwhile, I constantly have bagger who throws 20 lbs. of items in one bag. Also, heavy items are put ON TOP of produce and bread and other perishables. I get home to smashed tomatoes, bananas, and other soft items.
I am SO SICK OF YOUR HIRING BAGGERS WHO DO NOT CARE. I learned at about 8 yrs. old how to pack groceries properly with heavy items on bottom! Your employees are either NOT trained on simple methods...OR they do not care to do a job correctly. EITHER WAY it is unacceptable and you are ultimately responsible for my HIGH STRESS UPON AND AFTER CHECK OUT AT YOUR JEWEL STORES. I am elderly and should not be that frustrated or in more pain because of the uncaring management and employees.

MEANWHILE, I AM EMBARRASSED WITH PEOPLE IN LINE BEHIND ME, GIVING ME horrid looks as is it is somehow MY FAULT that cashier must constantly call about prices that are wrong in register. Or at same time watch the bagger pack my bags that are opposite of what I asked to be done with light-weight filled for my carrying. YOU PAY for baggers and computer input of pricing, yet evidently don't train properly to have so many issues at check out. IN addition, produce doesn't have prices posted on many items or doesn't have SALE prices posted. When asked the produce person has NO IDEA of the price!

One day soon I will likely have another stroke if these customer complaints are not remedied! START CARING ABOUT YOUR PRICING, REGISTERS, EMPLOYEES WHO ARE IGNORANT, AND ALL THE ABOVE.

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