S Sep 08, 2018

I often shop at Jewel and every week I buy 12packs of A&W diet cream soda (which is a favorite with my family). There is usually only 2-4 packs on the shelf so I've basically made a habit of buying them all. Sometimes there is a sale of 4 for $10 limit 8 and when that comes around I always get a raincheck because there is never 8 available. This is usually not a problem because I live close and don't mind going in weekly to buy whatever is on the shelf. Since there is only a few at a time cashiers usually change the quantity on my raincheck and let me keep it until its written quantity has been my case we want 8 total but I end up going back multiple times getting only 2 or 3 per since that is all that is available.
Just today I was at store 3316 and my cashier Prashant refused to update my raincheck and said I can only use it once regardless of quantity. I explained that the reason you I have a raincheck in the first place is because the store doesn't have the quantity I'm trying to buy. There was only 4 on the shelf and I took them all but because my raincheck is for 8 then I expect a new raincheck for the remaining 4 so I can come back and get them, this is exactly what has happened to me many times in the past without issue...but this cashier, Prashant, made it an issue for me and stopped his line and turned off his light to call over his manager saying "we dont update rainchecks" and the manager lady was very rude and didnt even say hi, she just walked over and said "no, I've worked at jewel 40years and we never update rainchecks" as if she was talking down to a child and trying to make me feel stupid for even asking. I tried to explain to her that this happens to me often and previous cashiers have taken care of me because it's not my fault the shelf is empty. She just repeated "No" and told her cashier to "call grocery department" and walked away. So here I am standing in line with people behind me who are now looking at me like I'm a problem person and making me very uncomfortable just for trying to buy our soda. After a few minutes of standing there awkwardly the cashier asked me to stand aside and wait so he can help other people...I can understand needing to move your line but dont be rude and make me feel like I'm a problem when I'm already being singled out and having my time wasted. Eventually some person did find 4 more in the back room and I was able to buy all 8 but the overall experience was a joke. If the shelf is empty then why not just update my raincheck and let me leave and maintain the normal flow of the line. Is it worth it to unconvince me and everyone behind me while you send some person on a hunt in your back room? My time is valuable as well and I should not be pushed around or made to feel like problem. I am not an inconvenience to your cashier, they were the inconvenience to me and I will not go back to that store. There have been many othet cashiers at other stores whose name I wish I had to tell you how nice they are. But at least I can tell you about these people and hopefully save future customers from my experience.
Thank you,
Stasha Tapia

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