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Jetstaruncaring and incompetant


I booked a flight home with my family to see my new nephew get christened but unfortunately my brother's partner has only just been diagnosed with post natal depression and so the christening has had to be postponed. The date of the christening has not been reconfirmed for obvious reasons, but despite giving Jetstar 5 working day's notice of our needing to postpone our tickets so that they had an opportunity to sell our tickets again, as well as informing them of our family situation, their response is:

It's physically impossible for us to give you a credit to the value of the flights, but if you provide a medical certificate we can provide you with a credit to the value of the flights.

Excuse me? You are a bunch of lying greedy selfish little unAustralian scammers. Thank you for turning a devastating family event into an outright nightmare. Hope my $1000 means that much to you.


  • Za
    zarine Sep 12, 2009

    Don't bother trying to get in touch with jetstar people. They are extremely rude and I suspect their counter staff at Australian airports are mostly selected for "qualities" such as rudeness, laziness, ignorance and racism to top it all off.

    My daughter got to the airport in Perth ONE HOUR before flight departure, with only carry on bag because our car broke down on the highway and we had to wait for a taxi to come get us and take us to airport. The counter staff refused to check her in. The airport customer service staff she approached, a guy, was too busy trying to score with the girlies at the counter. No-one helped her at all. We had to go home and she took an SIA flight back to Singapore the next day. It was quick, easy and professional service from SIA, and the ticket only cost 200 more than bloody jetstar.

    I wrote to Jetstar on 25th June to ask for refund and compensation for ABSENCE of SERVICE GRANTED TO PAYING CUSTOMER, with proof of our car breakdown i.e. tow truck receipt, repair receipt, etc. To date, and today is 12 September, I haven't even had the courtesy of a acknowledgement letter. That's how bloody bad they are.

    Our whole family has sworn off jetstar completely. We would rather pay more and fly another airline, or to fly cheap we take Tiger or Silk Air. NEVER AGAIN jetstar! We are going on a group holiday to Vietnam, and when my friends recommended Jetstar, I told them, I won't go if you choose to fly jetstar. We opted for another airline. Yeah!:)

    Asians and colored people shouldn't fly jetstar out of Australia, as service to non-whites is EVEN WORSE than to whites. Out of Asia is OK as staff are all Asians and they treat everyone the same, which is fair enough. I had a similar experience with United Airlines flying from Singapore to HongKong - they bumped 6 Asians off the flight (which they overbooked) to give priority to whites flying to the US. Apparently that was the instruction given to the counter staff my their management office that "USA bound" customers have priority even if they stop over in HK. I doubt any of us would ever fly United again, not even to US. Long live SIA, MAS, Thai airways and Cathay Pacific.

    Jetstar, if you are reading this, your Oz customer service REALLY SUCKS BIG TIME. Your staff at Perth "international" airport are 3rd-world standard. I am getting on every travel blog to complain about you. You still owe me a few hundred Oz bucks, and I intend to make good every penny by telling everyone how lousy your service is in Oz. It's one thing to give bad service, but completely another not even to say sorry and try to make amends. Sucky airline run by arrogant, rude and racist people. Your staff made my daughter terribly upset and had to go back to campus all the way to Joondalup after midnight, and with not a word of apology or even empathy from your un-educated, stupid counter staff.

    As for Perth "international" airport, you suck too. For such a tiny airport, your staff are exceedingly arrogant. And why do you have over-paid young dumb punks working at the counters at night? They know nothing and have lousy attitudes towards the people who are paying their salaries - no travellers, no income, remember, duuhh? On top of that, OZ has one of the highest airport tax in the world, yet many of their counter staff are so badly trained in customer service. We never buy tickets out of OZ now, only out of asia. The tax is the same, but the ticket is far, far cheaper even after conversion to Oz dllrs.

    Angry Mum

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  • Su
    SuzieE Dec 14, 2009

    I will NEVER be flying Jetstar again. The company are rude money grubbing ###. Yesterday we had a flight leaving from Hobart to Melbourne I checked in at the e-check in at 1516 the flight leaves at 1545 the ticket machine said it was unable to process my request. So I went to the check in where there was a delay in the cue and only one staff member.

    The woman at the counter was extremely rude and uncaring. The first thing that came out of her nasty bogan mouth was that we had missed our flight and it would cost a further $70 each to get on the next flight in 4 hours time. Now fair enough if the plane had closed its doors etc but this flight hadn't even started boarding yet!

    I was beyond angry and she said "don't take it out on my sweetheart. I'm only enforcing company policy". I have heard a lot of complaints in the media about Jetstar, but we thought we would give it a go as my partners company were paying for his ticket with them. Well NEVER again, we fly all over Australia on a regular basis and never again will I fly with this airline.

    Virgin are fantastic and will do everything they can to get you on the flight. This 30 minute policy is purely designed as a money grabbing exercise.

    I saw on another website that fair trading will be looking into this 30 minute policy as they have received 30% more complaints from Jetstar customers than any other airlines. Jetstar is owned by Qantas and they use old clapped out planes and staff.

    If you are thinking of flying with them DON'T its not worth it. Just Google Jetstar complaints and you will see many.

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