Jetblue Airwaysthe absolute cold on my flight

On May 1st, I flew back from LAS to JFK on flight no. B6 1248. After being delayed 1 1/2 hrs the first thing I noticed was how COLD it air coming from above so I put my shirt over my legs and my arms inside my blouse which didn't help at all. Then I bought what you refer to as a blanket (which has the warmth of a mosquito net) and wrapped that around me...still freezing. Finally flight attendant Itala came and told me she would be right back and when she did she had her flight jacket for me to wear.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Boonville, NYI put that on, doubled the mosquito net and put my pillow on my lap. Warm at last. I noticed everyone around me had on sweaters or jackets...and the lady I saw in the waiting room who had a blanket on her lap now had it wrapped all around her head and shoulders. The only good thing I can say about this horrible flight was the excellence and caring of flight attendants Itala and Joseph, who made me laugh. They should be cloned. I could say this was the trip from hell but then, hell is warm!! NEVER AGAIN will I go through this!!!

May 03, 2017

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