JetBlue Airlines / lies delays bad service

United States Review updated:

Sitting in Seattle airport for 4 hours after scheduled flight time. Since it started to snow I was OK with a small delay. The pilot and crew did not leave their homes early as recommended for passengers and they "claim" that the snow on the roads has caused this huge delay. They keep stating 20-30 minutes more every 30 minutes. I can drive almost to the other side of the State in how long it is taking to get some workers who live 20 minutes from the airport. I drove through the snow and it only took 45 minutes (that’s 2 Counties away on the other side of Puget Sound!). The customers service is non-existent and the workers are patronizing. I would NOT recommend Jet Blue if you actually want to get where you are going. A small rinky dink airline with only a couple workers and no other flights. The extra $30 per passenger for a real major airline is worth it!

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  • Al
      Nov 23, 2010

    have you never flown before? welcome to the world of air travel...haha

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