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Complaints & Reviews

Lack of communication

To whom it may concern, I submitted a form that was never responded to. I have attached it below. $400 seems like a lot of money to change a flight when the airline are doing it for free. I also attached the only form of communication I received from Jetabroad which is an empty text message. I'm very unhappy with your lack of communication and response.

Lack of communication
Lack of communication


I booked a flight with China Eastern airlines December 2019 scheduled to depart to Bangkok 16 January 2020 and return 3 February 2020

I took the first leg and then the news broke out about the corona virus. China Eastern Airlines, like many others, announced free cancelation for all flights booked for this period.

I contacted the airline to cancel my flight, but got no response so I contacted JetAbroad to cancel it and they responded that they will cancel it.

It is now more than 2 months later and I cant get hold of either the airline or jetabroad and I have not received a single dime.

I tried different phone numbers, website, email, and social media. Not a single word from them

Customer service — No contact number

My flight is cancelled today. The airline says I need to contact Jetabroad but there is no one to contact. When you fill out the form it says that Jet Abroad will charge you a fee for cancelling. I have not cancelled, the airlines have. And there fore I am waiting on a full refund so I can book another flight home. I have not had any confirmation that they even received the refund request.

No contact number
No contact number

Lack of acknowledgement of change request resulting inability to use online forms to cancel due to the negligence of your customer support unit — I’ve tried to request cancellation even tho emirates grounded all flights 2 days ago yet failure to follow up on a 3 week email

Due to the negligence of my change of flight request being adhered to, I now have a cancelled flight I cannot even request to cancel as nobody will speak to me to have supported me with alternative options/
You left me no choice to cancel my flight having waited 17 days for a reply now I know was an automated response which nobody had even filed: your website says contact the airline within 3 days of travel yet your form only now offers 48. If u had dealt with my request in the first place I would not be in the situation where I don't know who to speak to to get my money back. Emirates are insisting that travel agents must deal/ your form now doesn't even allow me to sort this problem. If more time was spent looking after customers and not copy and pasting links to point less information there would not be so many unhappy customers: if this does not get resolved before I was supposedly traveling on the 27 th then u are basically commiting fraud avoiding customers and keeping their money. It is completely unnecessary. You say u are prioritizing passengers traveling in next 48 hours but your forms do not allow u to sort that: I am a pending query which has not even been adminitistered!

Refund — charged me an 'admin fee' to amend a flight when I was flying with Virgin who were amending flights free of charge


I have received returned back to the UK following major travel disruptions to my holiday following COVID-19.
I am now looking at getting a refund to:
1) My amendment fee £1041, especially as I turned up to the airport and the amendments hadn't been made, only reserved therefore had the stress of rebooking my flight myself.
Virgin atlantic also offer free amendments to bookings, however, due to such short notice of needing to change my flight and the fact I booked my flights through Jetabroad not Virgin they were unable to amend my booking.
This fee needs to be waived due to both these valid reasons.
2) refunding the both LIAT flights which i didn't use

I understand you are experience large call volumes/ email volumes, however, urgent flight amendments/ cancellations needed to be addressed faster than they were. When they were finally addressed I was sent from your employees to contact the other companies (LIAT, Virgin) who responded that I need to contact Jetabroad. For someone who works as a nurse in the NHS I needed to get back to the UK ASAP and this wasn't dealt with by Jetabroad.

My booking reference is: JZC27BN

Airline reservation code: C5JL7H

Jetabroad — Ticket Cancellation and Refund Delays

Booking Reference: MGVZCV.
Due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, I have submitted the cancellation request of my flight ticket on 5th Feb., 13th Feb., 25th Feb. and 3rd Mar. 2020 on your website. However there is no response from you.
As only one month time is left from my traveling, I'm at the risk of losing fair amount of money and need your respond ASAP.

flight from Jaipur to Goa

i booked a flight for the date of 26th march at 1110 hrs from Jaipur to Goa. upon paying the site said an unknown error occured. i thought i had entered the details wron so tried a few more times only to have the same message come up..."unknown error has occured, try again later". i called my bank to see if my card had an issue and it did not and the lady at Halifax UK Bank said the amount had come out from my account, all 4 times that i had tried!!! But i have had no reference or confirmation number or any flight info at all!? the company have taken my money, 4 times, and left me with no information or choiche other than to book via a different company! I would like all my money returned, 4 x £106.50p please. regards, Joshua Irving, [protected]

Ticket Cancellation and Refund Delays

Refer Booking Reference VN4RTN, I've been trying to get a cancellation certificate and refund of my cancelled ticket - however, there is no response or even acknowledgment of my emails.

I'm at the risk of being declined my insurance claim if there are further delays. It's a HUGE amount and I need the Travel Agent to respond / help out ASAP.

Sachin Jain

  • Jetabroad's response · Feb 22, 2020

    HI Sachin,
    I apologise for the delay in replying to you as we have been inundated with urgent cancellations and changes due to the coronavirus outbreak. I have your email and after speaking to our Finance department first thing Monday, will have a reply for you by close of business Monday. Thank you from Jetabroad.

deducted twice payment

I was continuously trying to book my tickets on jetabroad site with the help of cheap flights app. Whenever I tried, something went wrong. And it did not book. Then suddenly I checked my bank account, I saw payments are deducted twice but I did not get any confirmation mail from the company. Name on the tickets are:
Harpreet Kaur 24/09/1992
Jatinder Singh 07/09/1989
Manjit Kaur 30/06/1964
On 23rd of feb at 7:15 am.
Please send the confirmation of booking and refund For the twice deducted amount so that I can arrange a return for one ticket as well.

deducted twice payment

fare deducted twice from my account and only got single ticket confirmation.

Dear sir / Madam,

Good morning.
Hope you are doing well!

I am Jaymit Barot from Australia 2611. I have done two online flight booking of $66.07 on 9th November 2019 from your website and the money deducted twice from my account however I got only one booking confirmation (TEA2SO) because the second booking was showing error while processing but still money has been deducted from my account so I would like to have either the second ticket confirmation or refund.

Please let me know as soon as possible via email on [protected] or on +[protected].

Looking forward to hear from you soon.


Jaymit Barot

fare deducted twice from my account and only got single ticket confirmation.

air tickets

Dear Sirs,
I'm writing this alert with regard to a very distasteful experience, I had with Jetabroad company. I purchased our flight tickets to visit Spain with my wife on August 8th, 2019. It's also worth mentioning this was our dream vacation to visit Spain.
The tickets were purchased on their website, and after receiving our flight information, we notice that our names were not printed correctly and it's all wrong.
Since we were based in Los Angeles, Jetaboartd office location is some were in Australia, it took them 12 hours to respond to us and also ask and demanding payment for correction of our names or they will cancel the tickets.
By the time, we got back to them, we received the notifications from British Air that our tickets have been voided and we need to contact the Air travel agency for restatements of our Tickets.
After numerous emails and the waiting game, their answer was the air tickets are non-refundable and we need to contact the air travel insurance company for our recovery, which we did not have!
It has been three months, we still trying to get our money ‘$2, 070.50' back from them. I would hope Jetabroad takes this complaint into consideration serious and would compensate us plus our added expenses & suffering.
We would ask of you NOT buy any travel tickets form them. This experience has caused us to feel like their policy is simply to "Fall into Mud Death with them", ...
The Decent travelers, should not fall under these bad companies worldwide!
We would also request you to pass the news to all Friends, Mass-Media, Social Network of these companies, ... such as Jetabroad company for their Bad Business Practice, so that people wouldn't be cheated again!

Please, review their website online!

malindo airlines

To the Compliant officer
Malindo Airlines,

Dear Officer,

I "Arjun Lamsal" Travelled via your airlines on 6th of October from Adelaide airport to TIA Kathmandu Nepal for 12 days through ADL-BALI-KUL-KTM. When I reached TIA at Ktm, my baggage was not available to pick up, so made a complian at "Trivhuwan International Airpoart Kathmandu Nepal" on 7/10/2019..see attached copy. I was very distressed by this event and I had to stay in a hotel having another financial burden to wait for the luggage. I could not reached upto my destination and was very stressful journey I ever had. Not only me, but my whole family, friends were distressed too.

Now I have returned back to Adelaide, Australia and wanted to claim for the compansation and to return my luggage ASAP, as I had valuable goods in it. I hope you will take it seriously and process my complaint as an urgent matter.
Note: I have attached my travel documents.

Thank you,

Arjun Lamsal
4 Sinclaire street
South Australia 5049

email: [protected]

malindo airlines
malindo airlines
malindo airlines
malindo airlines
malindo airlines

unauthorized credit card charges

We attempted to book tickets twice for our flights to Kuala Lumpur on 18 October 2019. Both times. the website was unable to process the applications. As a result, we booked the same tickets through another website. However, the debit card we were using was charged for the two transactions. There was also no email or confirmation sent by jetabroad to alert us to the purchase.
The flight number was Malindo Air 802, departing at 10:30am from Changi Airport.
The debit card was charged on 13 October at 7:40pm for the amount of $340.00.
We are asking for a full refund of the amount or the bank will deal with you directly.

flight missed due to non communication

Reservation code ZSVXQV
Passengers: Ducarme/Diane, Kinet/Manon, Kinet, James
Booking reference UH6CMQ


Flights were booked for the above people using the Jetabroad site. The flight in question FAO-LIS (flight TP1906 departing 14 Aug) time changed, however no notification was sent to either the traveller or her husband Mr Laurent Kinet, who made the booking. This flight was unfortunately missed due to the none communication and new tickets needed to be purchased from Qatar airlines for an additional cost in excess of $4, 000NZD

As you can imagine, the lack of communication from Jetabroad led to the flight being missed, leading to increased stress for the travellers (2 children and their mother) and the additional costs being incurred.

Please contact the traveler Diane Ducarme directly on email [protected] to advise what remedy you can offer for this unfortunate incident

cancelled flight

My flight was cancelled and easyjet have issued a refund which I have not yet received
Booking ref ewfxhpz
Flight number u28234
Date: 1 september
For passengers tessa goddard (me) and lucy peake (my daughter)
Easyjet repaid £296.42 to you on 8th september and I now need you to repay that to me.
Bank details:
T goddard
Please contact me to confirm
Tessa goddard
Tel: +[protected] / +[protected]

ticket within australia booked at the wrong date

Worst booking agent I've dealt with yet. I ended up at Jetabroad's website from a search on skyscanner. All of the dates and times where entered into Skyscanner's search. As I clicked on the flight I wanted and chose to go to Jetabroad's website, somewhere in the cyber world the date was changed. When booking through JetAbroad's mobile site, the flight information wasn't ever on any page where I was filling out the passenger and payment info. The price was at the top of the screen, but I was unable to confirm the flight details. I hesitated to book it as I like to see what I am buying, but I went ahead anyway. Upon receiving a confirmation email a few minutes after booking, I realised the date was for the Thursday when I was booking for Sunday, the following day. It was a Saturday morning and their offices were closed. I tried contacting them on every number listed online. I then called Qantas to see what they could do and they said nothing as it was a travel agent that had control of my ticket. Qantas proceeded to tell me that if I had booked directly, I had 24 hours to make any changes such as this. I ended up having to buy another ticket for Sunday as I had no way to contact JetAbroad before the flight that I needed. On Monday I called JetAbroad and was redirected to an online form and told that these are looked at every day of the week. If I had known that on Saturday, I would have filled out the form immediately instead of waiting until Monday. Anywho, I filled out the 'change flight' form and was sent a quote of $174 (all in fees, the new ticket was the same price as the first one that was purchased for the wrong date) to change the flight (as I still needed to get a flight back to the origin in 2 weeks). The ticket was only $206 to begin with!! I proceeded to explain that it was a glitch on their part and a big problem that the purchaser can't see the date and flight time when buying a ticket from them. They said they would 'pass this complaint to the IT department'. It's a bit too late for that in my case. All they would offer was the cost to change the flight ($174) for a one way ticket back. I explained that I was trying to help them out to alleviate the issue by still selling a ticket, but fixing the dates to something I could use, as the wrong date wasn't my doing. I got no help. I have filed the dispute with my credit card company, but I would 100% never recommend this company or ever touch its icon again when purchasing flights to anywhere.

ticket cancellation

Hi my name is Marwa Mahmoud and i was trying to book a ticket from your website, a multicity one from Cairo to Dubai on 21/4 then from Dubai to Auckland on 28/4 via Emirates airlines . While booking and after i have put my MasterCard details, a msg appeared that the booking didn't proceed due to changing fare and that my card hadn't been charged! Then I received a msg from my bank that the amount of money was charged! I contacted emirates airlines, they told my the ticket was canceled!! Can you please provide me with more info? Why have i been charged and why is the ticket canceled??? Please ASAP as i need to book my ticket
Marwa Mahmoud

unaware of transit visa requirements for hong kong.


I got to the Sydney airport for my flight to Nigeria en route Hongkong only to realize that I need a transit visa for Hongkong.

I was not aware of this requirement and I tried to contact your office to find a way out but it appears you don't work Saturdays.

I will contact on Monday, but would have missed my flight by then. Please assist with this issue through a rescheduled flight or a refund as I am in financial difficulty and cannot afford a new ticket.

My reservation code is AASZNW - Harry Obiorah.

Thank you.

Jet Abroadflights

To Mr Darin Walters (managing director)

After spending the past 2 weeks back and forth from jet abroad, Cathay pacific and west jet trying to arrange getting our itinerary back on board, being told that our itinerary was auto cancelled and then to be told it was back on, we have now been told by Cathay pacific that our flights are unable to be boarded, due to a 'no show'status on flight we missed due to our vehicle breaking down on the highway in the mistake of nowhere with no phone reception. We contacted all parties as soon as possible to explain our situation.
Believing we would just have to rebook and pay for the internal flight ourselves we were utterly shocked to find out that all of our remaining flights were cancelled!!!
I had a phone call with a lady from jet abroad (Donna) who advised me to continue on with my journey as planned as my flights were showing okay status, I also received my new itinerary the next day!
Now, this morning Cathay have said that we will not be allowed to board any flights until a 'no show'fee and other fees have been paid...over $2/3000.
At no stage of booking my itinerary through JET ABROAD was we made aware of this stipulation (since we have contacted jet abroad this issue has been ignored every time), had I been informed we Would definetly not of booked, as We were aware that there would be an inherent risk driving across Canada to connect with a flight.
I can't even begin to convey my anger or frustration at how I have been treated by jet abroad!
Jet abroad have 'kindly' provided quotes to 'rebook' the flights and charge us again for the seats we have previously paid for! The quote was $3800! An extravagant amount considering we already paid $3000+ for our flights and this quote is minus a long and short haul flight originally on our itinery. I am sure you are aware that for the average person $3000 is ALOT of money and something not readily available when you are on holiday in a foreign country! This is daylight robbery. JET ABROAD are essentially leaving us stranded in the USA.
We have spent countless anxious hours being batted back and forth with no way of calling jet abroad, even though there are listless contact numbers on the website you can only email - unacceptable when jet abroad is our travel agent.
In addition, jet abroad customer service staff are not aware of simple information that would help their customers in times of trouble. - again this unacceptable when stranded in a foreign country.
I would like state again, Jet abroad at no time made the booking party (ourselves) aware that missing a flight on a multi flight itinerary would auto cancel all remaining flights. - this is the most unacceptable part, surely such information is critical! The only answer we have had from jet abroad (which after looking after other reviews seems to be the generic answer) is that they follow the airlines fares rules and conditions. How about you make customer booking aware of these conditions so they can make an informed choice!!

Right now we are stranded in a foreign country with no help from jet abroad apart from a heavy price tAg which we cannot afford. Feeling very distressed and mugged off.

Booking reference: BUSowh

ticket et change request paid and not made / customer support not providing assistance according to their deadlines

I made a change request to the date of my return ticket paid the cost charged by jetabroad sent the confirmation in time according to the deadline specified in the email change request and according to the screenshot attached confirming the email receive and sent time.
I got a disappointing andwer from Maya from Sydney staff, she does not recognize the email date receivement and afirm that I didnt answer in time. In conclusion of this lack of respect I missed the ticket because of Jetabroad and didnt hear anything avout the refund change costs and a solution for the ticket rebooking mistake you made.

Waiting to hear from the management.
Fabiola Senger

ticket et change request paid and not made / customer support not providing assistance according to their deadlines
ticket et change request paid and not made / customer support not providing assistance according to their deadlines
ticket et change request paid and not made / customer support not providing assistance according to their deadlines

extra foreign exchange charge on flight booking

I booked flights from Dubai. My local account is AED and I booked in sterling as that was the default currency setting,

I was charged an extra 225 AED in exchange fee. This is very high and I want to complain before posting this issue to your Facebook page and all other forms of social media.

Can you please explain why you charged me 225 AED in foreign exchange charges?

My booking reference is: JUE2567.

my email is [protected]

Flight to Rome 2017

I booked an online international flight with Jetabroad. Don't. Book direct with the airline. A one stop flight became two stops overnight and cancellation fees were the same as the flight. The online filter 'one stop' is misleading and doesn't count a 'technical stop' For 3 hours! Customer service was so poor they replied stating I was departing from another city! They also counted it as a 'minor alteration' I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. in baggage

I had a bad experience with Jetabroad company. I have booked a flight via their service and my ticket was suppose to have a check in baggage, but it didn't! When I received the ticket I wasn't able to find any information about how many kilos (check in) I have, only carry on was mentioned. Then I contacted Jetabroad support and he assured me that there was nothing to worry about and that my ticket allowed me to have 20 kg check in baggage. When I arrived at the airport I was told that check in was not included in my ticket so I had to pay extra money for that! That happened because of Jetabroad and their rep who lied to me! I hate this company and I will never use them again!! provided wrong confirmation number

I booked two tickets from the website The company provided the confirmation info, but it was fake, ‘coz the rep provided wrong confirmation number, so I couldn’t make the check-in. I left them messages and asked for help, but these jerks only promised and did nothing. I wasted time and money, and I really advise you to stay away from this dishonest company.

  • Je
    Jetabroad Customer Support Nov 11, 2014

    Dear Lacer. We have searched our customer correspondence and we can't find a record that matches the issue you describe. Can you please provide your booking reference and we will investigate. [email protected]

    0 Votes info and no tickets

I bought tickets through the website It was scam, so stay away from them and don’t waste your money on this horrible website. I paid them money and got completely useless and wrong confirmation email. I wanted to contact the agent from this company, but he simply ignored me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

  • Je
    Jetabroad Customer Support Nov 11, 2014

    Dear Excu34. We have searched our customer correspondence and we can't find a record that matches the issue you describe. Can you please provide your booking reference and we will investigate. [email protected]

    0 Votes had one of the worst experience with Jetabroad

I had one of the worst experience with Jetabroad. Please don’t book the flights through them. Always go to the airline website directly.

When i checked the flight from Australia to India on the web, it was going via Singapore. Sydney --Singapore flight had different carrier & Singapore to Mumbai had different carrier. The layover time at Singapore was 2.5 hrs. Jetaboard staff informed me that i should book this flight as airlines have code share so you don’t need to worry about your luggage so i booked it.

Later on when i enquired about the same with the airlines they denied any such code share & they told me that i need to go out at Singapore airport collect my luggage & then do the check-in again at Singapore airport for the next flight. I asked them to cancel this booking they told me to come through Jetabroad.

I called them they asked me to email about cancellation which they replied after three days. When i asked them about this they told me its my responsibility when i book flight with them. Now my ticket is cancelled now they are saying refund will be processed within 4-12 WEEKS & no booking fee will be refunded, Airline penalties apply & on top of that jetabroad will also charge cancellation fee & one more REFUND processing FEE...

Always pay directly to airline ... i will never ever go this worst Jetabroad.

I am writing this in a hope that at least it will save someone’s hard earned money.

  • Je
    Jetabroad Oct 14, 2011

    Dear KLombline
    I hear your concerns but we can't find your booking in our system. We have searched for bookings including "Mumbai" and "Singapore" but to no avail. Can you contact Jetabroad ([email protected]), ask for Darin and include your booking reference please.


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  • Bb
    bb81 Aug 14, 2012

    how funny I too am having a complaint with jetabroad and they cannot find my details in the system!! yet when i contacted the airline direct they have sent a copy over to me with all the details. I have also sent a number of emails to the [email protected] and I have been ignored!! Jetabroad customer service is shocking.

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  • Mi
    Michel-Cecilia Aug 10, 2013

    We have recently found our flight schedule change for more than 12 hours of difference respect to our original flight. They have offer to us to change flight which will reduce our layover to 8 hours instead that more than 12 hours, no offer about covering expenses or accomodation por any layover was proposed.. We are completely unsatisfied with the service we have received especially After more than 30 flights and over 15000$ spent with them over several years.
    The flight we have booked with them originally was just 3 hours layover.

    That´s how they thank you for your Fidelity.

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  • Jo
    José Tomás Leonvendagar May 09, 2017

    I am really disappointed with costumer service of Jetabroad New Zealand.

    Everything start on the 14th of april when i book the tickets for me and my partner to Oslo. I prefered Jetabroad, because i thought that Emirates is an awesome airline, the flight was straight, no lay overs, just a few quick stops in between to pick up people, more expensive than other flights, but worth it.

    15th i received the conformation of my tickets.
    My visit to Norway is for work, so i must be on Voss on the 3th, so i did the booking of my train tickets and hotels for that date.

    18th of april i got an email from Emirates, saying that my flight change to an other date, i ocean kayaking for a few days so i didn't see this until the 20th.

    Them, i call Jetabroad New Zealand, speak with Jessie, and she told me that "jetabroad" "she" didn't even know about this change, i explain my situation and she told me she will try to do her BEST to help me to change my flight.

    After chasing Jetabroad, with multiple calls, finally on the 22th of april receive and email, saying that they could change my flight one day before the original date.. AWESOME!!..
    So i send and email and confirm. This time Jill, the person that send me the email, told me that will be impossible to make a refund of train tickets and hotels, or at least book a night in an Hotel for this extra day that i have to wait for my train. Big fail of Jetabroad.. but i confirm my ticket anyway.

    I wait for a confirmation of my ticket, that didn't happened. So i call Jetabroad again many times. All the times they told me they already call Emirates, they couldn't do any more than that. They where still waiting for an answer.
    Seriously guys?. i call them and they are really helpful, Jetabroad is a "big company"? why they don't answer you?

    24th and other email, still waiting to confirm
    26th and other email, same history
    28th, 3 days to fly, have to organize myself, book my Hotel again in Auckland and Oslo, buy new train tickets. So call again, this time with a more serious tone.
    Finally they change my ticket,
    1 day before the original flight, arriving on the 2nd of may in Oslo, departing 1th of may from Auckland at 15:30.
    AWESOME!!!.. got a ticket after all this chasing! so hard!
    So today i came to the airport, $40 taxi, arrive 4 hours before departing.
    and from emirates they tell me that my flight is at 20:30!!!
    This is incredible!
    Again, never hear a word from Jetabroad telling me about this change.
    I call Jetabroad again, this time a guy, i think name Gustavo, talk with me, and he told me that he sorry, he didn't know about this change, he couldn't do nothing about to fix it, not even refund money of my train, not even first class, not even nothing hotel in oslo, nothing..
    He was gonna write me an email or call me in an hour to check what Emirates could do about this, but no answer, nothing..

    Few hours ago, the only email that i receive from Jetabroad is one that said that my flight from dubai to oslo is 24 hours from now. too late, i was already soon to boarding my first flight.

    If i knew how much troubles i would get booking with Jetabroad, i would not do it. like i told you, they where cheaper tickets and probably with better customer service.
    Better next time book straight with the airline.

    Your mission like a company is make your client happy, not give him troubles.
    If i would have to choose again, i would NEVER buy a ticket with Jetabroad.
    Next time maybe i will finish without flying and loosing my Job.

    *this complain was send by email more than a week ago, there is still no answer, also post it in the other facebook page, still no answer.
    *the website have reviews from unknow people, the wierd thing is that noone can review there, so how real they are? looks like jetabroad choose there one reviews for there website

    Jillian Milne, i want an answer

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