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Wh Mar 12, 2019

So I went in to see about making an appointment for my hair at the salon the girl that was there set me up to come in last Saturday my appointment was at 1:15 p.m I was there til after 9 p.m she didn't do what I had asked for at all she had gave me a coupon prior to my visit for a 50 dollar cut and color I asked at the beginning of my appointment if I was going to be able to still use it she assured me I would be able to... I don't know what she has done to my hair but it it orange I went to speak with another professional and she told me there was no reason I didn't get what I had asked for! I was there for 9 hours and at the end she started to blow dry my hair then stopped with it still soaking wet it still had chemicals in it because she was trying to rush to get me out before they closed which still didn't happen she had her boss ring me up the day before on the computer which made no sense to me why they would do that I apparently paid for a cut and style that I didn't receive she text me the next day asking me if I could come back in Thursday to finish what I paid for! I'm so upset I felt like crying the entire time I was there my head hurt so bad the time I finally got home I actually got sick! It was by far the worst experience of my life!!! I do not want to ever go back there however I DO want my money back!!! That place Is a joke! She made a comment that I looked like a little carrot top which I found very hard to find the humor in! I would like someone to contact me ASAP!!! This is just some of the things that they screwed up on not even close to the whole story!

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