JC Penney Companyunethical behavior

A Nov 25, 2017

I was at JcPenney Salon on Friday, November 24 @ 7:00 p.m. and went for a haircut. I don't remember her name but i usually get a haircut from someone else and since she was not at the salon. I had another stylist today and explained her that i wanted a trim and volume in my hair with a blow dry.She did not style the same way as my other hair stylist. The current stylist also mentioned that the haircut you had before was not done properly and i am fixing your hair. One thing I don't understand is that they work together and they are talking about each other. But the matter was finished when i said that i didn't wanted this haircut and i will come back for my stylist because she knows what i need.
The other coworker started yelling at me and she called security because she said that i was rude to everyone at this place. I have been coming her for almost one year and never had any problems there and all of sudden they have an issue with me today. She told me that she does not like me at all.
I just wanted to know why there was an issue created today and hope that this would not happen to any other customer who walks into their salon. This behavior of those two employees was not accepted at all. There should be an action taken against these employees. So, it would happen again.
I am also going to attach my picture of hair which shows that there is no volume in my hair instead she straightened my hair.

JC Penney Company

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